Windhover information announces its top 10 neuroscience projects for its 2006 therapeutic alliance series: neurosciences alliances conference -- the most efficient neuroscience partnering conference for business development and scientific decision-makers

Windhover Announces the 2011 “Top Biopharma Projects to
Listed companies to present aconference, NORWALK, CT, Oct. 13, 2010 – Elsevier Business Intelligence and Windhover Conferences today announced the 2011 Top Projects to Watch list. The list delivers projects and companies with high-value assets for partnership. Winners exhibit the potential to create future growth through investments in deals. This year‟s list includes a Top 10 in each of six therapeutic areas: cardiovascular/metabolic, oncology, neuroscience, infectious diseases and inflammatory/autoimmune, plus a “hot space” category, including ophthalmology, orphan diseases, and women‟s health. The selected companies have been screened using a strict set of judging criteria, including unmet medical need, market potential, diversity of indications, strong science, multi-level partnering opportunities (biotech and pharma), potential for new opportunities beyond initial indications, and corporate stability. The complete list of all projects to date is available Each project has been hand-selected by Windhover‟s elite selection panel to ensure a high-quality slate of presenters. Oncology companies on the list to date are MolMed S.p.A. (NGR-hNTF for mesothelioma),
MethylGene Inc. (MGCD265 for solid tumors), Astex Therapeutics (AT9283 for hematologic
malignancies including AML), AVEO Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Tivozanib for renal cell carcinoma),
Synta Pharmaceuticals Corp. (STA-9090 for multiple solid tumor and hematologic cancers),
Oxford Biomedica (TroVax, cancer vaccine), Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc.(samalizumab which is
in Phase I/II development for B-CLL and MM), Tracon Pharma (TRC105 for solid tumors and
prostate cancer) and Calistoga Pharmaceuticals (CAL-101 for hematologic malignancies).
Cardiovascular/metabolic companies are NormOxys (OXY 111A for hypoxia), Spherix (Tagatose
for Type 2 diabetes), Resverlogix Corp. (RVX 208 for Acute coronary syndromes, Alzheimer's
disease, Atherosclerosis), Genfit (GFT 505 for lipid metabolism disorders and type 2 diabetes),
Halozyme Therapeutics (Hyaluronidase/insulin), Lexicon Pharmaceuticals (LX4211 for Type 2
diabetes), Rhythm (RM-493 for obesity and insulin resistance), Momenta Pharmaceuticals (M 118
for acute coronary syndromes), Viron Therapeutics (VT 111 for Acute coronary syndromes,
Atherosclerosis, Coronary artery restenosis, Myocardial reperfusion injury, Rheumatoid arthritis,
Transplant rejection) and Stealth Peptides (MTP131 for Myocardial infarction and aschemia
reperfusion injury).
Neuroscience companies are Naurex Inc. (GlyX-13, MRX1051 for treatment-resistant depression), NeurAxon Inc. (NXN-188 for migraine), PsychoGenics Inc. (eltoprazine for ADHD), Seaside Therapeutics (STX209 (arbaclofen) for Fragile X Syndrome), BrainCells (BCI-540, BCI- 952 for depression), AgeneBio (levetiracetam for MCI, Alzheimer‟s), BioAxone (Cethrin for spinal
cord injury) and CeNeRx (TriRIma, the antidepressant).
Inflammatory/autoimmune companies are Hutchison MediPharma (HMPL 004 for Crohn's
disease, ulcerative colitis), SunTen Phytotech (STA 36 for allergic asthma), Yaupon
Therapeutics (Clearazide for cutaneous T-cell lymphoma/psoriasis), Agennix (Talactoferrin alfa
for allergic contact dermatitis, asthma, psoriasis, etc.); Biofrontera AG (aminolevulini acid for
actinic keratosis, basal cell cancer, condylomata acuminate); Neovacs (TNFa Kinoid
immunotherapy), Anthera Pharmaceuticals Inc. (A-623 for lupus), Kineta Inc. (Kv1.3 potassium
channel blockers for MS, rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes and other autoimmune diseases),
Idera Pharmaceuticals (IMO-3100 for inflammatory disease) and Alvine Pharmaceuticals
(ALV003 for celiac disease).
Companies with top infectious diseases projects are Progenics Pharmaceuticals Inc. ) PRO 140
for HIV/AIDS), Vaxinnate (VAX125 for flu), SCYNEXIS Inc. (SCY-635 for Hepatitis C),
GlobeImmune Inc. (GI-5005 for Hepatitis C), Optimer Pharma (Fiaxomicin, antibiotic), Sangamo
Biosciences (SB-728-T for HIV/AIDS), Achillion (ACH-1625 for HCV), Theravance (TD-1792 for
MRSA), Argos Therapeutics (AGS-004 for HIV/AIDS) and Dynavax (HEPLISAV for hepatitis B).
Top Hot Space companies are Vital Therapies (ELAD for liver failure), Lithera (LIPO-102 for
exopthalmia of Graves Disease), CoDa Therapeutics (Nexagon for leg ulcers), Inspire
Pharmaceuticals (Denufosol for cystic fibrosis), Radius Pharmaceuticals (RAD1901 for hot
flashes), Cytokinetics (CK-2017357 for ALS and other indications), Lux Biosciences (LX214 for
dry eye and blepharitis), Osteologix (strontium malonate for post-menopausal osteoporosis), and
Tranzyme Pharma (novel compounds for gastric emptying and motility).

