Curriculum vitae

Lorenzo A. Calό, MD, PhD
: Copertino (Lecce), ITALY, September 9, 1954.


: Dept Clin Exp Med, Clinica Medica 4, University of Padova, Via
Giustiniani 2, 35128, Padova, Italy. Tel +39/49/8218701.
1978 MD, University of Padova
2005 PhD, University of Padova

1981 Diplomate, Postgraduate School of Nephrology, University of Padova
1986 Diplomate, Postgraduate School of Internal Medicine, University of Padova
2003 Europ Hypertension Specialist by Europ Soc Hypertens
1978-1979: Intern in Medicine, Clinica Medica 1, University of Padova
1980-1985: Resident in Medicine and Nephrology, Inst Int Med, Nephrology,
University of Padova
1986-1999 Assist Professor, Institute of Internal Medicine, Nephrology, University of
1999-current: Assist Professor, Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine,
Clinica Medica 4, University of Padova
1987-2000 Professor at Postgraduate School of Nephrology, University of Padova
1989-current: Visiting Professor at School of Medicine, University of California,
Davis, USA.
1994-current: Professor at Postgraduate School of Pediatrics (Nephrology), University
of Padova
1996-1998: Professor at School of Nursing, University of Padova
1997-2002: Professor at School of Dieticians, University of Padova
1998-current: Professor at Postgraduate School of Internal Medicine, University of
2009: Hypertension Unit coordinator
Scientific Meetings
Since 1980: Lecturer at International and National Conferences
Teaching Courses
Invited Professor at International and National Courses in Hypertension and
Scientific Activities
Pathophysiology of hypertension, oxidative stress, renal failure, complications of
diabetes. Collaborative research with University of California, Davis, Depts Int Med,
Nephrology, Nutrition and Physiology.

Scientific Editorial Production (as of June 2009)
200 Papers on International Journals or Proceedings of International Conferences
(40% as first author and 25% as second or last author) (Total Impact Factor: 482.66).
56 Papers on National Journals or Proceedings of National Conferences. Books:
"L'Endotelio vascolare. Aspetti morfofunzionali, fisiopatologici e terapeutici". Piccin
Ed. 1998; La Sindrome Metabolica. Il Pensiero Scientifico Ed., 2006
Italian Society of Hypertension
Italian Society of Nephrology
International Association for the History of Nephrology
Member of Editorial Board: Clinical Nephrology; Hemodialysis International
Reviewer for: JASN: Kidney Int; Circulation; J Hypertens; NDT; Nephron; Clin
Nephrol; Blood Purification; Biosci Rep
1985, 87, 88, 89, 90 Padova University's Study Awards
1986 National young investigators Award "MEDICINA 86"
1991, 1992 NATO Senior Fellowship Awards
1993, 1994 National Research Council Awards
1998 North-Est Italy Sect of It Soc Nephrology’s "ARTURO BORSATTI" Award
1999 Regione Veneto (Italy) Award (€ 32.000,00) for two year project: "Endothelial
Dysfunction, hypertension, vascular remodeling and atherogenesis in chronic
rejection of organ transplant. Role of oxidative stress”
1999 Project funded (€7,000,00) by ROCHE: “Oxidative stress and TGFb in kidney
transplanted patients with cyclosporin-induced hypertension”
2000 Sigma Tau Fundation Award (€ 27.000,00) for 2 year project
2001 Contribution for Res Project (€ 5000,00) by Aventis (Oxidative stress and post
transplant hypertension)
2002 Competitive International Cardura Award ($15.000,00)
2003 Contribution for Res Project (€ 5000,00) by Italian Society of Hypertension
2004 Competitive International Cardura Award ($15.000,00).
2005 Project funded (€ 10.000,00) by Bellco Italia (Effect of hemodiafiltration with
on-line regeneration of ultrafiltrate (HFR) on oxidative stress in dialysis patients)
2007 Extension research funded (€ 10.000,00) by Bellco Italia
2008 Project funded by Ashai (€ 15.000,00) (Effect of hemodialysis with vitamin E
coated to membrane dialyzer on oxidative stress and vascular remodeling in uremic
dialysis patients)
2008 Contribution (€5.000,00) for Res Project funded Boheringer Ingelheim


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