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Neue antikonvulsiva fortbildungsreferat bei der kreisärzteschaft calw am 6. november 2002

Fortbildungsreferat bei der Kreisärzteschaft Calw am 6. November 2002 Einleitung: In den letzten Jahren wurden 8 neue Antikonvulsiva mit unterschiedlichen Wirkmechanismen zu Behandlung von epileptischen Anfällen im Erwachsenenalter zugelassen. Die Indikation lautet in der Regel: Zusatz-Behandlung („add-on“) von komplex-fokalen Anfällen, die schwierig einzustellen sind. Wenige Medika

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Pitavastatin 1mg, 2mg & 4mg film-coated tablets Master Consolidated SmPC SUMMARY OF PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS NAME OF THE MEDICINAL PRODUCT 1mg: Livazo 1mg film-coated tablets. 2mg: Livazo 2mg film-coated tablets. 4mg: Livazo 4mg film-coated tablets. 2. QUALITATIVE AND QUANTITATIVE COMPOSITION 1mg: Each film-coated tablet contains pitavastatin calcium equivalent to

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DC-DC Step-Up Converter for White LED DESCRIPTION APPLICATIONS The SP1938 is a step-up DC/DC converter for white LED driver with over voltage protection. The device can driver one to four LEDs in series from a single cell Internal functions include current limiting; thermal shutdown; OVP and soft-start to prevent damage operate status. The SP1938 operates at 0.8MHz and from low

Medikamentendosierung: fehler um den faktor 10

Medikamentendosierung: Fehler um den Faktor 10 Gemäss Bulletin 21/2009 Fehler um den Faktor 10 bei der Medikamentendosierung 1998 bis 2008 Verabrei- chungsweg Entdeckung des Fehlers Fall Nr Medikament Dosis-Fehler oral teral Darreichungsform Mechanismus Ass. Arzt hatte die Dosierung von Pethidin im Kopf und schrieb 25 komplizierte Verordnung: "Methadon 1%, 10


Publications Literary Short Stories Anthology: Arrival nthology of nine previously published and nine new stories. 2013. On Kindle, Smashwords, iBooks, Barnes and Noble. ! Short Stories: The Shrine Tree kive Magazine - Farewell, November 2013 oluted Tales, Vol.8 #7 August 2013 oluted Tales, Vol.8 #7 August 2013 kive Magazine - Erotica, December 2012 eyon

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Privacy Notice: It is necessary to collect this information to ensure that we can provide appropriate care for students. If at any stage you wish to THE KING’S SCHOOL access any health information we hold about your son/ward you may contact the Bursar’s Of ice. We wil disclose this information to certain PO Box 1 PARRAMATTA NSW 2124 staff and on occasions to health service pro


HIGHLIGHTS OF PRESCRIBING INFORMATION These highlights do not include all the information needed to use -----------------------WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS------------------------ KEPPRA XR® safely and effectively. See full prescribing information for Psychiatric Reactions: Behavioral abnormalities including psychotic KEPPRA XR. symptoms, suicidal ideation, irritability, and aggr


January 2000 M o d u l e by Dorothea C. Rudorf, Pharm.D., M.S. Assistant Professor of Clinical PharmacyMassachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences This module was produced in association with Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences This module was made possible by a This module is approved for 2 credits toward a New Hope Institute o

Obstetrics & gynecology this month

Obstetrics & Gynecology The Green Journal This Month Current Issue ACOG News Recent Issues © 1999 by The American College of Obstetricians and GynecologistsObstetrics & Gynecology: Vol. 94, No. 1, July 1999 Obstetrics & Gynecology Table of Contents Volume 94 / Number 1 / July 1999 1 Amniotic Fluid Matrix Metalloproteinase-9 Levels in Women With

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In a multi-electron atom, inner electrons partially screen the nuclear charge so that outerelectrons feel a weakened Coulomb force. One can define an effective nuclear charge seenby outer electrons by using the hydrogenic energy equation E = (−13.6 eV)(Zeff /n)2 forthe outer electron’s energy. When the outer electron’s energy is measured by chemists, it iscalled the ionization energy which i

Tijn touber

Tijn Touber Dit verscheen in Ode nummer: 88 Nooit meer Freud. Nooit meer Prozac. De Franse psychiater David Servan-Schreiber weet het zeker: het lichaam kan stress, angst en depressies zelf genezen. ‘Kijk’, zegt David Servan-Schreiber, terwijl hij een blikje sardientjes uit het schap van een Parijse supermarkt trekt, ‘op dit blikje staat dat de inhoud “rijk is aan omega-3 vetzu


CONSULATE GENERAL OF THE REPUBLIC OF INDONESIA, MUMBAI, INDIA VOLUME 5 / MAY 2007 MONTHLY THE SEASON OF INDONESIAN CULTURAL HERITAGE & CRAFT 2007 July 11-15, 2007 at Jakarta Convention Centre, Jakarta - Indonesia Visit : http://www.indonesiaheritageproduct.com Indonesian extensive diversity of cultural heritage and craft products have long been admired, appreciated an


