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Additional instructions
After hunting season, store your PBOX by removing the batteries and
making sure that the interior is dry. This will prevent damage due to
If you have bad luck with people to steal your PBOX it is very imp ortant to advise us by phone or email to tell us your camera serial #. We will put your serial # on a file and we can help you to find your PBOX. User’s Manuel
Before operating the unit, please read this manual and the camera manual PBOX S650 has a 90 days warranty. Warranty service for PBOX S650 may thoroughly, and retain it for future reference. be obtained by delivering the defective product, accompanied by a copy of proof of purchase date, to Circuitronique Estrie Inc. Service center during th e applicable warranty period. If you registed your PBOX S650 on our WEB
Insert 2 AA batteries on camera , make sure the camera is off, open the site the warranty will be 1 year. Products returned to service center must be
battery compartment/card cover on the side of camera and insert the batteries sent prepaid, insured and packaged appropriately for safe shipment. The and close the cover. For extended battery life, we recommend using repaired item will be shipped to customer, by Circuitronique Estrie Inc. no later than (30) days after receiving postage paid. 6291 Rodrigue, Sherbrooke, Quebec, J1N 3A8 Phone: (819) 864-4637 Web site : Email : Select µ (green camera) with the mode dial, then press the Set the clock with the control button. • 1- Select the date display format with •/‚, then press ˜. • 2- Select each item with ƒ/„ and set the numeric value with • 3- Select (OK) with„, then press ˜. For all others setting on the camera please refer to your basic manual or the CD-ROM inc luded with the PBOX. If you want to take picture set the mode dial to AUTO or if you want you can take 10 seconds video clip if you set the mode dial to VIDEO CAMERA logo. If the red LED flashes has regular time (each second ) it is time to change the 2 AA batteries on the battery clip. This red LED is come on each time they After you have made all setting on the camera and switches on the circuit board it is time to place the PBOX. Here is the infrared and camera viewing zone. Switch setting on the electronic circuit board Insert 2 AA batteries on the battery clip. You can used alkaline or lithium batteries. Never use 9 volt battery; you can cause serious damage to the PBOX. Batteries life varies depending on the type of battery, weather conditions, etc. (approx. 6 month) Slide the switch #1 up to put power ON on the circuit board. After you put power on circuit board they have a 2 minutes delay before take his first picture. If you want to install the PBOX on the trail to detect the game in movement, please check the example below to know how to install the PBOX. These switches are to set delays after each picture. You set the switches has you like. You can see below how to set the switches for 4 different delays. Switch # 4 is for set the sensitivity of the sensor. Please note after detection that there will be at least delay between
Usually this switch is set to HI, but if you take sometime pictures without game on the picture set the switch # 4 to UP (LOW).


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