The kingdom Protista is much more diverse than any other kingdom. Protists do not form a neat group that has certain traits in common instead they are extremely varied. It is just a grab-bag collection of organisms that do not fit into any other kingdom. Protists are all eukaryotic but they vary widely, from single cells to huge 200ft long seaweeds. Some are photosynthetic, but others collect food like an
animal. The main groups are the subkingdom algae (photosynthetic), protozoa
(animal-like) and slime molds.


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Read “Weird ‘Engine of the Reef’ revealed” 1) What is Symbiodinium? _________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ What evidence is there that corals “farm” these plants? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In what way are these algae “weird”? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ Why would a decline in the algae be harmful? _______________________ _____________________________________________________________ What environmental factor has caused coral bleaching in the last 30 years? ___________________________________________________________ What percentage of CO2 entering the oceans is used up by these algae? Web site address: Science Central News
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Read “Good Poison” 8) What problem does mucus buildup cause for patients with cystic fibrosis? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What is the average life expectancy for people with cystic fibrosis? 10) What is the scientific name of the algae that causes red tides? 11) Which molecule is bigger, the toxin or the antitoxin? _________________ 12) In which stage of their life do the algae produce more antitoxin? ____________________________________________________________ 13) Which parts of the body have binding sites for the toxin? ____________________________________________________________ 14) What are two ways that the antitoxins clear mucus from the lungs? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 15) How long will it take to check that the antitoxin is safe and that it can be made into an inhaler? _________________________________________ Web site name: CNET news
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Read “Start-up drills for oil in algae” 16) What is the source of the carbon fed to the algae? ___________________ 17) What are the two potential benefits of the system? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 18) Why are algae used here and not photosynthetic plants? _____________________________________________________________ 19) Apart from carbon dioxide, what other gas do the algae break down? _____________________________________________________________ 20) What crop plant is currently used to produce biodiesel that works in existing diesel engines? ___________________________________ 21) What is one limitation of Greenfuel’s technology? _____________________________________________________________ Web site name: BBC News: Malaria
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Read “Malaria – Ancient scourge” 22) How did “malaria” get its name? __________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ 23) Explain the difference between “airport malaria” and “imported malaria” Airport: ______________________________________________________ Imported: _____________________________________________________ Click on “How it Spreads” 24) Why does only the female mosquito transmit malaria? _____________________________________________________________ 25) What are three complications of severe malaria? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Click on “Treatment” 26) List the main parts of the world where malaria was endemic in 2003: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 27) What are the two advantages, and one disadvantage of chloroquine? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Click on “Further steps” _____________________________________________________________ Web site name: Centers for Disease Control
Web site address:

Read several parts of “The History of Malaria”. Pick out one that you find
29) Which section did you pick out? __________________________________ 30) Summarize some of the information in this website:


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2010 Prohibited List What major changes does the 2010 List of Prohibited Substances and Methods include compared to the 2009 List?  The List reflects the latest scientific advances.  Several of the changes to be implemented in 2010 will allow anti-doping organizations to manage a number of substances and methods in a significantly more administrative- and cost-effective way. In


Centre for Rural and Northern Health Research Ontario’s Primary Health Care NPs 2008 Update Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioners (PHC NPs) A Profi le of PHC NPs are registered nurses (RNs) with advanced knowledge and decision-making skills and the legislated authority Who are they? to perform an extended role. They offer comprehensive primary health care to individuals across

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