working down. Use progressively closer settings to get the “look” and LITHIUM ION TRIMMER
2. For hard to reach or tight areas, use the detailer head. Always pull skin taut. Then slowly move the detailer through area to trim until TRIMMING AND EDGING YOUR BEARD
The following are suggested trimming steps and trimmer positions. 3. Shave in your private areas by gently shaving in the desired area You may find different procedures work better for you.
1. Comb your beard in the direction that it grows to help reveal stray TRIMMING NOSE HAIR USING DETAILER HEAD. Make sure the
hairs that may be longer than the others.
nasal passages are clean. Slowly move the detailer in and out of each nostril, no more than 1/4-inch deep. to trim and taper your beard. Begin with TRIMMING EAR HAIR USING DETAILER HEAD. Make sure the
the guide set at a long trimming length. outer areas of the ears do not contain any wax. Hold the ear flat with one hand and carefully insert detailer no more than 1/4-inch into the overlapping strokes, following the lay of outer ear. CAUTION: Do not insert the detailer or any other foreign object into the inner ear. For hair growing on the outside of the ear, your beard naturally lays, the trimmer will cut the hair much shorter simply move the detailer slowly along the edges of the ear.
Adjust the trimming guide to progressively shorter settings until you detailer to neatly trim stray hairs. For precise, even trimming, slowly reach the desired length of beard. You may wish to set the trimming move the detailer closer or farther away from eyebrows to achieve guide attachment to cut closer near the ear and down under the chin, desired length. Do not press against brow as it may remove too much changing to a longer setting toward the front of the face and point of your chin. When the trimming guide is removed, it will remain at its FADE CUT USING A T-BLADE
last length setting until you change it.
1. Start at the temple and cut all the way around the head to establish the ultimate location of the fade line. Always cut against the grain for locked solidly into the desired position the shortest cut. Don’t force the blade through the hair. Let the 2. Next, cut around the head again and up the nape of the neck to the remove the trimming guide. Starting under fade line, brushing away the cut hair as you go. Pull the scalp taut your chin and working back toward your with the thumb for the closest cut. Turn the trimmer upside down jawbone and ears, cut the outer perimeter when necessary to keep cutting against the grain. Make sure both of your beard underneath the jawbone. 3. For the top of the head, cut with the grain using the individual guide comb attachments. The smaller the number of the comb, the shorter 4. Accentuate your beard line by using the the cut. Comb or brush the hair as you cut for an even end result.
trimmer in a downward motion. Start at 4. To complete the fade, blend the hair at the fade line by trimming up the line you’ve created and, working from and out across the line and against the grain all the way around the the chin back toward the ears, trim the head. Then, repeat all around, turning the trimmer upside down and cutting downward. The final objective is to blend the hair so there is no real line, just a perfect fade from bald to very short hair. You can achieve this by using the #1 individual guide comb attachment. Continue combing and cutting until you achieve the desired effect.
5. To create a part, pick a spot off-center. Pull the scalp tight and with forward. Use this blade for fine, detail the end of the blade perpendicular to the head, move the trimmer back and forth to cut a line. Comb through it and cut again to make at the sideburns near the ears, goatees, TRIMMING WITH ATTACHMENT COMBS
DETAILING NECKLINES, SIDEBURNS, Your Trimmer includes three trimming attachments; stubble, medium
MUSTACHES & BEARDS using trimmer head.Slowly move trimmer
and long. The stubble guide has 1 bar, the medium-cut attachment downward on desired areas to neatly trim and shape.
has two bars and the long-cut attachment has three bars. These TRIMMING ARM & LEG HAIR using trimmer head. Simply glide the
attachments are ideal for blending, tapering and defining beards, as trimmer over your arm or leg until desired hair length is achieved. The well as for achieving a “close trim” stubble look around the face. To first time you trim the hair, start by using a longer setting on the guide use the attachments, go comb on the trimmer, then use progressively shorter settings if a TRIMMING CHEST & STOMACH using trimmer head. Glide the
trimmer over your torso region, in an upward motion until desired hair length is achieved. For tight, scratch-free trimming, use the #1 guide FOR THE CLOSEST LOOK, after trimming, attach the shaver head. please download the Care Instructions.
The shaver makes for the perfect tool to groom the total body. Using
the same technique, as mentioned prior, you can groom wherever If you have problems with your trimmer, send it prepaid with a note explaining the you feel a need. Shave against hair growth while stretching the skin. After every use, remove the shaver foil by pressing both side buttons and carefully using cleaning brush provided.
TRIMMING PRIVATE AREAS with the trimmer & detailer head.
1. Volume reduction using trimmer head. Attach guide comb and select a long trimming length. Begin trimming, starting at the top and For products purchased outside the United States, contact your distributor.


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