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A6 - Authored Books – Other

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B1 - Chapters in Research Books
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C2 - Unrefereed Journal Articles
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Q10 - Awards (Prizes, Medals etc)
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Lercanidipine Reduces Matrix Metalloproteinase-9Marcio L.L. Martinez, Pharm D,* Lı´via F. Lopes,* Eduardo B. Coelho, MD, PhD,†Fernando Nobre, MD, PhD,† Joa˜o B. T. Rocha, PhD,‡ Raquel F. Gerlach, DDS, PhD,§Key Words: calcium channel blockers, hypertension, lercanidipine,Abstract: Increased levels of metalloproteinase (MMP)-9 have beenmatrix metalloproteinases, oxidative stressshown

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