St. George's Hospital Medical School, London, UK
Anna Selina Fernee Scholarship: St. George's Hospital Medical School. Medical Research Council Clinical Research Fellow, St. Thomas' Hospital. Wellcome Research Fellowship: MRC Tropical Metabolism Research Unit, University of the West Indies, Jamaica and St. Thomas' Hospital, London. University of London & The Royal College of Physicians. M.B., B.S.(1963); M.R.C.P.(1965); M.D.Thesis in cell physiology (1977).
House Physician (Internal Medicine & gastroenterology) St. George's Hospital. House Surgeon (General Surgery) St. George's Hospital. Senior House Office, (Neurology) Churchill Hospital, Oxford, England. House Physician to Dr. J.C. Batten, (Respirology) Brompton Hospital, England. Resident Medical Officer, (Cardiology) National Heart Hospital, London. Medical Registrar to Dr. A. Leatham, (Cardiology) St. George's Hospital. Medical Registrar to Professor H.P. Lambert, (Infectious Diseases) St. George's Hospital. Medical Research Council Clinical Research Fellow (Cell Physiology) and Honorary Senior Medical Registrar (Nephrology) St. Thomas' Hospital, London. Wellcome Research Fellow, Tropical Metabolism Research Unit, Jamaica, Honorary Consultant Physician to University Hospital of the West Indies (Internal Medicine & Paediatrics) Wellcome Research Fellow and Consultant, (Internal Medicine) St. Thomas' Hospital, London, England. Associate Professor, Clinical Nutrition, Departments of Biochemistry and Pediatrics, University of Ottawa. Professor of the History of Science and Medicine, Augustine College, Ottawa. Director for Public Policy and Ethics, Christian medical and Dental Soc., Canada President and Professor of the History of Science and Medicine, Augustine College
The Canadian Society for Nutritional Science The Christian Medical & Dental Society
COMMITTEES (excluding University & Departmental Committees)
Human Nutrition Research Council of Ontario Canadian Pediatric Society Nutrition Committee National Health Research Development Program Nutrition Committee (Chairman 1987-88) Canadian Science Committee for Food and Nutrition American Academy of Pediatrics Committee, Nutrition in Cystic Fibrosis Board of Governors, Young Offenders Home, (Fairburn House) World Community Service Committee, Rotary Club Ottawa Easter Seals Children's Committee, Rotary Club Ottawa

• Classical renal physiological measurements in children and adults. • Sodium and potassium isotope flux techniques in leucocytes and erythrocytes. • Nutritional studies of rapid growth in malnourished subjects.(Primary Protein Energy Malnutrition in Jamaica & Zaire, secondary malnutrition in cystic fibrosis and cerebral palsy in Canada) • Survey studies of malnutrition in Jamaica, Zaire and Burundi.

• In Canada to assist with the establishment of medical nutrition as a recognized specialty and to develop the necessary curriculum to support this objective. In the developing world to assist with the development of appropriate training programs and practical treatment schemes which will ultimately eliminate childhood protein-energy malnutrition. • To help to relate belief and practice so that the wisdom contained in the ancient religions maintains its influence in medicine and the limitations of determinism are understood. • To be an advocate for those who are unable to plead their own case, particularly the disabled and the children of the developing world.
INVITED LECTURES (incomplete list)

• At the Universities in Canada , Alberta, British Columbia, Calgary, Dalhousie, Guelph, London, MacGill, MacMaster, Newfoundland, Saskatchewan, Toronto, Queen’s. • In the USA, Harvard, Illinois (Urbana), Chicago, Mayo Clinic, Washington, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Minnesota, Yale, California and many others. • In the UK at Universities of London, Oxford. • In European at Universities of St Petersberg, Tver, Simferopol, Tirana. • In Africa at Universities of Nairobi, Johannesberg, Capetown, Bloemfontein, Medunsa, Pretoria, Lagos, Ibadan Enugu, Zaria and others. • In South America at the University of Santiago. • Also at a variety of hospitals and for Telemedicine Canada. • For societies, American Cystic Fibrosis, Canadian Cystic Fibrosis, British Nutrition Society, American Dietetic, Canadian Dietetic, Canadian Society for Gastroenterology, Christian Medical and Dental Society of Canada, Christian Medical and Dental Association of the USA, The Christian medical fellowships of the UK, Australia and South Africa and multiple conferences on ethics and public policy. In 2002 I gave over 500 lectures.
PUBLICATIONS (excluding Abstracts, Letters and book reviews)
Scientific Peer Reviewed Literature
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Evaluation of the Scientific Literature, using Nutritional Science Examples Biochemistry/Nutrition for Medical Students Tutoring in Introductory Gastro-Intestinal and Renal Blocks

Agnostics Anonymous: a course for those who don't know the questions Living with Debased Metaphors: Cultural Deprivation in University The Myth of Moral Neutrality: How to Answer the Relativists Medicine & Health Care: Historical and Philosophical Differences Between the Two The Ethics of Abortion, Euthanasia and PAS The Care of the Disabled and the Problem of Limited Resources Surviving Medical School: Believers in a Tacitly Atheistic Environment Human Society and the New Eugenic Consequences of Molecular Biology Autonomy, Justice, Beneficence and Non-Malificence: What to do When They Clash Irreducible Complexity and the Intelligent Design Movement. The False Premises of Medical Education Enlightenment Paradigms What Hippocrates Knew and We have Forgotten The Nature of Development, illustrated from Jewish History and Applied to the Problem of Failure of Development Projects in Africa Christian Character: So Much More than Attitudes The Institutionalised Hypocrisy of the Church Why are there no Hittites on the Streets of New York? The Nine Questions We all have to Answer
In Zaire:
Lectures on Protein Energy Malnutrition. These began with medicine and progressed to the issue of the importance of Christian ways of understanding the world as motivating and providing intellectual Two months of lectures on the invitation of the Rwandan refugees on the relationships between, faith, virtue and culture and their implications for the understanding of war, character and

The Myth of Moral Neutrality and the Practice of Medicine for the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. Lectures on the relationship between faith and the practice of medicine for the Inaugural Conference of the Cuban Christian Health Care Workers’ Organization. Four subsequent
Australia, South Africa, England, Albania, Kosovo:
Lectures on Medical Ethics, Faith, Culture, and Public Policy


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