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The day before the examination:
Drink only clear liquids (see back) all day from the time you get up, including at least one 32
oz bottle of Gatorade,
to maintain a good state of hydration. You are not to eat any solids until
after the colonoscopy.

The evening before the examination:
At 5 p.m., take 1 pill of Dulcolax. At 7 PM, fill the supplied dosing cup with 5 oz cold water
(lower line on the cup provided), and pour the contents of one packet of PREPOPIK powder.
Stir for 2 to 3 minutes. The solution may become slightly warm as the powder dissolves. Drink
the solution immediately after the powder has dissolved, and follow with five - 8 oz drinks
(total of 40 oz) of any clear liquid of your choice. The 40 oz of liquid can be consumed over 5
hours. Chilling the solution will make it more palatable. You may also drink a few sips of soda,
suck on hard candy or chew gum in between drinks to change the taste in your mouth, if
needed. The more liquid you drink before and after the solution, the cleaner the colon, and
the more thorough the examination will be. Remain close to a bathroom. Walking will help
lessen the bloated feeling.

The morning of the examination:
Five hours before the procedure, dissolve the contents of the second packet in 5 oz cold water
(lower line on the cup provided), drink the solution immediately after mixing it, and follow with
four - 8 oz drinks (total of 32 oz) of clear liquid of your choice. Remember to drink the 32 oz
over 3 hours, and you may continue drinking up until 2 hours before the time of the procedure.
You may only drink after the colonoscopy is over.


1. You will be sedated and cannot drive. Please arrange for transportation for that day (a taxi is
not allowed).
2. Please alert us if you are taking Coumadin, Plavix, or other blood thinners. If you have a
heart condition or had a stroke, for which you take aspirin, you may continue to take aspirin.
Otherwise, it is preferable to stop aspirin and arthritis medications such as Motrin, Advil or
Aleve one week before the procedure. Tylenol on the other hand is safe.
3. Please make sure you alert us if you are a diabetic, have kidney problems (kidney failure),
taking diuretics (water pill) or heart problems.
4. Visit our Web site:(Procedures/Colonoscopy/How to make the
cleansing procedure more tolerable) for additional information.

This diet provides fluids that are easily absorbed and leave no residue. This diet does not supply all
essential nutrients and is recommended for a single day only. You may have as much of the
clear liquids as you want to satisfy your appetite. Do not consume red or purple liquids.

carbonated beverages, fruit flavored drinks. Strained fruit juices; apple, white grape,
Clear broth or consommé.
Clear flavored gelatin, Popsicles
(no red or purple flavors).
Sugar, honey, syrup, clear hard candy,
salt (to taste).
If you have questions regarding the above diet, please contact our office at (408) 402 9990.
Marwan A. Balaa, MD and Clair Rai PA-C.


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