Vol. 72, No. 12, 2008
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Distributed worldwide by Springer. Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Physics ISSN 1062-8738.
Diffraction of Optical Waves by Nonlinearly Induced Cylinders A. P. Sukhorukov, A. K. Sukhorukova, and V. E. Lobanov Parametric Reflection Phenomenon in Quadratic Uniaxial Crystals with Birefringence V. E. Lobanov and A. P. Sukhorukov Wave Effects in Acoustic Media with a Negative Refractive Index V. A. Burov, K. V. Dmitriev, and S. N. Sergeev Properties of Gaussian Waveguide Modes of an Optical Cavity with a Metamaterial D. O. Saparina and A. P. Sukhorukov Interaction of Wide-Spectrum Electromagnetic Pulses with Materials Containing a Superstructure M. B. Belonenko, S. Yu. Glazov, and N. E. Meshcheryakova Control of Soliton Lattices of Hubbard Electrons in Carbon Nanotubes by a Magnetic Field M. B. Belonenko, N. G. Lebedev, and O. Yu. Tuzalina Linear and Nonlinear Light Localization within Photorefractive Photon Superlattices in Lithium Niobate K. V. Shandarova, V. M. Shandarov, E. V. Smirnov, D. Kip, Ch. Rüter, Ya. Tan, and F. Chen Formation of Dark Spatial Solitons in Planar Ion-ImplantedLithium Niobate Waveguides V. G. Kruglov, V. M. Shandarov, Ya. Tan, F. Chen, and D. Kip Zakharov–Benney Resonance in Optics, Acoustics, and Optoacoustics Compression Dynamics for Phase-Modulated Few-Cycle Pulses O. I. Paseka, V. E. Lobanov, and A. P. Sukhorukov On Superluminal Pulses in Nonequilibrium Media A Dynamic Array of Optical Traps for Deformation of Elongated Microobjects E. N. Vorontsov, N. N. Losevsky, S. P. Kotova, and A. V. Korobtsov High-Efficiency Diffraction from Thin and Volume Dynamic Holograms in Linear Absorbers Diffraction of IR Radiation by Ultrasound in Tellurium Single Crystals G. A. Knyazev and V. B. Voloshinov Photoinduced Birefringence in Layers of Benzaldehyde-Containing Polymers and Its Temperature Sensitivity Optimal Conditions for Exciting Long-Lived Photon Echo Signals in Impurity Nanocrystals Structure of Absorption and Luminescence Bands in AluminosilicateOptical Fibers Doped with Bismuth L. I. Bulatov, V. M. Mashinsky, V. V. Dvoirin, E. F. Kustov, E. M. Dianov, and A. P. Sukhorukov Effective Interaction of a Photon with a Strong Laser Field R. Kh. Gainutdinov, A. A. Mutygullina, and M. A. Khamadeev Diffraction of Electromagnetic Waves by Concave Circumferential Surfaces: Application for Hybrid Reflector Antennas 2D Model in Near-Field Microwave Temperature Tomography with a Scanning Diffraction Grating Yu. N. Barabanenkov, Yu. V. Gulyaev, and O. S. Kuznetsova Experimental Study of the Propagation of Noise-Like Acoustic Signals in Aqueous and Air Media A. N. Leukhin, A. Yu. Tyukaev, and N. V. Parsaev Diffusion Kinetics of Water Molecules in a Nanoporous Adsorbent P. O. Kapralov, V. G. Artemov, G. A. Gusev, V. I. Tikhonov, and A. A. Volkov Lyapunov Exponent for Chaotic 1D Maps with Uniform Invariant Distribution V. M. Anikin, S. S. Arkadaksky, S. N. Kuptsov, A. S. Remizov, and L. P. Vasilenko Nonlinear Transverse-Wave Interactions in Divergent Axially Symmetric Magnetic Fields Deformation of a Plane Wind Wave by Vortices at the Beginning of Amplification O. N. Mel’nikova and T. A. Nivina Capture of Gravel by the Head of a Dam-Break Wave in a Dry Bed Study of the Structure of Internal Waves Generated by Flowing Jets in a Stratified Liquid E. V. Ezhova, D. A. Sergeev, I. A. Soustova, V. I. Kazakov, and Yu. I. Troitskaya

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Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis 38 (2005) 781–784Stable isotopic composition of the active pharmaceuticalA.M. Wokovich , J.A. Spencer , B.J. Westenberger , L.F. Buhse , J.P. Jasper a Food and Drug Administration, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, Division of Pharmaceutical Analysis, St. Louis, MO 63101, USA b Molecular Isotope Technologies, LLC, 8 Old Oak Lane, Nia

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