Gallenburg rock picker

Standard 1/2” conveyorweb chains onGallenberg Rock-free Fields
year? Dependable Field Hand Rockpickers
designed by Gallenberg Technologies can
dig from 2" to 12" deths — picking both sur-
face and subsurface rocks measuring 1" to
24"— leaving your fields clear of rocks for
years to come.
The Field Hand Rockpicker is designed to be rugged, featuring an adjustable depth,standard 1/2" heat treated digging blade and a 3" x 10" all welded steel frame. These sturdymachines slice through rocky ground —separating soil from rocks — even after years of use. Gallenberg Technologies'
Field Hand Rockpickers leave your fields clean and productive — year after year
Award Winning Design
Reclaim Rocky Terrain
Governor’s New Product Certificate of Merit The Gallenberg Technologies' research & development team is responsible for numerous modate any size farming or business opera- award-winning designs. The company's ded- tion with an entire line of Rockpickers. The ication to R&D is strong---backing our commit- rocks, leaving fields clear ofrocks for years to come.
AE50 & Governor’s New Product Certificate of Merit Gallenberg Technologies is building on an Model CDSP2-32-1 Rockpicker
Length: 18’6”
path of 90" at up to 4 yards per minute. The impressive tradition of innovation and developing CDSP2-20 Model incorporates the versatility the next generation of agricultural and light Weight: Est. 5600 lbs.
Digging Depth: 2” - 12” of rockpicker to windrower opertaion. And, Digging Width: 65”Digger Blade: 1/2” X 6 X 61” heat treated steel the CDSP2-32-1 Model can further the option of versatility from a rockpicker to a root crop Hopper Capacity: 1 yard per minuteTires: 11.5 X 15 Tractor Requirements: 50 HP. 540 r.p.m. PTO AE50 & Governor’s New Product Certificate of Merit Whatever your specific needs may be, thedesigns custom created by Gallenberg Tech-nologies can meet and exceed them.
Model CDSP2-29-5 with 5 Yard Hopper
Length: 28’
Overall Width: 12’6:”
Conveyor Bed Width: 5’
Height: 10’’Weight: 10.000 lbs.
Digging Depth: 2” - 12” Digging Width: 60”Digger Blade: 1/2”X6”X heat treated steelDrive Chain: #80 RollerHopper Capacity: 5 yardsTires: 50-20-20 32 ply Tractor requirements: 75-125 HP. 1.000 r.p.m.
Model CDSP3-29-6.5 with 61/2 Yard Hopper
Model CDSP2-29
Model CDSP3-29 with Self-Unloading Boom
Self-Unloading Rockpicker Windrower
Overall Width with elevator-boom: 24’5” Length: 21’ with hitch, 18’6” without hitch Width without elevator-boom: 13’41/2” Width: 20’ with boom, 7’6” frame, 12’2” axle AE50 & Governor’s New Product Award Discharge Ht.: 8’. 9’ 3” clearance under top bearing.
Discharge Ht.:8’. 9’ clearance under top bearing.
Weight: 6,500 lbs. with std. boom and 1/2” chain Digger Blade: 1/2” x 6”x91” carbon steel Digger Blade: 1/2”x6”x61” heat treated steel Digger Blade: 1/2”X6”X91” heat treated steel Tractor Requirements: 100-200 HP. 1,000 r.p.m.
Tractor Requirements: 50-75 HP, 540 r.p.m. PTO Tractor Requirements: 100-200 HP, 1,000 r.p.m.


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