Cross-Index of Products and Chemicals
Used by New York’s Natural Gas Industry
Dr. Ronald E. Bishop
Sustainable Otsego
Cooperstown, NY
My work-in-progress, “Beyond MSDS: A Review of Hazardous Materials Used by New York’s Natural Gas Industry” began with 48 products disclosed by the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) in response to a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request by The Committee to Preserve the Finger Lakes. However, that list was not merely incomplete, it represented less than a third of all the products subsequently disclosed in the draft Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement for Regulation of the Natural Gas Industry (dSGEIS). Rather than wait until my investigation of the human and environmental toxicity of all these “new” products is complete, I’m releasing intermediate results of the project: a cross-index of what chemicals are found in which products. A few words of explanation are in order. Where possible, I have used a unified set of chemical names rather than the multiple, often obtuse terms found in the MSDS documents provided to me by the DEC in response to my FOIL request based on the dSGEIS. Such name substitution was directed in every case by the Chemical Abstracts System (CAS) number where available, or by reference to an authoritative chemical index (usually The For many products, the chemicals present were not disclosed, nor even hinted at. Reference in this cross-index to “proprietary component” was either taken directly from the MSDS document or inferred from chemical and physical properties reported for the product which were inconsistent with the listed chemicals. I remain dissatisfied with the level of chemicals disclosure that is apparently accepted by New York’s DEC. I am appalled by their lack of oversight of this aspect of natural gas exploitation, in tacitly approving for use any and all requested products regardless of their impacts on human health or ecological systems. This article, related MSDS documents, and other material are available online at: Gas Industry Cross-Index of Products and Chemicals
Product Name
Chemical Composition
dodecylbenzenesulfonate isopropanolamine propargyl alcohol glycol ethers (including 2-butoxyethanol) Product Name
Chemical Composition
tributyl tetradecylbutylphosphonium chloride Product Name
Chemical Composition
2,2-dibromo-3-nitrilopropionamide ethylene glycol isopropanol 3 proprietary linear glycol ethers Product Name
Chemical Composition
water-soluble anionic polymer in emulsion water-soluble anionic polymer in emulsion proprietary aliphatic alcohol glycol ether urea poly [2-acrylamido-2-methylpropanesulfonate] polymeric “hydrocarbon” mixture; includes sulfonates enzyme; possible allergic sensitizer sodium chloride petroleum distillate blend polysaccharide blend Product Name
Chemical Composition
ethylene glycol combustible proprietary chemical proprietary white solid; probable chelator hydrotreated heavy naphtha polysaccharide polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons ethanol Product Name
Chemical Composition
proprietary aliphatic alcohol glycol ether glycol ethers (including 2-butoxyethanol) heavy aromatic petroleum naphtha naphthalene Product Name
Chemical Composition
isopropanol (oxydiethyleneglycol) bis(coco alkyl) hydrochloric acid organic (probably citric) acid Product Name
Chemical Composition
glycol ethers (including 2-butoxyethanol) methanol C10 – C-16 ethoxylated alcohol proprietary aromatic ammonium salt heavy aromatic petroleum naphtha light aromatic solvent naphtha 2-substituted aromatic amine salt 1,2,4-trimethylbenzene 1,3,5-trimethylbenzene proprietary anionic water-soluble polymer deodorized kerosene diethylene triamine penta(methylenephosphonate) Product Name
Chemical Composition
methanol proprietary fatty acid / polyamine salt

Source: http://un-naturalgas.org/Bishop-GasIndustryChemicalCrossReference.pdf

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