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For Surrey and Borders Partnership Foundation Trust Migraine Awareness Week: 6th -12th September
Opening hours
Crawley Library:
The Migraine Action Association is a charity which aims to encourage, support and raise funds for research into migraine, produce and dissimilate information about treatments, and East Surrey Library:
provide reassurance and understanding to Mon, Thurs, Fri 9-5
migraine sufferers and their families. This year’s Tues & Wed 9-7
theme for Migraine Awareness Week is Migraine in children and young people, the Association has produced a range of resources to support children and young people who suffer from migraine including information packs for parents, teachers, healthcare professionals etc.; to Contact us
find out more visit the website at The Migraine Trust provides information and support to those affected by migraine and Website:
health professionals. The site contains downloadable guides, and has sections designated for Migraine Sufferers, Young Sufferers and Health Professionals Crawley Library:
Tel: 01293 600368
Articles: Athens Username and Password required Galli F, Canzano L, Scalisi TG, Guidetti V. Psychiatric disorders and headache familial recurrence: a study on 200 children and their parents. Journal of Headache and Pain. June East Surrey Library:
Gladstein J. Controlling pain. Understanding headache pain in children. Nursing. July Tel: 01737 768511
Available in paper from East Surrey Hospital Library Huss D, Derefinko K, Milich R, Farzam F, Baumann R. Examining the stress responses and recovery among children with migraine. Journal of Pediatric Psychology. August 2009:34(7): 707-715 Isik U, Topuzoglu A, Ay P, Ersu RH, Arman AR, Onsuz MF, et al. The prevalence of headache and its association with socioeconomic status among schoolchildren in Istanbul, Outreach Services
Turkey. Headache: The Journal of Head and Face Pain. May 2009:49(5): 697-703 Ji T, Mack KJ. Unilateral chronic daily headache in children. Headache: The Journal of Head and Face Pain. July 2009:49(7): 1062-1065 Lewis D, Winner P, Saper J, Ness S, Polverejan E, Wang S, et al. Randomized, double- blind, placebo-controlled study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of topiramate for migraine prevention in pediatric subjects 12 to 17 years of age. Pediatrics. 2009:123(3): 924-934 Available in paper at East Surrey Hospital Library (To request a photocopy of articles held in neither Crawley nor East Surrey Hospital Libraries please visit the Library and Information Services website Tel: 01293 600431
Mob: 07787 531918
NHS Direct provides a searchable health encyclopaedia of patient information, Follow this link to view the Image taken from the following website: entry for migraine which includes information on symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and and Library Service of
World Alzheimer's Day: 25th September
the Month
focused on the importance of getting a diagnosis and health professionals recognising the early signs, find out more from the Alzheimer’s (ADI) is the umbrella organisation of Alzheimer associations around the world. The association aims to strengthen Alzheimers associations’ around the world and raise awareness about Alzheimer’s disease and Articles: Athens Username and Password required Scarmeas N, Luchsinger JA, Schupf N, Brickman AM, Cosentino S, Tang MX, et al. Physical activity, diet, and risk of Alzheimer disease. JAMA: Journal of the American Medical Association [Series online] August 2009 [Cited 2009 September 25] 302(6): 627-637. Available from: URL Library Resource of the Month
Available in paper Crawley Hospital Library Dickens, H. Better understanding makes diagnosis faster. Practice Nursing: Better Recognition of Dementia: a Guide for General. June 2009:20(6): S15 Available in paper Crawley Hospital Library Brown J, Pengas G, Dawson K. Self administered cognitive screening test (TYM) for detection of Alzheimer's disease: cross sectional study. BMJ [Series online] June 2009 [Cited 2009 September 25] 338(7708): 1426-8. Available from: URL Available in paper from Crawley and East Surrey Hospital Library Nazarko L. Addressing the need for improved dementia diagnosis. Nursing and Residential Buracchio T, Kaye J. Early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease and mild cognitive impairment: imaging, biomarkers, and technology. Generations. March 2009:33(1): 18-23 Killick J, Willis G. Fundraising and keeping faith with people with dementia. Journal of Available in paper from East Surrey Hospital Library Coming up in
(To request a photocopy of articles held in neither Crawley nor East Surrey Hospital Libraries please visit the Library and Information Services website UpToDate is a popular medical resourse used by healthcare professionals. Patients can search the UpToDate “for patients” pages and view patient level topics free of charge, the following link takes you thought UpToDate’s patient level information on Alzheimer’s disease Surrey and Sussex Library and Information Service
Providing library services to all NHS staff & students working in the east Surrey, Crawley & Horsham area Image taken from the following website: and


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