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DC-DC Step-Up Converter for White LED
The SP1938 is a step-up DC/DC converter for white LED driver with over voltage protection. The device can driver one to four LEDs in series from a single cell Internal functions include current limiting; thermal shutdown; OVP and soft-start to prevent damage operate status. The SP1938 operates at 0.8MHz and from low input voltages as low as 1.5V; apply to Lithium-Ion powered systems. A low 95mV reference voltage minimizes power loss in the current setting resistor for better efficiency. The SP1938 is available in small package SOT-23-6L. FEATURES
Current Source with Over Voltage Protection Internal Over Temperature and Current Limiting PART MARKING
2009/03/30 Ver.1
DC-DC Step-Up Converter for White LED



Connect cathode of lowest LED and resistor here Combined active low enable and PWM control pin for LED dimming Over voltage Protection and Connect to the output capacitor of the Converter

Part Number
Part Marking
※ Week Code : A ~ Z( 1 ~ 26 ) ; a ~ z( 27 ~ 52 )
※ SP1938S26RGB : Tape Reel ; Pb – Free ; Halogen -Free

2009/03/30 Ver.1
DC-DC Step-Up Converter for White LED


(TA=25℃ Unless otherwise specified)
Parameter Symbol
The IC has a protection circuit against static electricity. Do not apply high static electricity or high voltage that exceeds the performance of the protection circuit to the IC. 2009/03/30 Ver.1
DC-DC Step-Up Converter for White LED

(TA=25℃, VIN=3V, VSHDN=3V, Unless otherwise specified)
Parameter Conditions

2009/03/30 Ver.1
DC-DC Step-Up Converter for White LED


2009/03/30 Ver.1
DC-DC Step-Up Converter for White LED

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