Program (As at April 27/06)
Venue: Westin Hotel Calgary - 320 4th Ave. SW, 403.266.1611 Display table set up (optional) Location: Grand Foyer Conference registration - Location: Grand Foyer Poster set up (optional) - Location: Bonavista RPNC Welcome reception complimentary hors d'oeuvres (cash bar) Poster & display set up (if not completed Thursday) Registration, continental breakfast & poster /display viewing Plenary sessions - Location: Britannia/Belaire/Mayfair 0800 - 0900 Welcome & introductory remarks 0900 - 1000 Margot Kidder Refreshment break & poster /display viewing - Location: Grand Foyer/Bonavista Plenary sessions - Location: Britannia/Belaire/Mayfair 1030 - 1130 Margot Kidder 1130 - 1200 Dale Nikkel - Inspiring Songs at Life and Work Lunch & poster/display viewing A1 (Lakeview)
A2 (Lake Louise)
A3 (Rideau)
A4 (Mount Royal)
A5 (Nakiska)
A6 (Eau Claire South)
A7 (Eau Claire North)
A8 (Barclay)
Or Does 'Nursing' Really Serve Out As A Professional With Mental Health Practitioners: Refreshment break & poster/display viewing B1 (Lakeview)
B2 (Lake Louise)
B3 (Rideau)
B4 (Mount Royal)
B5 (Nakiska)
B6 (Eau Claire South)
B7 (Eau Claire North)
B8 (Barclay)
About Patient/Client Safety Health Promotion To Support Compassion For Your CCMHI: A View From the In Mental Health Practice Education Of Psychiatric Psychological Symptoms Of Buses depart hotel lobby for optional outings 1700 Dinner in Banff1730 Jubilations Dinner Theatre1800 IKEA Continental breakfast & poster /display viewing Location: Grand Foyer/Bonavista Room Plenary session - Location: Britannia/Belaire/Mayfair 0800 - 0830 Introductory Remarks/Housekeeping 0830 - 0930 David Miller - YOU can make a difference! Refreshment break & poster/display viewing - Location Grand Foyer/Bonavista C1 (Lakeview)
C2 (Lake Louise)
C3 (Rideau)
C4 (Mount Royal)
C5 (Nakiska)
C6 (Eau Claire South)
C7 (Eau Claire North)
C8 (Barclay)
Forensic Service Delivery And Practice Characteristics Witnesses Or Are Involved In To Youth In BC: A Unique Of the RPN Workforce In RPNC Awards Lunch & poster/display viewing Location: Britannia/Belaire/Mayfair Plenary session - Location: Britannia/Belaire/Mayfair Big Daddy Tazz (The Bipolar Buddha) A Comedic Look at Mental Illness Through the Eyes of a Consumer Wrap up remarks, turn over to 2008 hosts Mothers and Daughters in Adolescence: protective factors Douglas College Psychiatric Nursing Department Faculty Advancing Practice Diversity in Psychiatric Nursing The HHR Puzzle: Putting the Pieces Together Canadian Institute for Health Information Early Psychosis Prevention and Intervention Program Client Survey The Use of Poetry in Nursing Students' Reflective Journals Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence: State of the Art It's Not Just for Nurses! Including the Paraprofessional in Competency Based Training in Mental Health I Want It All! Feeling Good Mentally and Physically (Healthy Body Healthy Mind) The Lived Experience of Pregnancy and Birthing of Women with Histories of Sexual Abuse Faculty of Nursing, University of Alberta Safety and Maintenance of Effect of Orally Disintegrating Risperidone Tablets in Patients with Major Depressive Disorder, Bipolar Disorder or Dementia, Results of an Open Label Study Clinic for Mind and Body Medicine: A Holistic Approach to Medically Unexplained Symptoms Clinic for Mind Body Med-Rockyview Hospital Impact of Risperidone Long-Acting Injectable On Hospitalization and Medication Use in Patients with Schizophrenia Hospitalization and Medication Use in Schizophrenia Patients Receiving Risperidone Long Acting Injectable or Oral Atypical Antipsychotic Medication Compliance With Atypical Antipsychotic Agents by Patients With Schizophrenia in Quebec Effectiveness and Tolerability of Risperidone Long-Acting Versus Conventional Depot Antipsychotics in a Large Canadian Psychiatric Hospital.
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Canadian Institute for Health InformationCanadian Nursing Students AssociationCapital Health, Regional RecruitmentCollege of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of AlbertaEli LillyFraser HealthGenpharmHealth Match BCHopelessly Human ProductionsInterior HealthInternational Schizophrenia FoundationJanssen-Ortho Inc. Northern HealthNorthern Lights Health RegionOrganization of Bipolar Affective DisorderPeace Country Health Registered Psychiatric Nurses of CanadaRegional Mental Health Program - Capital Health Vancouver Island Health Authority Concurrent sessions: We encourage you to stay in the same 1.25 hour session (i.e. same room) to minimize disruption to all attendeesIn respect for delegates with allergies, please do not wear perfume or cologneWorld Congress registration entitles you to attend sessions on a complimentary basis (excludes meals and social events) at the Shared Mental Health Care Conference occurring simultaneously at the Hyatt Regency (www.shared-care.ca)

Source: http://www.psychiatricnurse.ca/worldcongress/1.pdf

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My Battle with Candida and Mercury Poisoning…The Connection I am writing this story with the hope that I can help someone who may be suffering from the same illness as me. In April of 2007, I was in the throws of breaking off a relationship that was very stressful. One night we had gone out to have sushi and I cracked a tooth with a “silver filling”. I didn’t think much of it at the time a


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