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Talison Superannuation Plan

Permanent Employees
The Talison Superannuation Plan within MLC MasterKey Business Super has been designed specifically for employees of Talison. The Plan provides considerable flexibility for you to tailor your superannuation benefits to suit your personal situation and needs. Full details are contained in the MLC MasterKey Business Super Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) available from your Payroll or HR office. The PDS is also issued to you by MLC when you join this plan. Eligibility
Group Salary Continuance Cover
As a new employee at Talison, you have the option of (Provided under a stand alone MLC Group Salary Continuance policy owned by selecting a superannuation plan of your choice. If you do not select a superannuation plan, you will automatically If you become totally and temporarily disabled as a result of become a member of the Talison Superannuation Plan. accident or illness, you can claim a monthly income benefit of 75% of your salary (subject to maximum benefits).
Contributing to the Plan
The Plan can accept the following contributions: Maximum 2 year benefit period
Insurance premiums are paid by Talison.
Superannuation Guarantee (currently 9% of salary) Additional Employer
Note: Group Salary Continuance Cover is only provided to
permanent employees working a minimum of 15 hours per
week. Casual employees and Contractors are not eligible.
What are the fees and charges?
You can also consolidate all of your superannuation Termination Fee: $75.00 (the fee to close your account) Administration Fee: 0.26%
What are my Investment choices?
Investment Fee: varies with investment options selected. You can select from a number of Investment Options: 11 Ready-designed options (Horizon Portfolio’s, MLC Contacts
12 MLC Options (Asset Class and Specialist Fund 1. People’s Choice Credit Union – (Located in Subiaco)
Phone: (08) 9489 2700
People’s Choice has been appointed by Talison to provide advice and support to Talison and its employees. Please If you do not make an investment choice, your funds will be ask to speak with Eugene O’Sullivan, Annette Althuizen,
invested in the MLC Horizon 5 Growth Portfolio. Further details are provided in the MLC MasterKey Business Super also has a team of Planners to provide advice on Financial How will you be kept informed?
Annual Statement and Annual Report issued by MLC 2. MLC MasterKey Service Centre
Phone: 13 26 52
From anywhere in Australia, on weekdays between Monthly investment returns from People’s Choice
Death and Total & Permanent Disablement cover
(Provided under MLC MasterKey Business Super)
15% x salary x remaining term to age 65
Example: member joins at age 30, salary $80,000
15% x $80,000 x 35yrs = Insurance cover $420,000
Insurance premiums are paid by Talison.
Note: Seasonal or contractors are not eligible for
any insurance cover
This fact sheet has been prepared by Financial Solutions Australasia Pty Ltd (ABN 36 008 939 599, AFSL 244308), a 100% owned subsidiary of Australian Central Credit Union Ltd ABN 11 087 651 125, AFSL 244310 (trading as People’s Choice Credit Union), as consultants to the Talison Superannuation Plan. This fact sheet is a summary of some of the key features of the Plan and has been prepared to provide general information only. In preparing this information People’s Choice has not taken into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before making a decision regarding this financial product you should read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and consider its appropriateness having regard for your personal circumstances. The PDS is available from the product issuer, MLC, or by contacting People’s Choice on (08) 9489 2700. You should consider obtaining personal advice from an authorised financial adviser before making decisions relating to financial products.



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