Publikationen aus der Klinik für Hämatologie, Onkologie und Palliativmedizin seit 2004 I. Originalarbeiten Maschmeyer G , Böhme, A, Buchheidt D, Cornely OA, Fricke HJ, Karthaus M, Lehrnbecher T, Link, Shah PM, Wilhelm M (2004): Diagnostik und Therapie von Infektionen bei Patienten in der Hämatologie und Onkologie. Leitlinien der Sektion Infektionen in der Hämatologie/Onkologie d

Regular meeting

REGULAR MEETING KILLINGLY BOARD OF EDUCATION WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 11, 2012 PRESENT: Angela Brower, Hoween Flexer, Jennifer Hyatt, Greg Keeley, Nelson King, Richard Murray, Alexis Rich. Student Board Members, Emily Klawitter and Samantha Tickey, Notification: John Burns and David Marcotte, OTHERS PRESENT: William Silver, Superintendent of Killingly Schools, Colin Chairperson


General introduction Homogeneous catalysis with metal phosphine complexes Tertiary organic phosphines (PR3; R= alkyl, aryl) were discoveredaround the middle of the 19th century. Their ability to combinewith heavy metal salts was noted almost immediately, but theapplication of the metal complexes in homogeneous catalysis is adevelopment which only started to flourish after the 1950s.1The firs


Curing metastatic testicular cancer Lawrence H. Einhorn* Indiana University Medical Center, 535 Barnhill Drive, RT 473, Indianapolis, IN 46202-5289Contributed by Lawrence H. Einhorn, February 5, 2002This contribution is part of the special series of Inaugural Articles by members of the National Academy of Sciences elected on May 1, 2001. Our initial studies with cisplatin ؉ vinblastine


EX-Z2000SR - EXILIM Zoom - Cameras - Products - CASIO EX-Z2000 Specifications File Format Still images: JPEG (Exif Ver. 2.2), DCF1.0, DPOF compliant Movies: AVI format, Motion JPEG, IMA-ADPCM (monaural) Audio (Voice Recording): WAV format (monaural) Recording Media 73.8MB built-in flash memory, SD Memory Card, SDHC Memory Card compatible (Built-in memory capacity after formatt

Clinic panui

Health Clinic Panui Kia Ora Tatou K o k i r i M a r a e H a u o r a a n d S o c i a l S e r v i c e s By now we should all be feeling refreshed and moving into the me- dium/fast paced lane of life. We are almost into the first quarter of this year already. Some of us have chosen to take a new path and pace in life than that which exists at Kokiri Hauora and Social Ser- Feb


Spastic Hypertonia following TBI I n f o r m Traumatic Brain Injury January, 2003 By: Jay Meythaler, JD, MD What is Spastic Hypertonia? your hand send messages through the spinal cord toyour brain, which identifies the sensation. ASpastic hypertonia (SH) is a term that doctors use tomessage is then sent back to your hand, telling it toprovide a more complete description of spa

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African Journal of Business Management Vol.3 (9), pp. 444-452, September, 2009 Available online at http://www.academicjournals.org/ajbm ISSN 1993-8233 © 2009 Academic Journals Ful Length Research Pape r Attitudes of young consumers towards SMS advertising D. L. R Van der Waldt*, T. M. Rebello and W. J. Brown Department of Marketing and Communication Management, University o


Patient Name: D.O.B. Date Of Visit: Allergies: Physician: PHYSICIANS ORDERS FOR OVER THE COUNTER MEDICATIONS √ for permission to administer to patient upon communication of identified symptoms and request for PRN and medication. Medications Indications (Dosage, Signs, & Symptoms) Signs & Symptoms: For pain or fever Dosage: (325 mg) 1 tab every 4-6 hours for mild pain;


Pharmacology and Treatment Evaluation of the Antibacterial Activity of a Special Silk Textile in the Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis Giampaolo Ricci a Annalisa Patrizi b Paolo Mandrioli c Fernando Specchia a Matelda Medri b Giuseppe Menna a Massimo Masi a a Department of Pediatrics and b Division of Dermatology, Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, University of Bolo


Reproductive System Concept Questions 1. It is important that only one sperm fertilize an egg. What would be the result if multiple spermfertilized a single egg? (If more than one sperm fertilized an egg, the zygote would have an extra set ofchromosomes ( i.e. , it would be polyploid).)2. Explain how each of the following could be described as an adaptation that helps to ensure fertilization:a)

Sacred scents

November 2008 Essential oil of the Month: Vetiver Kathy Padecky, Aromatherapist, HHP Botanical Name: Vetiveria zizanoides is known as the "oil of tranquility". It is known by other names such as Vetivert, Khus-Khus and moth root. Why I love vetiver : I love the smell of vetiver for reasons I have challenges articulating. Words fail to express the depth and essence of my f



