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Business School

1 . Welcome
2 . Academic Programme: Registered Modules and study pack
. Workshops
. Assignments
. Examinations
6 . Programme Specific Support: Academic
. Programme Specific Support: Administrative
1. Welcome
Thank you for selecting Regent Business School (RBS). The Management and Staff of RBS extend a warm welcome and wish you every success in your journey towards the completion of your qualification. The successful attainment of any qualification is dependent on commitment and total dedication towards ones studies. As regards to your academic programme for the year, kindly take note of the following
important guidelines:
2. Academic Programme for the year: 2010/11
The Academic Year commences in February 2010 and ends in January 2011 and is divided into two semesters which are as follows: Semester 1: February 2010 to July 2010
Semester 2: August 2010 to January 2011
Registered Modules for semester 1 and 2 please refer to the Academic Calendar.
(Returning and New students must refer to the appropriate Academic letter,
detailing registered modules for present semester and or second semester.)
All the activities for the academic year are contained in your Academic Calendar:
January 2010. Please take time to read through the Academic Calendar, as it contains
important information on workshops, assignment questions and submission dates, examination dates and other relevant details. Study Pack
Module Guides (for the year / semester where applicable)
Academic Calendar: January 2010
(The above academic calendar contains important information on workshop dates and venues, assignment questions, assignment due dates and examination dates) General Handbook (Contains information on the course outline, module
description, rules and regulations, amongst others) Student Support Handbook (Assignment writing techniques, access to
(New students receive a pack containing all of the above, returning students
receive only their module guides and academic calendar)
3. Workshops
Please refer to your Handbook and Calendar. Students must refer to these schedules, identify
their nearest workshop region, and identify their modules, dates and times. You may attend a workshop at any of the allocated regions. However the onus rests upon you to verify these details. Workshops at centres are dependent on viable student numbers.
4. Assignments
Assignments form an integral part of your studies and satisfy a formative academic function. You must complete the minimum number of assignments per registered module.
Value of assignment per module: 40 % of the assignment mark is taken into account in
determining the final examination mark. It is therefore in your best interest to plan and schedule your activities so that sufficient time is given to each assignment so that you can attain the best Assignment Due Dates: Please refer to Academic Calendar for the due dates of assignments.
Submission of assignments
Due dates for submitting assignments must be strictly observed. Please ensure that all assignments adhere to the minimum requirements as indicated in your Academic Calendar.
Each assignment must have an assignment cover sheet attached with all details Marked assignments will be returned to your myregent email address. Contact your programme support co-ordinator should you require any assistance. 5. Examinations
Semester 1 Main Examinations are written in July 2010. Semester 2 Main Examinations are written in January 2011. Refer to your Calendar for the examination dates.
60 % of the examination mark is taken into account in determining the final examination mark. It is therefore in your best interest to plan and schedule your activities so that sufficient time is given 6. Programme Specific Support: Academic
Students requiring academic assistance are encouraged to contact the relevant programme co- ordinator. Academic Head: Osman Seedat
Academic Support: Programme Co-ordinators
Name and email
Post graduate diploma in educational management Diploma in Human Resource Management (DHRM) Higher Certificate in Business Management (CIBM) Higher Certificate in Management for Estate Agents (HCMEA) Higher Certificate in Entrepreneurship(CIE) 7. Programme Specific Support: Administrative
Head: Student Support: Farahana Hussein Student Support Administrator: Vanessa Pillay 8. Personal study programme
Studying through the distance education mode is challenging and demanding and students are Draw up a study programme for the semester, which includes all the modules for which you are registered and which reflects all the: workshop dates/ assignment due dates/ Work through every module guide and make inferences to the prescribed textbooks. Incorporate all other important personal dates Conclusion
Please feel free to contact the support staff of RBS. We are committed towards your success. Ms F. B. Hussein (Head: Student Support)
9. Support Staff Details
Student Support Division
Nature of Queries
Contact Details
Student Support :
Student Support : Research
Student Support :
Student Support: IT
Student Support : Library
Student Support: Finance
Student Support:



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