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Look-Alike Sound-Alike Medication List
Look-Alike Sound-Alike Medication List
• A computer system is utilized with the following: • A computer system is utilized with the following: • The order is reviewed by an Oncology pharmacist before it is • The order is reviewed by an Oncology pharmacist before it is • Safe handling recommendations are utilized • Safe handling recommendations are utilized Cisplatin
• Similar agents are not stored together • Similar agents are not stored together • Generic names are verified when prescribed by chemical name or • Generic names are verified when prescribed by chemical name Vinblastine
• A protocol based system which calculates drug/dose based on • A protocol based system which calculates drug/dose based on • The drug is always prepared by a Oncology Pharmacy Technician • The drug is always prepared by a trained Oncology Pharmacy • Concentrated oral morphine solutions are only dispensed when • The Regional High-Alerts Policy and Procedure is followed ordered for a specific patient (not as unit stock) when mixing/dispensing and administering these medications Concentrated
• Concentrated solutions are purchased and dispensed in dropper • Medications are labeled as High-Alert liquid morphine
liquid morphine
• Time-Out and Independent Double Check are performed products
• The Patient and caregiver’s understanding of how to measure the Zantac®
proper dose for self-administration at home is verified. (Home Health) Celebrex®
Celexa® & Cerebyx®
• Sufentanil is not stocked in patient care units outside of L&D, OR Clonidine
These agents are not stocked together or near one another if both Prilosec®
• For inpatient units, specific strengths are stocked for each product Wellbutrin SR®
Wellbutrin XL®
that is dissimilar. Stock of hydromorphone will be 2-mg unit dose Zantac®
cartridges, and morphine is 4-mg or higher unit dose cartridges. injection
Health care providers are educated and reminded that these two Furosemide
• Pharmacy staff, involved in handling these products, is educated on the differences between conventional and lipid-based formulations General Recommendations:
• Awareness of look-alike and sound-alike drug names is reinforced by provision of information to the professional • Staff are encouraged to refer to the lipid-based products by their Conventional
• Whenever possible, the purpose of the medication is determined before dispensing or drug administration Lipid based
brand names and not just their generic names • Stop and verify that the correct drug is being used if staff, patients amphotericin
or family members notice a change in the solution’s appearance from previous infusions. Lipid-based products may be seen as should never be accepted for chemotherapeutics must be read-back per the required verbal order procedure • The possibility of name confusion is always considered when adding a new product to the formulary. Information Lipid-based products are not stored in patient care areas previously published by safety agencies is reviewed as well Ordering is restricted to ID physicians • Products with look or sound-alike names are not stored next to each other in pharmacies, patient care units, and in Insulin Products:
• The variety of insulin products are limited and stored in patient care • Reporting of errors and potentially hazardous conditions with look and sound-alike product names is encouraged Humalog®
by completing a UOR and the information is utilized to established priorities for error reduction Novolog®
• Patient-specific insulin vials are removed upon patient discharge • Within the home setting, when clinical providers identify that the patient is taking any of the look-alike sound-alike Humulin®
• In patient units, stock in red “high alert” containers medications in the home, any of the following precautionary actions may be taken: Humalog®
Novolin 70/30®
Novolog Mix
Instruct patient or their caregiver on the use of pill sorters Place medications in different locations in the home (bathroom vs. kitchen) Notify Provider/Pharmacy to check if other medication options are available Provide safety precaution education related to medication use to prevent injury


Cognitive outcome of parietooccipital resection in children with epilepsy

Epilepsia, 51(10):2047–2057, 2010doi: 10.1111/j.1528-1167.2010.02651.xCognitive outcome of parietooccipital resection in children*yzxSarah Lippe´, *y{Christine Bulteau, *y{Georg Dorfmuller, **Franc¸ois Audren,{Olivier Delalande, and *y{yyIsabelle Jambaque´*Inserm, U663, Paris, France, University Paris Descartes, Faculty of Medicine, Paris, France; APHP, Necker Hospital, Paris, France;yFa


Acetaminophen (Tylenol) Acetaminophen reduces fever and relieves pain. Typical uses include fevers, immunizations, teething, earaches, bruises, headaches, etc. Please notify us prior to using Tylenol for babies under 2 months of age. Acetaminophen is available in the following forms: Infant drops (80mg/0.8 ml) Children's liquid (160mg/5ml) Chewable tablets (80mg) Junior

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