Windhover information announces its top 10 neuroscience projects for its 2006 therapeutic alliance series: neurosciences alliances conference -- the most efficient neuroscience partnering conference for business development and scientific decision-makers

Windhover Announces the 2011 “Top Biopharma Projects to Watch” Listed companies to present aconference , NORWALK, CT, Oct. 13, 2010 – Elsevier Business Intelligence and Windhover Conferences today announced the 2011 Top Projects to Watch list. The list delivers projects and companies with high-value assets for partnership. Winners exhibit the potential to create future growth throu


DESPATCH/COLLECTION OF SHARE CERTIFICATES E-AUTO REFUND PAYMENT AND REFUND MONIES/CHEQUES With regard to applications made using WHITE Application Forms, refund cheques for these applicants who apply for less than 1,000,000 Public Offer Shares are expected to be despatched on Wednesday, 24 November 2010 to the addresses as stated on the WHITE Application Forms. Applicants who have applied


LAMBING LIST 2014 Our years of experience in supplying this vital market enable us to provide you with an extensive range of products at very competitive prices. ANTISEPTICS & LUBRICANTS 1840/500 CASTRATION RINGS 10310/100 COLOSTRUM SUBSTITUTES / MILK POWDER 7851/10 DISINFECTANTS 5918/5 FEED 12944/25 * Also available with deccox with prescription. Oth


Kentucky Heartland Institute on Public Policy “Global Challenges, Global Opportunities” Campbellsville University Faculty and Staff Hosts Campbellsville University Honor Society Hosts Political Science Honor Society Pi Sigma Alpha Mr Campbellsville University, President (2011-2012) Dr. Western Kentucky University, Past-President (2010-2011) Dr. Murray State University, Past-President (2

Tenco anti houtworm

PRODUCTINFORMATIEBLAD TENCO ANTI-HOUTWORM OMSCHRIJVING Tenco Anti-houtworm wordt gebruikt tegen de aantasting van hout door houtworm. VOORNAAMSTE KENMERKEN Peventieve en curatieve bescherming tegen houtwormen en boktor. TOEPASSING Tenco Anti Houtworm verdelgt houtworm en andere houtaantastende insecten en voorkomt bij een juiste toepassing gedurende lange tijd heraanta

Virginia school diabetes medical management forms

Virginia School Diabetes Medical Management Forms Student ___________________________ School ____________________ Effective Date _______________ Date of Birth ________________ Grade __________ Homeroom Teacher ____________________________ Instructions: 1. Part 1 - Contact Information and Diabetes Medical History . To be completed by parent/guardian and returned to school nurse (p


ÖVNING TILL DE LATINSKA VERBEN av Eva Tidner, 2008 reviderar 2012 ÖVNING TILL DE LATINSKA VERBEN CED- / CESS- gå, skrida, träda, komma, vika ( cedo, cessi, cessus, cedere 3. ) eng. överskrida, överträffa överdrift, utsvävning *********************************************************************************** DUC- / DUCT- leda, föra ( duco, duxi, ductus, ducere

Nerve disease and bladder control

National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse For the urinary system to do its job, muscles and nerves must work together to hold urine in the bladder and then release it at the right time. Nerves carry messages from NATIONAL the bladder to the brain to let it know when INSTITUTES the bladder is full. They also carry messages OF HEALTH from the brain to th


K. B. Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research Publications 2010 Department of Pharmaceutics Shastri, D. H., Patel P. B., Shelat, P. K., Shukla, A. K. (2010). Ophthalmic drug delivery system: Challenges and Approaches. Systematic Reviews in Pharmacy. 2(1), 113-120. Chaudhari, K. R., Shah, N., Patel, H.K., & Murthy, R.S.R. (2010). Preparation of porous PLGA microspheres

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Rust diseases affect currants, gooseberries, blackberries, raspberries and plum trees. DAMAGE: Rust diseases are easily recognised in their early stages by the bright orange coloured spots produced on the leaves from late spring onwards. Later the spots on the underside of the leaves turn into dark brown pustules and appear to be woolly or coarsely hairy. On raspberries and blackbe

From mr average

From Mr Average . to superman In 16 weeks, Craig Davidson, a Canadian novelist, transformed himself into a hard-as-nails hunk by injecting il egal steroids. He loved his new body - but not the hideous side-effects. In this graphic account of being a 'roider', he recounts Craig Davidson The needle is 21 gauge, 1.5in. A hogsticker. Forty of them arrived in a package from Greece. Ever r


Spec. Issue on Feature Transformation and Subset Selectionz Zupan, Marko Bohanec, Janez Demˇsar, Ivan BratkoWhile not explicitly intended for feature transformation, some methodsfor switching circuit design implicitly deal with this problem. Given a tab-ulated Boolean function, these methods construct a circuit that implementsthat function. In 1950s and 1960s, Ashenhurst [1] and Curtis [2] pro


