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Basic solar energy set 1000839
Instruction sheet
03/12 ALF
1 Holder for metering panel 2 Solar metering panel 3 Insulating 1. Safety instructions
3. Contents / Technical data
The metering panels and halogen lights get hot dur- ing the experiments so that there is a risk of burns. • Let the sample panels and halogen lights cool The thermometers are sensitive instruments, made from glass. Caution, they are fragile! 2. Description
The basic solar energy set is an equipment set for experiments on utilisation of solar energy. The equipment set consists of four sample solar metering panels, with which it is possible to make four simultaneous measurements during an experi- ment lasting about 25 minutes. Comparing the four sets of measurements allows conclusions to be drawn about the change in temperature and the maximum temperature that can be reached by the sample panels, which all differ in terms of surface 4. Experimental set-up
5. Experimental protocol
If the experiment cannot be conducted in direct • Position the halogen lamp at a distance of ap- sunlight, a 500 W halogen lamp has to be used as a proximately 30 to 40 cm from the metering pan- • Read thermometer before the experiment, and 1 Halogen lamp, 500 W (230 V, 50/60 Hz) 1000894 1 Halogen lamp, 500 W (115 V, 50/60 Hz) 1000893 • Read the temperature every minute, enter it into a table and plot a graph of the results. The various metering panels reach their maximum • Position one black and one white sample panel temperature within different periods of time. in each of the holders and place the other two The covered metering panel reaches its maximum black panels in an insulating case. The smooth, coloured side should point towards the light The experiment can be halted once the maximum • Put the thermometer through the drill hole in It can easily be seen (Fig. 1) that black surfaces lead the holder or the insulating case, respectively, to a much higher rate of temperature increase than and into the bottom hole at the rear of the me- The thermal insulation of the insulating case pre- Mount the acrylic plate with the clamps to one vents energy losses from the rear of the metering panel. Adding the acrylic plate improves utilisation • Position the metering panels at the same dis- of the radiant power, since the “greenhouse effect” prevents cooling of the meter panel by atmospheric convection and by long-wave heat dissipation from the front. This “greenhouse effect” even compensates for the losses due to absorption by the acrylic plate, which are reflected in the slightly shallower initial slope of the measured curve. The black metering panel, furnished with thermal insulation and a cover, has all the physical attributes of a solar collec-tor panel for a hot water heater. Fig. 1 Temperature increase in the solar meter panels Black ( ),black, insulated ( ),black, insulated, with acrylic plate ( ),white ( ) Elwe Didactic GmbH • Steinfelsstr. 5 • 08248 Klingenthal • Germany • 3B Scientific GmbH • Rudorffweg 8 • 21031 Hamburg • Germany •


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MAYANK S. PATHAK, M.D. CURRICULUM VITAE , EDUCATION: UNDERGRADUATE: Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, Pennsylvania B.A., Chemistry; Minor, Studio Art; 1987 MEDICAL SCHOOL: George Washington University, School of Medicine, Washington, D.C. M.D. 1991 TRAINING: RESIDENCY, NEUROLOGY: University of California, Irvine Medical Center; Orange, California, and V.A.

Effect of benztropine on haloperidol-induced prolactin secretion

Neuropsychobiology 5 : 327-331 (1979) Effect of Benztropine on Haloperidol-Induced Prolactin Secretion1 S. Lal, T. Mendis, P. Cervantes, H. Guyda and J.L. De Rivera Departments of Psychiatry, Montreal General Hospital and McGill University; Douglas Hospital, and Protein and Polypeptide Laboratory, Montreal, PQ Key Words. Prolactin • Cholinergic mechanisms • Benztropine • Haloper

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