All employees, students, contracting personnel and visitors should feel safe and well and be
confident that they will be attended to with due care when in need of First Aid. Dubbo Christian
School has the highest commitment to the provision of a safe and healthy workplace as an
outworking of its care and respect of each individual.
For the purposes of this policy, first aid is defined as the initial care of the ill or injured where
someone has had an accident or is suffering from a sudden illness and needs help until a qualified
health care professional, such as a doctor, nurse or an ambulance officer arrives (St John’s


To provide guidance for the provision of First Aid Services.


All staff at Dubbo Christian School will be First Aid trained. This will generally occur in the July Professional Development week. New staff not First Aid trained will be trained in July unless their role makes training at the earliest opportunity a priority. The names of current First Aid trained staff will be clearly displayed in the clinic and staffroom. The school will resource this level of training and accreditation and budget accordingly. Designated staff are paid the First Aid and/or Medication Allowance to administer First Aid according to established protocols. A First Aid room (clinic) is available for use at all times. A comprehensive supply of First Aid materials will be stored in a designated cupboard in the clinic and an inventory will be maintained and monitored of this supply. A School Medical Officer (SMO) is given responsibility for ensuring First Aid supplies are maintained, the inventory remains up to date and ordering of replacement supplies (First Aid kits, ice packs etc.) occurs in a timely manner taking into account usage, wear and tear and expiry dates. The SMO is responsible for keeping the clinic in a tidy and organised state. First Aid kits are available in the clinic and must be taken on all excursions as per the excursion risk assessment process or any activity where there is risk of injury. The First Aid Kit Guidelines outline location and standards of maintenance of all Dubbo Christian School First Aid Kits. A supply of disposable rubber gloves is available for use by staff. A clinic report will be generated for any injury or illness that requires First Aid. No medication, including pain killers (Panadol), shall be administered without the permission of parents. All students, especially those with a documented asthma and/or anaphylaxis management plan, shall have access to Ventolin and a spacer and/or epipen as required at all times. All injuries or illnesses that occur during class time will be referred to the school office where the incident will be managed. All injuries or illnesses that occur during recess/lunch break or before/after school will be referred to the teacher on duty who will then refer to the school office for First Aid if necessary. In the case of serious injury or illness, neither the Principal nor staff are required to diagnose or treat the condition apart from carrying out the appropriate first aid procedures, within the limits of their qualification, experience and training. The Principal, Deputy Principal or delegate has the authority to call an ambulance immediately in an emergency. In the event of the Principal, Deputy Principal, or delegate and SMO being unavailable, staff may call an Ambulance in an emergency situation. Staff do not have to wait for parents/carers approval to take emergency action such as calling an ambulance, especially where delays could compromise safety. Parents/carers or the emergency contact person should be notified and informed of the action taken. General organisational matters relating to First Aid are the responsibility of the Deputy Principal and shall be provided to staff at the beginning of each year. Revisions of recommended procedures for administering medication will also be provided. This policy was last updated and ratified by the Board in Related documents Dubbo Christian School Support Staff Agreement 2007-2010 Dubbo Christian School Excursions Policy GSP: OSHER – SP004

Source: http://www.dubbocs.com.au/admin/uploads/05%20Community/04%20policies/First%20Aid%20Policy.pdf

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