WRONGFUL DEATH Medical Malpractice Lawsuit: 
 Delay in Diagnosis Results in Wrongful Death. Ms. Melanson had been a patient of Dr. William Damon. Prior to June 1995, Dr. Damon treated Ms. Melanson for a number of conditons. In June 1995, Ms. Melanson was treated at the Emergency Room for complaints of abdominal pain. When Ms. Melanson went to see Dr. Damon on June 26, 1995 to follow up


Tussen de groep (huurder) (naam + adres) Hier vertegenwoordigd door: aam + Voornaam En de verhuurder, VZW Oudercomité KSJ Merchtem vertegenwoordigd door ………. ………………………………., lid van KSJ Merchtem, hiertoe gemachtigd door de VZW Oudercomité KSJ Merchtem en de VZW Ten Anckere, werd het volgende overeengekomen: 1) De VZW oudercomité KSJ Merchtem stelt de aangeduide


Kaninchentreff.de Inhaberin: Heike Drapatz heike@kaninchentreff.de Tel. 0162/ 675 98 28 Sehr geehrter Tierarzt, Sehr geehrte Tierärztin, wir möchten Sie gerne auf eine Krankheit aufmerksam machen, die bei Kaninchen häufig auftritt und oft aufgrund ihrer vielfältigen Symptomatik schwierig zu diagnostizieren ist: Encephalitozoon cuniculi . Was ist E. cuniculi ? Es handelt s

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PHARMACY & THERAPEUTICS (P&T) COMMITTEE All agenda item supporting documentation i s available for public review at Kern Health Systems in Stockdale Highway, Bakersfield, 93311 during regular s, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, following the posting of the agenda. tes to an agenda item for an open session of any regular meeting that is distributed after the agenda


KLINGER PHARMACY PRESCRIPTION Captopril 12.5mg SAVINGS PLAN Captopril 25mg Famotidine 20mg Captopril 50mg Famotidine 40mg Levothyroxine 25mcg 90 DAY SUPPLY— $10.00 Captopril 100mg Fluoxetine 10mg caps and tabs Levothyroxine 50mcg Carbamazepine 200mg Fluoxetine 20mg Levothyroxine 75mcg Carvedilol 3.125mg Fluphenazine 1mg Lev

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Attending: 1st Session 2nd Session (Circle one)Camper Name: ____________________________________________________Developed and reviewed by: American Camp Association, American Academy of Pediatrics Council on School Health & Please Return by May 15, 2013 to: Parents: Please fill out pages 1 and 3, sign and give to yourchild's doctor to complete pages 2 and 4. Fax: 845-262-1091/email:


Peter Kuon, "Das Leben eines Massenmörders. 'La mort est mon métier' von Robert Merle", in: Peter Braun / BerndStiegler (Hg.), Literatur als Lebensgeschichte. Biographisches Erzählen von der Moderne bis zur Gegenwart, Bielefeld,Transcript Verlag, 2012, 115-127. Peter Kuon, "From 'Kitsch'to 'Splatter': The Aesthetics of Violence in The Kindly Ones", in: Aurélie Barjonet / Liran


SSAI2011: Detailed overview abstract presentations All abstracts are presented in the format: 7-min oral presentation plus 3-min discussion. Site: Abstract presentation areas A and B (near Exhibition area, lower level and Entrance) Wednesday June 15, 2011 Abstract session 1: Miscellaneous topics I Abstract area A: Chairs: Lars Rasmussen, Copenhagen, Denmark & Jan Henrik Rosland, Berge


Przysz³oœæ Unii Europejskiej. Wnioski z analizy ekonomicznego mechanizmu integracji W debacie o przysz³oœci Europy i postêpie integracji europejskiej w ramachUnii Europejskiej zazwyczaj wykorzystuje siê analizy oraz kategorie polito logiczne1. Jej uczestników mo¿na – w uproszczeniu – podzieliæ na zwolenników Europy federalnej oraz Europy – zwi¹zku pañstw narodowych. Pie

Note to authors(2012.6).hwp

1. Scope of Journal arrived to the office. Accepted date will be assigned Textile Coloration and Finishing , the Journal of the Korean Society of Dyers and Finishers, publishes original research on all aspects of coloration, finishing The following specific items should be noted. and related textile science and technology, which has (1) Title: The title should be concise but informat


A. Grundlagen 1. Einleitung Gegenstand dieses Buches ist die kommerzielle Produktpolitik für Konsumgüter, Investitionsgüter und Dienstleistungen. Sie beinhaltet die marktorientierte Gestal- tung des Leistungsangebotes von Unternehmen im nationalen und transnationalen Bereich. Das schließt eine zumindest teilweise formale und inhaltliche Übertragung des produktpolitischen Gedankengutes a

