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Beginning in 1995, more teeth were saved by
root canals than were extracted. Over 90%

Frequently asked Questions
When the root canal is finished, a plastic filling of teeth treated this way will last as long as
can be used to finish a front tooth. If the root the adjacent untreated teeth. Extensive
Do root canal teeth usually turn black?
canal was on a back tooth, we recommend a cap disease in the tooth and bone reduces the
(crown) to protect the tooth. Be sure to place the chance of success.
No, they sometimes darken, but even then, they filling or crown within 1 week of completing the root canal. If you wait longer, the root canal seal HOW DOES ROOT CANAL
will begin to break down and this could result in the failure of the root canal in the TREATMENT WORK?
Do root canals hurt as bad as some people say?
Today, if the tooth is extremely painful, I will relieve the pain either by making an opening to The actual appointment is almost never painful. If let the infection drain, or use medications. it is, I’ll stop and we’ll medicate and try again later. However, certain groups of people are more At your next appointment, I will clean out the likely to have pain later: those under stress, who canals and seal them. I’ll try to complete the have allergies, are 40-59 years old, women. root canals are lost is because they become brit- root canal in one appointment. If this isn’t pos- Lower molars and front teeth can be more painful. tle over time and crack through the middle be- If the tooth is painful before the appointment, it tween the roots. A crown will hold the tooth to- can take longer to calm down. Expect the tooth gether to prevent this in almost any case. to be sore for 2 days after the treatment and to have some sensation for up to 9 months. Call us if you should begin taking Medrol. This medica- you are uncomfortable. We can control this pain tion will reduce the soreness of the teeth. Your for you. body’s normal inflammatory healing process The cost of the filling or crown
will usually cause slight soreness for 2 days How long should a root canal treatment last?
is not included in the fee for
after this appointment. If you have more dis- the root canal.
comfort, please call me either at the office or at Root canal treatment is a therapy, not a cure: home. Normally I can control any pain within a 5-10% can become reinfected over time. Although rare, the tooth can become reinfected years later. Limited Warranty
Retreatment will usually save the tooth. If a If your face is swollen or the tooth has been pocket of infection develops around the tip of the For 3 years following the date of the root canal painful, I may leave the tooth open to allow it root, a special surgical procedure will be needed treatment, we will refund your fee if the tooth to drain and reduce the pain. Please chew on to remove this diseased tissue. For every 1 mm of requires retreatment by a specialist or extraction the other side to avoid packing food in the open- pocketing around the root tip, the success of the as long as you return for your regular recare treatment goes down 18% for a maximum risk of cleaning appointments at the recommended intervals (surgical procedure excluded from Please plan to return in 6-12 months so I can
warranty) and place a crown on the posterior
take an x-ray and re-evaluate the tooth.
Possible Risks in Root Canals

tooth within 2 weeks of having the root canal. 1. Pain or swelling after treatment 2. Persistent even permanent numbness 3. Separations of a cleaning file in the tooth that cannot be removed and might increase the risk SOMETIMES PEOPLE ASK:
I understand the material presented to me. The intention of this treatment is to eliminate the infection in this tooth. The procedures outlined will give me a 90-95% chance of this tooth lasting For many people faced with an abscessed tooth, as long as the tooth on either side of it. they must decide whether it’s worth the trouble The cost of the filling or crown is not included in and expense of a root canal or an implant. HealthPark believes that a root canal is a better choice if the tooth is structurally sound. Here 1. To extract the tooth. 2. To go directly to a root canal specialist. ______ I accept the recommended treatment. ______ I prefer that my tooth be extracted. Patient _______________________________ All of us at HealthPark hope this treatment will be helpful to you. We would like to help everyone keep their teeth comfortable and attractive for a Dentistry
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Medication and products to be avoided prior to surgery.pages

MEDICATION AND PRODUCTS TO BE AVOIDED PRIOR TO SURGERY Aspirin and other non-steroidal anti-flammatory drugs (NSAID’s), such as Motrin are very strong anti-coagulants which can cause bleeding problems in normal individuals. In addition to these Aspirin- like medications, Vitamins and many herbal supplements (such as Garlic, Ginkgo, Ginseng, Flaxseed, Ginger, Feverfew, Bilberry, Chamomile

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