Consequences & Risk Factors in Canada of preventable infectious diseases.
Statistical information from CDC & Public Health Agency of Canada; November 2009 Sx result from local infection of the Diphtheria anti-toxin: Since respiratory tract, which may lead antitoxin does not neutralize remains at about 5% vaccinations in Canada.
communicable disease to breathing difficulties, or to 10%, the highest The potential for disease death rates occurring reemergence if immunization producing strains of the mucosal surfaces, or from Dr. Thara Vayali ND, 2012 | | 604-500-1888 my work is not a template, please credit or create.
Any age, but severity 1-3 deaths/year in mostly in (whooping cough) is a improvement dev'd into coughing Azithromycin and Clatihromycin greatest among pertussis. Tranmission (d/t increased ICP) Few or no symptoms, headache, None. Bed rest, isolation, careful observation, ventilation West and Central Meningitis, epiglottitis, bacteremia, Antibiotics: Haemophilus influenzae cellulitis, pneumonia or septic - children with splenic disease has decreased from dysfunction or receipt of a cochlear Severe neurologic sequelae implant and dev't of occur in 10-15% of survivors Dr. Thara Vayali ND, 2012 | | 604-500-1888 my work is not a template, please credit or create.
chronical y ill, infants 1/1000 reported cases often given to non-vaccinated Travellers, HCP, disease caused by the complications: diarrhea, otitis morbillivirus.Transmissi media, bronchopneumonia, on via airborne droplets encephalitis and SSPE people who live in a house with a measles-contagious person.
Unvaccinated school- High risk of contraction if In utero (pregnancy) Serious complications are from mother to fetus, auricular or suboccipital Rare in infants, and > infection during pregnancy Clinical hepatitis in adults & school- No specific treatment exists for Men who have sex aged children but often asymptomatic hepatitis A. The body clears the with men; oro-anal serotype. Transmitted in younger children. hepatitis A virus on its own. In contact; Travel to by the fecal-oral route, Sx -anorexia, nausea, fatigue, fever & most cases of hepatitis A, the through direct contact jaundice. The severity of the illness endemic hepatitis A; over the age of 50. It with infected people or to 6 weeks but may take months. ↓ hygiene standards, reaches 12.5% in patients contaminated drugs, over the age of 60 who are & sharing of materials hospitalized because of the contaminated water or longer chronic infection is not known Dr. Thara Vayali ND, 2012 | | 604-500-1888 my work is not a template, please credit or create.
Chronic - no available drugs can increased risk of being 45 to 160 days, with an average clear the infection, but they can of chronic carriers - do Canada is considered an area stop the virus from replicating, not have overt disease of low endemicity. It is (Hepsera), tenofovir (Viread), Fulminant hepatitis and death may also occur in pregnant women and in entecavir(Baraclude) and two infants born to infected smal peak in 15-19 activity every 10-15 years; neck + (Septicemia): cold hands fluids for hypotension/shock; respiratory and throat & feet, tachypnea, fatigue, rash serogroup. Meningitis 5% mortality; Septicemia 20- Dr. Thara Vayali ND, 2012 | | 604-500-1888 my work is not a template, please credit or create.
Headache, chills, cough, fever, loss Rest, sleep, fluids w/ of appetite, muscle aches, fatigue, electrolytes, ibuprofen, caused by influenza A eyes, respiratory trouble, hospitalization and/or most recover completely.
aged 6-23 months, 1000 cases; most deaths in Case fatality ranges In Canada, cholera cases are infection caused by an dehydration and occasional y without treatment to five cases of cholera reported less than 1% among in 2003 and three cases infection is associated immigration. No 2o contaminated water sanitation, good hygiene and or food, particularly undercooked or raw shellfish and fish.
for bacterial infections; Antiviral Complications contact w/ skin lesions osteomyelitis, septic arthritis, Dr. Thara Vayali ND, 2012 | | 604-500-1888 my work is not a template, please credit or create.
neurotropic infection by aerophobia, encephalitis, death, without delay, or with very little (Skunks (40%); Paralytic form: progressive flaccid delay, P.E.P. is 100% effective Bats (26%); Foxes rabies Immunocompromised Eradicated worldwide (last face contact, bodily fluids, contaminated Immunocompromised Incidence is low in Canada Caused by Salmonella sweating,gastroenteritis, Fluoroquinolone (Ciprofloxacin), hypochlorhydric Transmission via food rose coloured spots, In endemic areas, 5- Antibiotics 2-5% become feces/urine of diseased cough, leukopenia, epistaxis, Febrile illness, headache, malaise, None. Bed rest, careful observation; Experimenting with Central America, and Antiviral : Ribavirin during 1st 5 South America mosquitosJapanese Encephalitis: 50 and 300 infections occur for There is no specific treatment - - Travel ers: Crude flavivirus, a group that illness does not always occur). When encephalitis does occur, it is breathing or seizure control as rural areas during the risk/month of exposure can For sever encephalitis: 10- Dr. Thara Vayali ND, 2012 | | 604-500-1888 my work is not a template, please credit or create.
Warts: depends on location & Multiple sex partners, Est. 70% of sexual y active Human Papilloma Virus penile or anal cancer, rarely immunocompromised some point in life. 90% of Dr. Thara Vayali ND, 2012 | | 604-500-1888 my work is not a template, please credit or create.


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Reprinted from: , January 2006 The Good Man at the NIH) Dr. Jonathan Fishbein's Fight for Medical Ethics in AIDS Medicine In December 2005, I spoke with NIH whistleblower Dr. Jonathan Fishbein. In an exclusive interview, Fishbein discussed the controversial African AIDS drug trials he exposed, his firing and reinstatement and how medical ethics and the public trust are violated when profit

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