100w universal adapter compatible laptop models (04-2008) revision 1.xls

100w Universal AC/DC Laptop & LCD Monitor Adapter compatibility list Acer TravelMate series TM345T/TM347T/TM351TE/TM350TE/TM352TE/TM211T/212T/213TX/TM340T/TM341 Native tip TravelMate Notebooks -PA-1600-02: from 100w TM353TEV/TM354TE/TM354TEV/TM521TE/TM524TXV/TM525TE/TM525TXV/TM528ADP-75FB F1454 F1454A F1718 F1718A F1781 F1781A Φ5.5×Φ2.1 blackTE/TM529TX/TM529ATX/TM551XV/TM


Pressezentrum Dokument: FEM_2_265 Themenbereich 1: Wie können wir glauben? Feministisch-theologische Basisfakultät: Das Erbe der Sklaverei im Leben von Mädchen und Frauen überwinden – ein Thema für die Der lange Schatten der Sklaverei über dem Leben von Mädchen und Frauen Am 8. Oktober 1865 machte eine weiße Frau der amerikanischen Südstaaten namens El a Gertrude Cla


Spinoza Színház hírlevél - spinoza.hu Spinoza-barát! Alábbiakban küldjük márciusi programunkat. Külön felhívjuk figyelmüket két program-csokorra: A március 8-i nőnap alkalmából indul be a Mindenütt Nő című országos program. Március 7-8-9-én a színházakban főleg nők szerepelnek, s a Spinoza Színház is 5 női programmal Bächer Iván születésnapj

Kvh aktuell pharmakotherapie 1-2009: literaturliste

Dies ist eine PDF-Datei aus www.kvhessen.de. Die Urheberrechte liegen bei derKassenärztlichen Vereinigung Hessen. KVH aktuell Pharmakotherapie 1-2009: Literaturliste Die Literaturliste zur Ausgabe Nr. 1-2009 von KVH aktuell Pharmakotherapie stellen wir Ihnen hier zur Verfügung Zu "Antipsychotika bei Demenz: Zulassungsbehörden erweitern wegen höherem Sterberisiko die Warnhinweise"


NEWS RELEASE The Medal for Research Excellence 2013 Award Recipient Dr. Marcello Tonelli awarded 2013 Medal for Research Excellence for changing nephrology practice in Canada and beyond November 15, 2013 – Montreal, Quebec - Dr. Marcello Tonelli, the first clinician- researcher to show that statin treatment is effective in managing the cardiovascular risk associated with th


620 - 650 West Georgia Street Vancouver, British Columbia E-mail: Website International Lithium E-mail: Website: INTERNATIONAL LITHIUM COMMENCES 2010 EXPLORATION PROGRAM AT SARCOBATUS FLATS, NEVADA Vancouver B.C.: TNR Gold Corp. ("TNR" or the "Company") and wholly-owned International Lithium Corp. (“ILC”) are pleased to announce the Company has commenced

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William D Kenfield DDS LLC Patient Information Patient Name_____________________________________________ Phone# ( )____________Cell# ( )_____________ Address ______________________________________ City ________________________State ____ Zip ________________ Social Security #_______________________Birth Date__________________ Male [] Female [] Marital Status__________ Parent/Guardian

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Publication list of Werner Brannath A) Original papers in Statistics and Mathematics published in peer-reviewed journals Gutjahr G, Brannath W, Bauer P, (2010). A general approach to the conditional error rate principle with nuisance parameters. Biometrics, accepted. Brannath W and Bretz F (2010). Shortcuts for locally consonant closed test procedures. Journal of the American Statistical


IDENTITET INNLEDNING: Om meg som skriver og det jeg har skrevet Jeg heter Julie Elise Tuvik og er 84-modell. For tiden er jeg student i Oslo og tar fagene religion, fransk og engelsk. Hvis alt går etter planen, ender jeg opp som lærer på en videregående skole. Jeg har drevet en del med arbeid som leir, kor, ungdomsklubber og ledertrening. Jeg har vært et år i Paris og jobbet i en kirke


Patienteninformation Amiodaron Amiodaron ist ein wirksames und heutzutage häufig eingesetztes Antiarrhythmikum. Speziell beim Vorhofflimmern, der häufigsten Herzrhythmusstörung, wird es verord- net. Amiodaron ist ein hochwirksames, aber auch ein nebenwirkungsreiches Anti- arrhythmikum. Sein Einsatz sollte wohl bedacht sein und seine Anwendung verlangt ständiger Aufmerksamke

La libertad religiosa, camino para la paz

LA LIBERTAD RELIGIOSA, CAMINO PARA LA PAZ 1. AL COMIENZO DE UN NUEVO AÑO deseo hacer llegar a todos mi felicitación; es un deseo de serenidad y de prosperidad, pero sobre todo de paz. El año que termina también ha estado marcado lamentablemente por persecuciones, discriminaciones, por terribles actos de violencia y de Pienso de modo particular en la querida tierra de Iraq, que en su cam


(Cite as: 356 F.3d 1357) 168(2.1) SMITHKLINE BEECHAM CORP. (doing business asNarrowing amendment made by patent applicant to satisfyany requirement of Patent Act may give rise to estoppelwhen patentee subsequently asserting infringement under 168(2.1) Nos. 02-1581, 02-1612, 03-1011. presumption that patentee surrendered territory betweenoriginal claim and amended claim; such pre


