Hon. Secretary
Hon. Treasurer
Emeritus Rabbi
Office Hours
Regular Services
What type of
The Synagogue occupies a distinct and significant position in Anglo- community is
Jewry. While Belsize Square Synagogue is a traditional congregation, Belsize Square
we encourage and support a pluralistic approach to Jewish practice Synagogue?
What form do
Services and Torah readings follow a traditional format. Men and Services take? For
women sit together, there are three different choirs (professional, example, can my
community and youth) and an organ is played during services. whole family sit
The Service is almost entirely in Hebrew, with sermon and explanations from the Rabbi in our English vernacular. Men wear kippot (head coverings) and tal itot (prayer shawls). We read the Torah in accordance with the triennial reading, i.e. the Torah is read over the course of three years, as utilised in many progressive congregations around the world. Services are usual y of shorter duration than in Orthodox synagogues. Do women have an Women are members of our Board and Executive and take leading
active role in
roles in our communal organisation, having equal status with men in Synagogue life?
We value our tradition yet try to ensure we remain relevant. Whilst women do not have the same religious responsibilities as the men of our congregation, Belsize Square is moving towards greater (or fuller) participation for women, especially in the areas of being called to the Torah (aliyot) and leyning (Torah reading). Shabbat candle lighting is a regular feature of participation at the commencement of the Friday Evening Service. Girls are encouraged to celebrate Bat Mitzvah on the same basis as Are Services held at Shabbat Eve Services: 6.45pm to 7.45pm
regular times?
Shabbat Morning Services: 10.00am to 12.00pm(noon), fol owed by What time are
Festival Services also commence at the above times, with the Festival Services
exception of the High Holyday Services and Family Services, which may vary. Two days are observed for all Festivals. Are Family events
Services and special prayers for Marriages, Baby Blessings, Wedding or special Services
Anniversaries, Yahrzeits and other family occasions are arranged on request. A communal Passover Seder is held in our hall. Communal Services: Yom Ha’atzmaut, Selichot
Memorial Services: Kristallnacht, Tisha B’Av, Holocaust Memorial
Family Services: Simchat Torah, Chanukah, Purim
Where are Services High Holyday Services are held at the Synagogue, which seats 600 in
held on Rosh
the Main Service, 350 in the Hall for the Youth Services and up to 50 Hashanah & Yom

Can adults join a

We have established a “Community Choir” in addition to our professional adult choir and any member may participate. The choir is frequently involved in Services and occasional social performances. Is there community We encourage the use of our premises by other Jewish and local
organisations for our mutual benefit and place high priority on good relationships within the Anglo-Jewish and local non-Jewish community. There is an AJR (Association of Jewish Refugees) Day Centre held in the Synagogue Hall, to which senior members of the We are represented on the Board of Deputies of British Jews, Camden Social Services and Zionist organisations. Belsize Square is proud of its ties with the Israeli Embassy and has Are there religion
Religion classes for children of school age are held every Sunday classes for children? morning from 9.30am to 12.30pm. There is a small annual charge for
Children have the opportunity to join the Youth Choir, which regularly takes part in Bar and Bat Mitzvah Synagogue Services and Are there facilities
Special Services for children are held on the first Shabbat of each for very young
children at the
‘Kikar Kids’ (Kikar means square in Hebrew) commences at 11.00am with two Services. One for 0 – 5 years olds and one for 5 – 9 year olds. They are followed by a “mini-Kiddush” and occasionally, a pot- luck lunch. The children sing prayers, songs and have a chance to become familiar with the Torah and rituals. A registered Nursery School (Keren’s Gan) for 18 months to 5 year olds is available to members and non-members and is owned and operated independently of BSS but meets daily on our premises. What are the
After a period of preparation, Bnei Mitzvah are arranged which take arrangements for
place during our Shabbat Morning Service. A one year programme of Bnei Mitzvah?
learning prepares the child for B’nei Mitzvah. A Bat Mitzvah is available to girls from 12 years of age. On the anniversary of Bnei Mitzvah, the boy or girl is invited to take What affiliations
Whilst we have an “independent” status, we are members of the does the Synagogue European section of the World Union for Progressive Judaism. We
avail ourselves of the Masorti European Bet Din. Are there
On High Holydays, separate Children’s Services are held in which they opportunities for
participate and the Adult Mincha Service on Yom Kippur is conducted young people to
entirely by younger members together with the Youth Choir. Young participate?
people are encouraged to join the Youth Choir and many go on to learn how to lead Prayers and Leyn and/or chant Haftorah. Can children join
Clubs are available for various age groups and meet regularly on the youth clubs or
Synagogue premises, under the guidance of trained youth leaders. other activities?
Supervised club weekends away are held for all age groups at regular intervals, as well as holiday and summer school activities in the What social life is
Belsize Members Group provides social events for all members of
the Congregation. The group arranges meetings between new and long-standing members. Fundraising events are undertaken and
The Parents’ Association of the Religion School assists in security,
organises fundraising events and arranges events around festivals for
The Israel Committee arranges fundraising functions and cultural
activities, talks and discussion groups. There are also a number of ad-hoc events and outings organised Is there adult
A ‘Shiur’ is conducted by the Rabbi from time-to-time after Shabbat education?
Morning Services. Lecture courses are arranged on a regular basis. Our Sunday morning discussion group is one of the longest-running and most popular adult education activities. What provision is
A Community Care Co-ordinator is available whenever regular
there for social
welfare and care of
the needy?
Special arrangements are made for those with financial hardship and a flexible attitude is taken towards subscriptions for deserving cases. Belsize Square Befrienders is a group of dedicated members
Telefriends, as the name suggest, keep regular telephone contact
A Bereavement Counsellor is also available for immediate or long
What are the burial The Synagogue subscription includes a payment for ground fees to
arrangements you
the Burial and Cremation Scheme through which arrangements for have in place?
burial at Edgewarebury Lane Cemetery or Cremation at Golders Green Crematorium are made. Funeral charges are NOT covered. Is there a Burial
Our Chevra Kadisha is a Society of men and women members who,
on a voluntary basis, are dedicated to the task of performing the last religious rituals for the deceased, visiting the bereaved and attending Shiva Services. It holds an annual Remembrance Service for the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust. How is security
A Security Committee arranges for cover to be available at many arranged while the internal functions. Volunteers, both men and women below the age
premises are in
of 60 years, are asked to undertake security duty on a rota basis. Members, who have undertaken the Community Security Trust Security Training Programme, act as supervisors. The Religion School arranges its own security from amongst the parents, also on a rota Are the premises
Our Hall is for hire and can accommodate 300 seated for lectures or open for hire?
150 for dinner. Our kitchen is kosher, dairy only.
What are the types
Membership is available to all men and women of the Jewish faith
of membership and over the age of 21 years. All have equal rights. A family subscription
where can I obtain
includes children under the age of 21. Special rates are available for subscription rates? students and those over 75.
Subscription rates are reviewed annually. They can be obtained from Where can I obtain Our Synagogue Administrator will be able to answer most of your
more information
questions or refer you to the most appropriate Official or Minister. and to whom can I
address questions? Telephone:
Please forward Application Forms/details concerning membership to the fol owing address: Name: ___________________________________________________________________________ Address:__________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ Telephone No:_____________________________________________________________________ I am interested in: Membership Religion School Youth Groups Nursery School Belsize Members Group Israel Activities Befrienders Adult Education Chevra Kadisha Please detach and use this form to make enquiries regarding membership. Alternatively, contact our Synagogue Administrator on:- Telephone:


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