04 July 2006
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off hunger and boost energy during long trips across the desert.
Satisfy your taste buds and your
The ingredient's ability to control appetite has been pinpointedto a specific molecule, which has now been named P.57 and appetite with a fresh cup of coffee
has been discovered to be around 10,000 times as active asglucose in promoting satiety.
Phytobase Nutritionals has developed a coffee that it suggests
A human clinical trial was conducted in the UK in 2001 not only satisfies taste buds, but also appetites, thanks to its whereby a group of morbidly obese men and women were key satiety-promoting ingredient Hoodia gordonii.
placed in a 'phase one unit', where all they could do was read,watch television and eat. Half of the group were given Hoodia Launched in April 2006, LeanCaffé contains 100% Arabica supplements and half a placebo. After 15 days, those who had organic coffee with a hint of fresh hazelnut, French vanilla and been taking Hoodia had reduced their food intake by around cinnamon to create a 'sumptuously smooth' flavour that the 1000 calories per day, which is almost half the average calorie company feels will satisfy the most discerning of taste buds.
Each 7g serving of the coffee contains 950mg of Hoodia LeanCaffé also features Rhodiola rosea, which is grown in gordonii, an up and coming supplement derived from a cactus- eastern Siberia. The plant, dubbed 'golden root' by natives, is like plant that grows naturally in the African Kalahari Desert. It said to boost energy, enhance moods, increase the body's fat- has been used for generations by native San Bushmen to stave burning mechanisms and improve mental alertness.
Sam D. Gur, Phytobase Nutritionals co-
founder told functionaldrinks, "So many
people love to drink coffee, why not
make it even better and get an additional
benefit of controlling ones appetite. Once
we identified the satiety movement as the
next big trend in health and wellness, we
developed ChocoLeans [a dark chocolate
that contains Hoodia gordonii], and
LeanCaffé was the next logical step in
developing a product that can be used as
a tool for people looking for ways to
control their appetites."
Mr Gur added that LeanCaffé, which iscertified as fair trade, is aimed at "anyonewho loves a great cup of coffee, and whois looking for ways to control theirappetites to avoid weight gain, and thosethat are looking to reduce their weight byeating smaller portions." Available to order through the company'swebsite and large online retailers as wellas selected health food stores across theUS, LeanCaffé is available in a 342g bag(approximately 48 servings) forUS$39.95. International distributionplans are currently being finalised.
According to Mr Gur, PhytobaseNutritionals is working on severaladditional functional coffees and nextgeneration beverages, which will be'first-in-category' once launched.


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