Most important message to convey to patients  Use an open, humorous, and confident approach Compare 20 year old athlete in prime shape to 40/50/60 year old attempting same thing  20 year old clears high jump. 40/50/60 year old jumps only a few inches and smacks into/goes right under the bar – Message: “We
can’t expect our bodies to perform like they’re always in their
Break the mold of ED being “hush-hush,” or something deep, dark, and shameful.
Many men admit to not doing being capable of what they could do when younger  “When I was young I could run that fast/carry that much/drink that  Make ED part of this acceptance 50% of men 40-70 experience some form – HUGE potential Advertisements could be subtle stressing advantages listed in the physicians section below  i.e. “A new choice. A better choice. Cialis.”  Intimacy and Cialis – the new Gin and Tonic; Sports and Beer; any two things that are known to go really well together in the eyes of men.
Avoid advertising to homosexual community (unless in gay magazine, website, etc.) as it may alienate the potentially larger heterosexual male community Most important message to convey to physicians/patients: Differentiation between Viagra and Cialis
 Duration – effective for up to 36 hours  Cialis creates a larger window of opportunity (36 vs. Viagra’s 4) to choose the right moment of intimacy  Body’s ability to absorb Viagra diminished when taken  Time of intimacy likely follows a romantic dinner – make known what you eat before hand will not have any affect on effect of Cialis  Fewer side-effects – visual irregularities notably rare with Cialis
Most important message to convey to partners:  Found yourself waiting for him? He could be waiting for you.
 Stop blaming him. Stop blaming yourself. Talk about it.  He’s not the problem. You’re not the problem. But Cialis is the Approach to use in Marie Clare or other sexually open women’s health magazines:  Our help comes in a tube, his comes in a bottle. Cialis. Learn more at (referring to lubricants vs. oral pills)  Women seek sexual stimulation assistance much more openly –  If many women openly accept sexual assistance, let them know their male partners can do it, too.
Develop website that educates women that many men refuse to come forward and the women may need to take the first step by discussing it People need to know they are getting more with Cialis They are not simply buying a Viagra supplement Market is more price sensitive because of no health care coverage, but still not terribly price sensitive  Price slightly above Viagra (+15%) If people are willing to seek assistance for ED, they want what will work best – not what is least expensive  MONEY IS NOT THE ISSUE TO THE CONSUMER In introduction phase, run a “Trade the blue pill for a better one”promotional campaign  Consumers with a current Viagra prescription can trade it in for Cialis straight-up (with doctors ‘ok’), pill for pill  This will help capture current Viagra-users market Run another campaign where patient can use an old Viagra prescription for free Cialis  This will help capture the dropout market Send free samples to Doctor’s office for his patients  Green has often been associated with sexual desire


Iba statement of general principles

IBA Statement of General Principles for the Establishment and Regulation of Foreign Lawyers (Adopted at IBA Council Meeting in Vienna, June 1998) WHEREAS, the phenomenon known as globalisation has resulted in a dramatic increase in the movement of people, capital, goods and services across national borders; and WHEREAS, the increase in cross-border activity of all types has posed particu


5.2.5 Interdisziplinäres Zentrum für Suchtforschung (IZSW)Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Fallgatter (Vorsitzender)findung“ wird die suchtspezifische Frage untersucht, wie die kognitiv-emotionalen ze auf das individuel e Verlangen zu Rau-ten „Interdisziplinären Würzburger BMBF- chen und als Prädiktoren eines Rückfal s in Suchtforschungsverbund“ zu neurobiologi-E-mail: Fallgatter_A@klini

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