Pepzhac monograph

Rationale For Pepzhac™
The stomach is a complex organ intimately integrated with the rest of the body. Aside from preparing food for its journey through the rest of the digestive tract, the stomach is the first line of defense against ingested pathogens and toxins.
A properly functioning stomach is able to inactivate pathogenic organisms and quickly rid the body of dangerous sub-stances through vomiting. The superior (upper) part of the stomach is designed to hold food for a time to permit intrinsicenzymes within natural raw foods to autodigest the meal. Modern processed (killed) foods are devoid of such enzymes and thus place the entire burden of digestion on intrinsic capabili-ties. (For further discussion of the importance of food en-zymes see Zymase™, Probiocin™, and Salad™ mono- graphs.) Modern foods by their very life-less nature place aburden that is not meant to be on the stomach and digestive Nutrient Support Formula
If this assault is not enough, consider that the stom- ach is the first to receive a host of non-food additives PURPOSE:
A nutritional supplement designed to support the health including dyes, preservatives, and chemicals totally for- eign to the biological experience. Additionally the stom- INGREDIENTS:
ach must accommodate a constant loading of mixed Natural Phytonutrient Extracts and Concentrates of foods – often when it has already signaled that it is full or Deglycyrrhized Licorice, Ginger, Plantain, and Aloe; has not even emptied yet from the last meal.
- Contains no additives -
The stomach is designed to fill, work, and rest. In- DIRECTIONS:
stead it overfills with the wrong things, overworks, and Suggested Dosage: Two capsules three times daily.
never rests. The result is a host of stomach maladies Pepzhac™ is best assimilated if swallowed with meals. For including ulcers, reflux (often mistaken as a heart at- best results, Pepzhac should be used as part of the WysongOptimal Health Program™.
tack), ineffective digestion, acid deficiency (extremelycommon as we age), allergic reactions and food sensi- For long-term usage discontinue two days out of every tivities and cancer. Stomach ailments are among the week and five successive days every month to decreasethe potential for intolerance developing.
most common complaints in middle and later years andare among the most common reasons for medical carevisits. Literally boat and trainloads of stomach medi-cines are consumed resulting in only temporary reliefwhile the inciting cause of damage continues unchecked.
Eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Experi- encing pain and distress after every meal certainly di-minishes life and can result in constant stress and worryabout what or whether to eat. This anxiety can in turncause nutritional and stress-induced disease, further rob-bing life of its potential.
The stomach can be healed and returned to a healthy state. It will mean addressing causes, however, and notrelying on quick-fix approaches such as antacids. Un-healthy living is the ultimate cause of stomach prob-lems. We are living and eating counter to the way weare genetically designed. Restoring a natural food andliving context is the key to health. Please refer to theWysong Optimal Health Program for guidance.
2003 Wysong Corporation. All rights reserved.
against a variety of experimentally induced ulcers. It has been found to protect against ulcers induced with aspirin and histamine.
the weight of scientific evidence and tra- Clinical Evidence
digestion). Half of the subjects were given and “nutraceuticals” is an emerging sci- a placebo for one month. After that time, lieved in 75% of the patients in the treat- Biochemistry
reduction in the size of their ulcers on av- a 34% reduction in ulcer size. Forty-four complete healing of their ulcers, whereas DGL to be superior to antacids with nearly that raw cabbage has on peptic ulcers.
healing after only 6 weeks. It has also been These statements have not been evalu- tested against cimetidine (Tagamet™) and ated by the Food and Drug Administration. some of which are the result of its abil- found to be just as effective for short-term This product is not intended to diagnose,treat, cure, or prevent any disease. ity to inhibit prostaglandin synthesis.
treatment and maintenance therapy ofgastric ulcers.
than Dramamine™ in preventing the symp- toms of motion sickness, especially seasickness (dizziness, nausea, vomiting, cold erals, and numerous other constituents.
iting that usually requires hospitalization.
This condition can occur during pregnancy, acid by binding to the parietal cells that severity of nausea and vomiting attacks in help heal and prevent irritants fromreaching the ulcer while it is healing.
mineral oil were completely healed in one its effect by increasing gastric mucous pro- duction, and by increasing the rate at which work with aloe has shown that it can inhibit new cells grow and proliferate in the di- gestive tract. It is thought that Pepzhac ach pH, and that it can slow gastric emp- PEPZHACSCIENTIFIC REFERENCES
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