What is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)? ADHD refers to a chronic disorder that initially manifests in childhood and is characterized by hyperactivity, impulsivity, and/or inattention. Not all of those affected by ADHD manifest all three behavioral categories. These symptoms can lead to difficulty in academic, emotional, and social functioning. The diagnosis is established by

Working paper no 3

Propensity towards risk: one or many? Tadeusz Tyszka1 Centre for Market Psychology of Leon Kozminski Academy of Entrepreneurship and Artur Domurat2 Faculty of Psychology, Warsaw University 1 Correspondence address: Jagiellońska 59, PL 03-301 Warszawa, Poland. Tel. +48 22 5192189; Fax +48 22 8112022 E-mail: tt@psychpan.waw.pl 2 Correspondence address: Stawki 5/7, PL 00-183 Warszawa,


- en liten handledning att ha med i sjukvårdslådan utgiven i samråd med ”Kontaknätet förAv Mattias Linde, leg läk och grundare av Tjörns KajakklubbDet här kompendiet är tänkt att fungera som akuthandledning i fält. Det kan t.ex. förvaras isjukvårdslådan. Ambitionen har varit att ta upp sådant som är specifikt och vanligt vid friluftsliv ochsärskilt kajaking. Det rör sig all

Wzk 07-1 heft.indd

Einheit 4 Die Rettung der Juden Ester 5, 5 – 10 Der Ausweg Erläuterungen zum Text von einer grossen Freude und Ausgelassenheit durchdrungen. Das Purimfest Mit diesem Fest bringen heutige Juden auch die endzeitliche Hoffnung auf den Anbruch der Das erste Purimfest, das Mordechai anordnete, bedeutete für die damaligen Juden endlich Ruhe Purim fällt auf den 14. ode


Botox® Patient Information The purpose of this form is to help educate you about Botox, it’s potential risk’s and expected benefits, so that you can make an educated decision on whether or not you are interested in this treatment. This information is not meant to scare or alarm you; it is simply an effort to better inform you so that you may give or withhold your consent for treatment. Bo

Phase ii feasibility study using ch14

PHASE II FEASIBILITY STUDY USING CH14.18/CHO ANTIBODY AND SUBCUTANEOUS INTERLEUKIN 2 AFTER HAPLOIDENTICAL STEM CELL TRANSPLANTATION IN CHILDREN WITH RELAPSED NEUROBLASTOMA A joint SIOPEN & EBMT Study Short title of clinical study ch14.18-IL2 1021 Version: 1.1 Date of Protocol September, 1 st 2009 EudraCT-Number 2009-015936-14 Sponsor of


Neurodermitis im Kindesalter Die frühzeitige Therapie ist matchentscheidendMARC PLEIMES, PETER SCHMID-GRENDELMEIER, LISA WEIBEL, ZÜRICH Eine grundsätzliche Heilung der Veranlagung zur atopischen Derma- titis ist nicht möglich. Die genetische Disposition besteht lebenslang. Entgegen gängigen Vorstellungen bestehen weiterhin nur bei einem ekzematösen Entzündungsreaktionen.

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O V G R H E I N L A N D – P F A L Z G E R I C H T S D A T E N B A N K R e c h t s n o r m e n BVO § 4 Abs. 1 Nr. 6 Halbs. 2 lit. a); BVO § 4 Abs. 1 Nr. 6 Halbs. 2; BVO § 4 Abs. 1 Nr. 6; BVO § 4 Abs. 1; BVO § 4 S c h l a g w ö r t e r Beamter; Beihilfe; Viagra; Erektionsstörung; erektile Dysfunktion; Dysfunktion, erektile; Depression; psychische Erkrankung; Erkrankung, psychische

管 理 职 责

1. IDENTIFICATION OF THE SUBSTANCE / PREPARATION AND THE COMPANY Description: Transglutaminase, protein glutamine gamma glutamyltransferase Manufacturer / Supplier: ShenYang Kinetika Biotec Co.,Ltd. Address: Xing Nong Road27-2,Shenbei District, Shenyang,Liaoning,110164, P.R.CHINA 2. COMPOSITION / INFORMATION ON INGREDIENTS KINEZYME TG is a powder type enzyme. Inappropriate handling may rele

A review of olanzapine-associated toxicity and fatality in overdose

Review Paper Examen critique A review of olanzapine-associated toxicity and fatality in overdose Pierre Chue, MB BCh; Peter Singer, BSc, PhD Chue — Department of Psychiatry, University of Alberta and Alberta Hospitals; Singer — Office of the Chief MedicalExaminer, Edmonton, Alta. Objective: Given the increasing use of atypical antipsychotics in psychiatric populations and th

Triple-drug class antiretroviral treatment failure:

