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Kentuckiana ENT Medication List
Note: This is only a partial list of medications. If you don’t see your medication listed or are unsure
if you should stop them or not, please call our office at 894-8441 ext. 223.



Please refrain from taking all cold medications, nose drops and sprays, cough medications and other
antihistamines of any form.
These medications should be stopped 7 days prior to testing.
Ambien Doxylamine Melatonin Sleepinal Tylenol PM
Compoz Halcoin Nytol Sominex Unisom
Dalmane Klonopin Restoril Sonata
Diphenhydramine Lunesta Rozerem Trazadone
NOTE: This is not a complete list- if you don’t see your medication listed- call our office.
Antidepressants, Anti-Anxiety medications & Psychotic disorders
These medications should be stopped 7-14 days before skin testing
(Please contact our office to discuss these medications- orders to discontinue these medications
should be discussed with your Physician.)

Reflux and anti-nausea medications - stop 7 days prior to testing.
Aciphex Pepcid Tagament
Atarax Phenergan Vistaril
Axid Prevacid Zantac
Meclizine Prilosec Zatiden
Nexium Protonix Zyflo
This is not a complete list of stomach/anti-nausea medications- please call our office if you have any

NOTE: You are able to take Tums/Rolaids- as these do not contain enough ingredients to interfere with
the results of the allergy test.
ANTI-INFLAMMATORY DRUGS: Must be off 7 days prior to testing.
Advil Meloxicam (Mobic)
Aleve Motrin
Aspirin Naprosyn (Naproxen)
Celebrex Tylenol for Arthiritis
Flexeril Vioxx
*Patients are only allowed to take Tylenol*
HOMEOPATHIC REGIMENS: Must be off 7 days prior to testing.
Green tea
Dietary supplements
Herbal pills (some- not all) please call our office to discuss
Herbal teas


The patient may not be on steroids when tested. Please discontinue 2 weeks prior to testing.
This is not a complete list; please call our office if you have any questions.
Beta Blockers
We do not test patients that are on Beta Blockers. This medication is usually used for the treatment
of high blood pressure, irregular heart-beat and sometimes migraine headaches. Please refer to our
list of Beta Blockers or give us a call if you are unsure.

This is a list of Beta Blockers. If you are currently taking any of these medications, please contact our
office. We do not test or treat anyone who’s taking these medications.

Brand Name Generic Name
Abeta bisoprolol
AK-Beta Levobunolol
Betagan Levobunolol
Betapace Sotallo
Betimol Timolol
Betoptic Betaxolol
Brevibloc Esmolol
Coreg carvedilol
Corgard nadolol
Inderal propranolol
Inderal LA propranolol
InnoPran XL propranolol
Kerlone betaxolol
Levatol penbutolol
Lopressor metoprolol
Nadalol Nadolol
Normodyne labetalol
Ocumeter Timolol
Sectral acebutolol
Sorine Sotalol
Tenormin atenolol
Timolide Timolol
Toprol XL metoprolol
Trandate labetalol
Visken pindolol
Zebeta Bisoprolol
Ziac Bisoprolol
Do not take your allergy shot 1 week prior to testing.
Do not take your allergy drops 1 week prior to testing.
Any questions regarding your medications please contact you’re Primary Care Physician or call our
office at 894-8441 ext. 223. There are certain medications that will interfere with the results of your
allergy test. If you are taking these medications the day of your test, the test will be rescheduled.


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