Contacting Employers
Networking is an essential part of your job search. Meeting and speaking to business representatives is
important not to be lumped into a pile and become just another resume. Some of the links below can
help and provide you with opportunities to improve your network.
ƒ Annual Events/Career Fairs

Annual events are organized to bring students and organizations together; including an annual career fair
each spring semester. These events allow students to learn more about different companies and
organizations which help foster employment opportunities.
Click below to View our booklets from our most recent Career Fairs.

ƒ Volunteering/Service Learning Projects

You don't need to get paid in order to develop great skills and gain experience! Some of the best
experiences are in volunteer settings. Not only do you get experience in your career field, you are able to
help another person or your community!
Some ideas for finding a volunteer position:

ƒ Start by identifying the type of experience you would like to gain. Do you want to learn more about
how a hospital works? Would you like to see what working in an office setting involves? Answers to these questions can guide what type of organization you pursue. ƒ Research where you might be able to find a setting that would provide you with opportunity to experience the work you may have interest in and where you could contribute. Often, non-profit organizations can use assistance and provide excellent opportunities to gain a wide variety of skills. ƒ Contact someone within your target organizations, explaining that you are seeking a volunteer opportunity and what you are hoping to gain from the experience. Offer to assist them in meeting their needs. Ask to meet with them to see if the volunteer experience would be mutually beneficial. ƒ Website Help for Locating Employers
This site has detailed information on employers that may be of interest to you. These employers may or may not have any current job openings. ƒ Start on Home Page then select the Labor Market Analysis tab on top of ƒ Local Employƒ Type in you keywords and click search Dex One Corporation builds upon its legacy of delivering
media products and marketing services that help local
businesses get found and selected by active shoppers. The company's "Dex" branded suite of products includes le search solutions, print yellow pages directories, voice-search platforms and pay-per-click networks. Dex One company, is the leading online destination for business buyers looking for B2B solutions. guides more than 40 million business buyers a month through the B2B buying cycle with a host of B2B resources designed to help buyers research, find and buy the products and services they need to run their businesses Other ways to locate contacts are through researching an organization’s web site and professional associations within your field of interest. DON’T FORGET the Career Services Center has added several organizationsin order to save you time and effort. Check it out TODAY!
If there are great sites that will benefit other students that you want to see on College Central Network
(CCN) send us an e-mail with the link and we will research the organization and post it on CCN to
benefit all TSJC Students. Our information is listed below.
Trinidad Campus
Alamosa Campus


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