Time to triple drug class antiretroviral treatment failure after initiation of HAART : Results from the EuroSIDA study group A Mocroft1, B Ledergerber2, JP Viard3, S Staszewski4, M Murphy5, A Chiesi6, A Horban7, A-B E Hansen8, AN Phillips1, JD Lundgren9 for the EuroSIDA study group*. 1Royal Free Centre for HIV Medicine and Dept Primary Care and Population Sciences, Royal Free and Univer

(microsoft word - td - qu\315mica i - 2\272 ano.doc)

1. Na escala de eletronegatividade, tem-se: Li H Br N O 1,0 2,1 2,8 3,0 3,5 Esses dados permitem afirmar que entre as moléculas a seguir, a mais polar é: a) O2 (g) 2. NH3, H2O e CH4 são, respectivamente, moléculas: a) polar, polar, apolar b) polar, polar, polar c) apolar, apolar, polar d) polar, apolar, apolar e) apolar, apolar, apolar 3. Identifique as misturas

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For the quantitative determination of rabbit E2 in serum, plasma, cell culture fluid and other biological fluids For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. Page 1 of 5 Product Information Cat. No. KT-56058 INTENDED USE This E2 ELISA kit is intended for laboratory research use only and not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures. The stop solu

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"Ich habe einen Fehler gemacht" Fällt Ihnen dieser Satz schwer? Dabei können aus Fehlern Innovationen werden. Wer behauptet, immer alles hundertprozentig richtig zu machen, leidet an Selbstüberschätzung, und begeht gleich den ersten Fehler. Perfektionisten sind nicht nur langweilig, sie verspielen auch die Chance, aus den eigenen Fehlern zu lernen und sich persönlich wie beruf

Federal reserve bank of cleveland | october 1, 2000

Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland | October 1, 2000 The Baby Boomers’ Mega-Inheritance —Myth or Reality? Retirees are one of the wealthiest segments of the U.S. population, and today’s retirees have more wealth than any previous generation’s. Some have conjectured that bequests out of this wealth will significantly boost the resources of the baby boomers—the next generati


Recipient Kirker African Medical Relief Assoc Niger Description & Unit Size Total WSV Therapeutic Class Sulfamethoxazole BP 200mg/Trimethoprim BP 40mg/ml, Pediatric Co-trimoxazole for oral suspension 10 x 100mlCefuroxime Axetil 250mg per 5ml Oral Suspension, Ceftin 100mlNitrofurantoin 25mg/5ml, Furadantin Oral Suspension 230mlNitrofurantoin 25mg/5ml, Furadantin Oral Suspension 2


ANLAGENArznei- und Heilmittelvereinbarung für Anlagen – Arznei- und Heilmittelvereinbarungen 2008 KV Hamburg zur Arznei- und Heilmittelvereinbarung 2008 Anpassungsfaktoren nach § 84 Absatz 2 SGB V für den Bereich der Arznei- und Verbandmittel (unter Berücksichtigung der Anlagen 1 und 2 der Rahmenvorgaben nach § 84 Absatz 7 SGB V – Arzneimittel – für das Jahr 2008 vom 17.09.2

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Alzheimer Hastalýðýnýn Ýlaçla TedavisiBut some kinds of treatments are available to improve the qual-ity of life for patients. Alzheimer hastalýðý en sýk görülen demans nedenidir. Nedenleride tam olarak bilinmemektedir. Etkin bir tedavisi de yoktur. It was discovered that patients with Alzheimer's disease, at someAncak bazý yöntemler belirtileri azaltabilmekte ve hastalarýnbrai

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Koralan® Imprägniergrund Iv Weiß 1. Produktbeschreibung Produktart Weiß pigmentierte Holzschutzgrundierung auf Wasserbasis. Schutzwirkung Vorbeugend wirksam gegen holzzerstörende Pilze (Fäulnis), Bläue undInsekten. Wirkstoffe Eigenschaften • verbessert Haltbarkeit und Haftung nachfolgender Anstriche vor allembei stark saugfähigen Untergründen bzw. solchen mit unters

Pleural effusion due to corynebacterium propinquum

PLEURAL EFFUSION DUE TO CORYNEBACTERIUM PROPINQUUM IN A PATIENT WITH SQUAMOUS CELL CARCINOMA Corynebacterium propinquum ( C. propinquum) is part of admission, he looked pale, cachectic, and had finger the normal oropharyngeal flora. Originally called CDC clubbing. His temperature was 38°C. Chest auscultation coryneform ANF-3 (absolute nonfermenter), it was Riegel revealed rig


Pharmaceutical analysis and Quality control Ph-343 Submitted to: Submitted by: Date of submission: 20 – 02 - 07 APPLICATIONS OF HPLC 1.The wide verity of packing materials allows the separation ofmost chemical species. Chemical Separations can be accomplished using HPLC by utilizing the fact that certain compounds have differentmigration rates given a particular co


Perioperative Antibiotikaprophylaxe in der colorektalen Chirurgie Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Ulrich Mittelkötter 1. EINLEITUNG Perioperative Infektionsprophylaxe in der Kolonchirurgie Ursprünglich hohe Infektionsraten von bis zu 50% ohne antibiotische Prophylaxe haben in der elektiven Kolonchirurgie zur Etablierung einer perioperativen systemischen Antibiotikaprophylaxe geführt.

