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Gaucho Memorial Mystery Rally

Fellow Scramblers,
Put your “rally” caps on and join us on the southbound side of the Hinsdale Oasis (I-294)
at 8:30 AM CST Saturday June 20th for 3 days of “Mystery Rally” fun and excitement.
The “Mystery” portion of this event is that you will not know the end destination for the
Rally. But I can assure you this event will travel along some scenic Midwestern roads
with some great food and fun along the way.
The “Rally” portion of this event will be a “photographic” scavenger hunt where you will
have to find and take pictures of items from a specific list.

Saturday June 20th thru Monday June 22nd

How much: $ 210 per room for both nights for either single or double occupancy
The hotel has the following amenities Cable TV, Hairdryer, Alarm clock, Heated Pool and
Jacuzzi, fitness room, Wi-Fi access, cocktail lounge

I have negotiated a group discount for the 2 nights of hotel accommodations, in order
to get these rates we need to book more than 10 rooms in the hotel. I have assumed that we
will get enough participants to get the group rates but in the event that we have a small turn
out I will request to be reimbursed for difference between the regular room rate and
discounted group room rate. Any surplus funds will be refunded back to you.

What you will need:
- A sense of Humor
- A Digital Camera with the ability to save at least 27 pictures. In order score and
judge the rally I will upload the pictures you take to my laptop. (See the camera / laptop interface information on the next page) - A sense of Adventure

Optionally the following items may be very desirable during the Rally:
- A Street map of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio - A GPS navigation system - A US passport or Nexus ID card - A dose or two of Dramamine If you plan to “rally” with us, send me an e-mail right away to let me know you will be participating and then send the completed entry form on the following page with a check for the room type you desire before May 29th to the address below to ensure your reservations. All registered attendees will receive an additional information pack in early June indicating additional suggested materials that would come in handy for the rally. Gaucho Memorial Mystery Rally Reservation Form

Return this form with your check postmarked no later than May 29th. The types of rooms
requested will be provided on a first come – first serve basis so get your reservations in as soon as
possible. If we have a large turn out (more than 20 rooms) we may not be able get rooms for the
people that send their reservations near the end of May because the final destination is very
popular in the summer, so the sooner you can send in your reservation the more likely we will be
able to the rooms required.
Feel free to call @ 248-635-9889 or e-mail me if you have any questions.
Mystery Rally Participants:

Name: __________________________________
Name: __________________________________

Room Type:

Smoking preference (if available): No ____ or Yes _____ Doesn’t Matter _______
The rally teams can be made up of 2 motorcycles with up to 4 riders per rally team, please indicate
the names of the Scramblers on your team so that I can prepare the appropriate number of rally
instruction kits.
Rally Team:

Name: __________________________________
Name: __________________________________
Name: __________________________________
Name: __________________________________
Digital Camera Interface Information:

My camera has a SD card My camera has a MMC card My camera has a RS-MMC card My camera has a SD-HC card My camera has a mini CD writer My camera has a mini-SD card My camera has a Bluetooth interface Other removable media ___________________ I don’t have a digital camera; please provide a one time use camera.
Please Send Checks To:

Ron Young
1465 Byron St SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49506-1702



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