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My Battle with Candida and Mercury Poisoning…The Connection I am writing this story with the hope that I can help someone who may be suffering from the same illness as me. In April of 2007, I was in the throws of breaking off a relationship that was very stressful. One night we had gone out to have sushi and I cracked a tooth with a “silver filling”. I didn’t think much of it at the time and didn’t get it fixed right away since the part of the tooth that had broken off had been small and I couldn’t afford a new crown. So, each night I would brush really well at that tooth to make sure I didn’t get any food caught up there. Several months later, I had gotten a sinus infection and had taken a round of antibiotics. I then developed a strange sort of diaper rash. I went back to the doctors and they said it looked like a fungal rash and sent me home with an antifungal. During this time, I had been experiencing vicious mood swings and horrible depression. I normally didn’t experience these emotions, but I attributed it to the bad relationship I was involved in. The rash wouldn’t go away. I then noticed I had a yeast infection that kept coming back even though I had finished a round of monistat. My thinking started to become anxiety riddled with what I could only call brain fog. One night I was convinced I was dying and took myself to the emergency room. By then I had done some research and stumbled across candida and convinced myself I had it and thought it was from the antibiotics I had taken. I finally found a doctor to put me on a months worth of diflucan but the candida wouldn’t go way. I was on the most stringent form of anti yeast diet you can imagine. No sugar, no carbs, no fruit, no alcohol, nothing. I was getting so thin. Each time I killed the yeast, I was experiencing horrible die off. Dizziness, chronic fatigue, headaches, burning toes, persistant yeast infections. I finally found Karen’s website and out of desperation, I called Dr. Piller and flew out to Idaho. I had been battling this for a year on my own and needed real help. Before I flew out, I decided to get that tooth fixed because I had read somewhere that people were saying that those “silver fillings” contained 50% mercury and would keep the yeast around until you got rid of the mercury. I didn’t take it seriously, but decided to get the tooth fixed just in case. When I saw Dr. Piller, he told me I had a dairy allergy. I thought, Yay! I have a reason for my yeast not going away. Long story short, it didn’t go away, and cut to another year, and I was miserable. Then I ran across a post from someone who said that her candida die off symptoms were the same symptoms as mercury poisoning and when she removed all her mercury fillings her yeast went away. The light bulb moment came and I finally figured out it was that cracked tooth that poisoned me! I was so happy to finally figure it out. Dr. Piller ordered me a hair test and sure enough I was very high in mercury, aluminum, tin and cadmium. Mercury poisoning makes you retain other metals. I then found a mercury free dentist who removed another filling and two crowns since there was mercury under the crowns. Once I was mercury free, I followed the protocol of Dr. Andrew Cutler. He is a chemist who wrote a book called “Amalgam Illness”. That book changed my life and I took the appropriate meds to chelate the mercury. I also did saunas, massage and took Lecithin, which Dr. Piller recommended to remove metals. NOTE: IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO REMOVE ALL SOURCE OF MERCURY FROM YOUR TEETH BEFORE YOU CHELATE, OTHERWISE YOU WILL GET SEVERELY ILL. Once I chelated the mercury to the point my body could handle it, my yeast went away, almost over night!! It took me about 5 months of chelation to get to the point I am now. My candida and mercury are under control. I will continue to chelate a couple of times a year to remove any remaining metals, but at this point, I am healthy, eat what I want and live normally. I still don’t eat milk products, but heck, after what I went through, it’s well worth it to stay healthy. NOTE: The mercury vapor emits from the tooth anytime you drink hot beverages, brush your teeth or grind your teeth at night. There is no safe level of mercury in the body, it lowers your immune system horribly. Some symptoms of mercury poisoning are: Dizziness, chronic fatigue, yeast syndrome, tingling in extremities, hormone imbalance, burning toes, night sweats, a feeling of electricity under skin, mood swings, depression, anxiety, brain fog, ringing in ears…to name a few. These are not caused by candida which I thought, they are mercury poisoning symptoms!!! Very important. Left unchecked it can lead to parkinsons, MS, altzheimers, fibromyalgia. I hope I have shed some light and given someone that light bulb moment. God bless…. Bridget Harkins


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