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Charge state of cell before shipment . 4 DANTECH ENERGY GmbH Max-Planck Str. 3, 12489 Berlin TEL: 030-639280400 / Fax: 030-639280402 sales@enerdan.de 1 Abstract A 3.7V Li- Ion battery containing one cell and safety circuit. The battery pack in its final assembled form is designed to power a flashlight made 2 Specification Type of Cell Sealed Lithium-ion cylindri


Karen L. Woods, MD PA 6560 Fannin, Scurlock Tower Suite 2000 Houston, TX 77030 713-383-7800 www.karenwoodsmd.com Colyte® or Nulytely® Preparation for: [ ] Colonoscopy Patient_______________________________________________ Physician __________________________________ Day_____________Date_______________Procedure Time_______________ Arrival Time ______________________ Please Note: Y


Schaumburg-Lippische Likörfabrik Miniliköre mit Gratis -Wunschetikett Dorfstraße 10, 31691 Helpsen, Tel.: 05724 / 98414, 98415, Fax:05724 / 98416, Postfach 1132, 31689 Helpsen Besteller: Schaumburg-Lippische Likörfabrik Inh. Ralf Kording Dorfstraße 10 31691 Helpsen Bestell-Telefon: 05724/98414 Bestell-Fax: 05724/98416 Geschmacksrichtung Einzelp

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Gibt es Beispiele aus der Vergangenheit für solch um eine Grippeerkrankung zu vermeiden, die bei eine Bedrohung? Aufenthalt z.B. in Asien oder bei Rückkehr nach Im vergangenen Jahrhundert kam es 1918, 1957 und Europa fälschlich für eine Vogelgrippe gehalten 1968 zu Influenza - Pandemien, die zu vielen Millio-wird und zu seuchenhygienischen Maßnahmen nen Todesopfern führte.


UNFCCC/CCNUCC CDM – Executive Board SUMMARY NOTE OF THE PUBLIC INPUTS RECEIVED FROM THE CALL ON THE USE OF FIRST-OF-ITS-KIND BARRIER AND THE ASSESSMENT OF COMMON PRACTICE I. Mandate The Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the parties to the Kyoto Protocol (CMP) requests the Executive Board, as its highest priority, to finalize guidance on the use

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BIOTECHNOLOGY (Sample questions) 1. Restriction endonucleases are (1) Used in genetic engineering for uniting two DNA molecules (2) Used for in vitro synthesis of DNA (3) Present in mammalian cells for degeneration of DNA of dead cells (4) Synthesized by bacteria for their defence 2. Identify the DNA segment which is not a palindromic sequence; 3. During the synthesis of in

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SYLLABUS M.Sc CHEMISTRY SEMESTER – I and II Department of Chemistry Krantiguru Shyamji Krishna Verma Kachchh Universty Krantiguru Shyamji Krishna Verma Kachchh Universty Mundra Road, Bhuj-Kachchh DEGREE OF MASTER OF SCIENCE (CHEMISTRY) M.Sc. Semester – I C-101: INORGANIC CHEMSITRY EACH UNIT IS OF 20 MARKS Unit – 1: Quantum Mechanics


Brand Matters The lingua franca of pharmaceutical brand names Rebecca Robins ‘Words have the power to inspire, to motivate and trigger a call to action.’ Introduction In the context of the industry’s changing dynamics, this article will Words have the power to inspire, to motivate and trigger a call to set out the role and importance of a name in brand communications,


BRUSHLESS ESC INSTRUCTION MANUAL Thank you for buying our brushless ESC. Before using the product, please read this manual 1. INSTRUCTIONS A. Scientific circuitry designs, all of them are make from import components. B. Using lowest impedance PCB, the capability of enduring current is good and compeletly reach the current specifications marked. C. Controlling circuitry and BEC


Karen R. Hurd In fulfil ment of requirements for Chemistry 399, Fal 2010 University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Warren Gal agher, Ph.D. Enterohepatic Recirculation Clearing of Metabolic Waste via Enterohepatic Recirculation Table of Contents Introduction . 2 A General Description of Enterohepatic Recirculation . 2 The Nature of Bile Acids and Bile Salts and Their Role in Enterohepat

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Konrad Pfaff Gesundheit und Liebe im Alter Auf dem Hintergrund eines gesellschaftlichen Umbruchprozesses Zu beachten sind noch Trends im gesellschaftlich-wirtschaftlichem Bereich. Es geht um verstärkende Überlappung des Gesundheits- und Altersbereiches. Das Entstehen einer Life-Science-Industrie und neuer Strukturen bei den Life-Style-Medikamenten. Hier zeigt sich eine Tendenz der Medikamenteni

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