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Traveling to: Saint Kitts and Nevis
Immunization Brief prepared for: Traveler
Prepared on: Feb 11, 2012 4:19:24 AM GMT
Alerts - Saint Kitts and Nevis
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Saint Kitts and Nevis
Immunizations: Recommended immunizations for Saint Kitts and Nevis.
Up-to-date routine immunizations, including tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis, measles, mumps, rubella, varicella (chickenpox) and influenza, are important for all international travelers, regardless of destination. For those ages 65 and older, pneumococcal vaccine is also important. (See:Routine Immunizations - Worldwide.) Immunization Comments
Three-dose series. Recommended for all travelers who make frequent trips to Saint Kitts and Nevis, who will spend sixmonths or more in the country and short-term travelers whose activities or occupation put them at high risk. Hepatitis A/Hepatitis B also available in a combined vaccine.
Vaccine recommended if you will travel to areas of questionable sanitation. You might also contract typhoid in a resortsetting, but the risk is relatively small.
In addition to vaccines, prescription medications can be important.
Travelers can carry an antibiotic to be used in case traveler's diarrhea develops, or in some cases, as prophylaxis against traveler's diarrhea. A quinolone antibiotic - such as ciprofloxacin - or azithromycin or rifaximin is generally prescribed. Checkwith your healthcare provider.
Immunizations: Yellow Fever vaccination requirements for Saint Kitts and Nevis.
Conditions of Requirement
Vaccine required if traveling from an endemic area (an area where yellow fever is known to be present) and olderthan 1 year of age. Yellow fever-endemic areas include countries in Central/South America and Africa, but nocountries on other continents.
Source: U.S. Centers For Disease Control (CDC) There is no yellow fever in Saint Kitts and Nevis, so a yellow fever vaccination is not recommended. But, to prevent introduction of yellow feverinto the islands, the vaccination is required if you are entering from a yellow fever-endemic area.
Travel Tips
Health: Vaccinations for infants and children traveling internationally.
Health: Vaccine Recommendations for Pregnant Women.
Health: Yellow Fever Endemic Countries.
Health Advice - Disease: Hepatitis A
Health Advice - Disease: Hepatitis B
Health Advice - Disease: Yellow Fever
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Source: http://zorak2.monmouth.edu/~egonzale/Nevis%20Immunization%20Brief.pdf

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