Natural induction methods

Natural Induction Methods
Before attempting to induce your labour, first consider if you are actually “late” due dates can be up to three weeks beyond the official date, sometimes pressures for a medical induction can be strong, but if you tune into yourself and your baby, things may be happening at the perfect pace for you. Ideally the baby is allowed to come when he or she is ready. It is the baby who begins the labour. There are several natural, drug-free methods for inducing labour, including:


Sometimes fears and feelings can be a barrier to a labour starting, expressing fears, concerns, feelings, past trauma’s can free your energy and enable your body to let go. Ways of letting go can include: • A good chat and cry with a trusted friend or your doula • Active meditation such as Chakra Breathing Sex has long been a method of inducing labour, making use of the Prostaglandin in semen and orgasm as a stimulating contraction. It is often more relaxing than using Pitocin and is done at home rather than a hospital. While partners may sometimes be reluctant to have sex with their expectant partner (fear of hurting mother or baby), the mother may have to assume positions that are new to accommodate the weight of the near-term baby.

Nipple stimulation

Nipple stimulation can be done successful y and uterine hyper stimulation may be avoided by following this protocol from Maternity Nursing: Family, Newborn, and Women's Health Care by Reeder, Martin and Koniak- • roll nipples between thumb and forefingers for 2 minutes • repeat rolling/resting for 20 minutes* • *increase rolling to 3 minutes and decrease resting to 2 minutes for 20 minutes if inadequate contractions occur after initial 20 mins. For labour, several herbs are used by midwives to induce labour or to stimulate contractions. Care should be taken NOT to take any of these herbs without first conferring with a midwife, physician, and an herbalist. These • Blue Cohosh (alone or in combination with other herbs such as Black Cohosh) • 5W: Combination of Black Cohosh, Squawvine, Dong Quai, Butchers Broom, and Red Raspberry • Evening Primrose Oil: ripens the cervix • Ginger root and Ginseng. For long labours and tired moms, Ginger root (should not be given within an hour of birth) and Ginseng can increase a mom's energy level during a long, difficult labour. • Motherwort or Skullcap For pain, some midwives suggest meditations along with Motherwort or Skullcap • St. John's Wort has been known to help with back and uterine pain and may be used in conjunction with Acupressure/Acupuncture
For Induction of labour see an acupuncturist for highly effective results. When applying finger acupressure, press against the desired point on the skin. Massage in a smal circular motion. Three points are commonly used to stimulate labour and the first two are also linked to relief of migraine Hoku (Large intestine 6): located deep in the webbing between either hand's thumb and forefinger; in between the 1st and 2nd metacarpal bones. Stimulation of this point has been know to begin labour, enhance contractions during labour and in non-pregnant females, bring on menstruation several days early. Also may relieve pain from migraine. Chih-yin (Bladder 67): located approximately 1/10" behind the lateral corner of the smallest toe's nail of either foot. Stimulation of this point has been known to relieve labour pains and migraine discomfort. San-yin-chiao (Spleen 6): placing your left hand on your right leg with your pinkie finger just above the interior ankle bone, the lateral tibia is located just under where your index finger lies. You may utilize both points simultaneously by placing a thumb on each point as shown.



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