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A Quarterly Bulletin from
Drug Information Unit (DIU)
Department of Clinical Pharmacology
Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital
Institute of Medicine, Maharajgunj, Kathmandu
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January - March 2007
What can be done about
hepatitis B?
Drug induced pancreatitis.
Drugs and gingival
of virus. The earliest serological marker Drug Information Unit
What can be done about hepatitis B?
serum transaminase levels can rangefrom around 3-fold to over 100-fold.
hepatitis B virus and are therefore at riskof developing chronic liver disease.
In about 95% of adults, acute infectionresolves transmission globally is infection during those infected during early childhood.
antibody to this antigen (anti-HBs) in the Failure to clear the hepatitis B virus can lead to chronic infection. This is definedas infection that continues for more than6 months with persistence of HBsAg, dose of virus, the shorter this duration.
hepatitis B core antigen (anti-HBc).
During this period, patients may feelunwell, Up to 20% of patients with chronichepatitis progress to cirrhosis, of whom Consensus Conference on Hepatitis B.
Liver Dis 2004;8:255-66.
5. Ganem D, Prince AM. Hepatitis B virus infection-natural history and clinical blood. It is therefore important to avoid patients with cirhosis type B. Hepatology body fluids. Injecting drug users shouldalso avoid sharing needles, syringes or Brief Information
Drug induced pancreatitis
Hepatitis B vaccine is highly effective at (ideally within 48 hours) after exposure, inhibitors, NSAIDs, aminosalicylates (mesalazine, sulfasalazine), angiotensin II receptor antagonists. Individual drugs treating chronic hepatitis B infection is to individuals. In all individuals, the ideal agents. There is insufficient informationavailable on the course of the disease References
1-Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin, vol
2-WHO, 2002.Hepatitis B
2002(online).Department ofCommunicable Diseases Surveillanceand Response. Available: B _whocdscsrlyo2002_2.pdf Drugs and gingival bleeding
cause an erythematous reaction whichcan result in gingival bleeding.
Bleeding gums are usually the result ofplaque-induced result from direct trauma, viral, fungal or rapid destruction of periodontal tissues, erythematosus. Although it is a relatively have adverse effects that may directly or gingiva or opportunistic infections.
Drug Information Unit (DIU), TUTH
Patients taking anticoagulants such aswarfarin or heparin may develop gingival Letter:
Question answering services.
dependent on the level of oral hygieneand the length or time the patient has -Study on Adverse Drug Reactions:
phenytoin, cyclosporin and nifedipine.
drug, type of reactions, outcome andany sequelae from the reaction. The The use of antibiotics (both systemically steroids and other drugs which allow theovergrowth websites:, Chief Editor: Prof. Kumud Kumar Kafle
Editor: Dr. Sanu Maiya Shakya.
Department of Clinical Pharmacology, Drug Information Unit, Room Number: 1-
85 Doctors' Room Block, TU Teaching Hospital, P.O. Box: 3578, Maharajgunj,
Phone No. : 4412404 Extn 1093, E-mail:


De Nardi P, et al. Glyzerintrinitrat vs. Botulinustoxin A bei chronischen Analfissuren Langzeitresultate beim Vergleich von Glyzerintrinitrat und Botulinustoxin A bei der Behandlung chronischer Anal­ fissuren De Nardi P, Ortolano E, Radaelli G, et al. Comparison of glycerine trinitrate and botulinum toxin-A for the treatment of chronic anal fissure: long-term results. Fragestellu

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