All companies are listed in random order.

“This year‟s list is handpicked in the six hottest therapeutic areas”, said David Cassak, VP,
Content, for Elsevier Business Intelligence‟s publications. “Many of our past winners have gone
on to do big deals, and we expect the same from this years‟ companies.”
A major partnering event
„Top Projects‟ companies will present at Therapeutic Area Partnerships, the Pharma‟s most
targeted and efficient partnering meeting for life science companies seeking partnerships in the
top therapeutic areas, November 2-4 in Boston.
Companies will present the product's target and first indication(s); other compounds addressing
the same target; the relative advantage of the compound; the clinical results to date and general
clinical plan for the future; IP on the compound or target; and any partnerships the company
currently holds on the compound. Registered attendees have access to pre-conference access to
a database that includes detailed technical, non-confidential information on projects available for
partnering (pre-clinical and clinical stage).
Industry analysts will open each Top Projects session with therapy area-specific discussions on
Matchmaking in Drug Partnering: Identifying the Right Drugs and the Right Partners. Leading
industry executives will discuss timely issues, including Therapeutic Area Challenges and
Opportunities: Who Wil Win, Who Won’t, and Where Are You in the Mix; Scientific Innovation and
Industry Barriers: Rethinking the Business Development Model for Hard Times; Leveraging
Insights to Pick Targets and Deal Models that are Likely to Succeed; Rainmaking in a Drought:
Financing Innovation, Innovating Finance;
and Creative Risk Sharing and Alternative Funding
Strategies for Today’s Biotech.

To register, contact Pat Cardone at (203) 838-4401 ext. 124r
register on the Therapeutic Area Partnerships 2009 website a
Top industry executives and strategists to speak at Therapeutic Area Partnerships include Dr.
Stephen Friend, former Senior Vice President and Franchise Head for Oncology Research,
Merck & Co.; David H. Donabedian, PhD, MBA, Vice President, Strategic Alliances, US CEEDD,
GlaxoSmithkline; Polly Murphy, VP, R&D Business Development, Pfizer Inc.; Sridaran Natesan,
PhD, Scientific Site Head, R and D (Cambridge), Head of External Innovation and Partnering,
Sanofi-Aventis; Ulrik Spork, Managing Partner, Novo Growth Equity; and Lauren Silverman,
Ph.D., Managing Director, Novartis Option Fund.
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Windhover Conferences is an Elsevier Business Intelligence company, the leading provider of
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