Cavo Tagoo Spa is ideally placed in a unique location immersed in Cycladean light, facing Delos, the birthplace of the mythical God of the sun, Apollo. Our Mission is to fuse the latest in international spa trends with a simultaneoustraditional Greek approach to wellness and beauty in our award-winning treatments and products.The Cavo Tagoo Spa Experienceis an indigenous journey of the six senses (see, smell, touch, hear, feel, and experience). THE CAVO TAGOO SPA EXPERIENCEAll aspects of our spa take advantage of our geography and history to bring you the best in beauty. With deep respect for the natural environment, we offer a variety of treatments to enhance health and beauty, from our specially created oils featuring Greek olive oil to our special focus on the healing and beauty properties of the minerals from the Aegean sea surrounding us.
Our product lines have been diligently sourced for efficacy, texture, fragrance and holistic integrity. We invite you to continue the Cavo Tagoo Spa experience after you leave us with a selection of the products we have chosen for you, available at our Spa Store. Spa Hours 09:30 – 21:30For Appointments please call 700 or the reception (in-suite massage is available at 10% additional service fee) With any choice of massage, we enchant your senses with our customized, special blends of the highest quality organic oils blended with our signature Greek olive oil, and as your body eases into a state of relaxation, the aromatic effects of the essential oils help to balance mind and emotions.
We bring you the synergy of different massage techniques inspired from five continents, with the effects of relaxing overused tense muscles, stimulating nerve and lung activity, creating a sense of deep inner and physical calm, allowing the body and mind to expand into a state of peace and tran- quillity. Trust us to consult with you to determine your needs, pressure (from light to deep tissue), and specific areas of concern before we take you to a state of bliss.
Deep Tissue Massage is a massage technique that focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. It aims to release the chronic patterns of tension in the body through slow strokes and deep finger pressure on the contracted areas, either following or going across the fibres of the muscles, ten- This rejuvenating and toning ancient traditional body massage incorporates the special aromather- apy of Greek fruits and spices, including the natural scents of orange, lemon, cinnamon and vanilla. This relaxing massage with oil and cream from algae extracted from the Aegean sea , rich in trace elements, stimulates the circulatory pathway of the entire body, benefits the nervous system, and This special massage uses volcanic stones made of basalt from from various nearby Greek islands to relieve muscular and skeletal pains and promote both soul spirit and body harmony.
RELAX & RADIANCE MASSAGE WITH MARINE BOLUS The healing and mineral properties of the Aegean sea are known for their powerful effects. This massage uses warm bolus with marine salts and sea lavender from the Aegean sea , which reduc- es muscular pains, giving the skin radiance and glow.
Reflexology is the art of stimulating various points on the feet and hands areas of the body to im- prove energy blockages of the body’s 12 meridians, restoring a smooth flow of energy. Stimulating your reflex points on these areas affects different body parts, including organs, glands, muscles, and the brain. This treatment not only increases relaxation, but also helps to de-toxify the body and This experience is a journey for two. Starting with a couples interview before our treatment with a cup of our special Greek organic Mountain tea, we then lead you to our room created for this treatment. Two therapists will massage your side-by-side bodies in unison so that you always know how your partner feels. You will finish the experience with an increased sense of bonding and togetherness while your muscles unwind. Please choose from among the following: HOLISTIC MASSAGE, DEEP TISSUE, SPA EMERAUDE, BACK MASSAGE.
SPA Cocoon, Solus Per Aqua, Salt Glow, Golden Body Polish To bring the Cavo Tagoo Spa Experience into the privacy of your bungalow, please inform the Spa. We can offer you our Custom Massage, Spa Emeraude, Reflexology, and Back Massage. All of our body treatments are designed to improve the superficial appearance of the skin while simultaneously stimulating the dynamic cellular exchange of the skin, your body’s largest organ. This high-tech cocoon delivers avant-garde wellness with customized programs to bathe your entire body in a full spectrum of chakra-balancing lights while water jets are massaging your body’s key points. The tropical steam mist with organic Greek aromatherapy can be adjusted to any temperature you wish as gentle vibrations and celestial music transport you to a relaxed state of consciousness. The cocoon enhances any body treatment by accelerating the detoxification pro- cess while increasing absorption of bio-nutrients During the winter months, the rains and waves on Mykonos create special deposits of mineral- rich Aegean sea-salt. This salt, together with specially-blended oils and Oligomer (lyophilized sea water) exfoliates the top layers of old epidermis. The result encourages the skin’s natural function of eliminating toxins and impurities, leaving you moisturized, glowing, and satin-smooth.
We’ve blended a flower cocktail of lotus, primavera, pearl and natural apricot grains to exfoliate your skin softly to encourage encourage its natural function of eliminating toxins and impurities. We finish the treatment using body milk, with pearl, to leave your skin hydrated, glowing, and You may have observed that our Cavo Tagoo Spa motif contains gold dust within the walls. This treatment uses mineral-rich gold dust gel and apricot grain scrub, followed by a gold and a cool mineral body wrap with Mediterranean floral extracts. Mineralize, revitalize, then moisturize with exquisitely fragrant antioxidant oils, finishing with a whole body light dusting of our precious Cavo This treatment uses natural, self-heating mud which detoxifies, revitalizes, and relieves muscular pains while relaxing the muscles. We then do a special massage with a slimming gel designed for its anti-cellulite properties. This slimming treatment is very popular.
Reap the benefits of the nutrient-dense properties of Mediterranean algae coupled with the relax- ing properties of your own individual modern cocoon. This creates ideal nourishment for detoxifi- This leg treatment smoothes and relaxes with a special gel exfoliating mask that hugs the legs to help micro- circulation and diminish puffiness.
FACIALSUsing the most advanced organic products, our highly trained estheticians will provide you with the ultimate in customized, results-oriented skin care. Learn how take home the Cavo Tagoo Spa Experience with a cus- We bring you the synergy of different facial techniques inspired from five continents, with the ef- fects of creating a custom experience of skin care and rejuvenation based on just what your face needs. We cleanse, exfoliate, do extractions upon request, mask, and moisturize your face and neck using our Greek and international products. Learn how to maximize the right products in the right quantities based on both the traditional Greek approach to beauty and on your specific skin {price and time depend on actual treatment required) This is for particulary dry and sunburned skin, offering extra moisturizing care against the dry skin with the “Pheohydrane element, a real source of hydration from the mineral-rich Aegean sea.
This is designed for people who may have fragile, sensitive skin, or skin prone to breakouts. This facial uses the gentlest skincare line specifically designed to soothe, nurture and protect sensitive This treatment is designed specifically for men’s skin care needs with a Greek approach: an initial analysis, deep cleaning, moisturizing, and relaxing. Your skin will feel and look younger, nour- ished, and revitalized with our Mediterranean and Aegean products, including olive oil. The essences from fusion of different Mediterranean flowers, Mykonian sagebrush, passion flower, Aegean sea minerals, and gold dust takes you on a magical trip of the senses. This includes a peeling/exfoliation with our Cavo Tagoo golden gel and apricot blend with flowers and extracts. Welcome to a renewed, surgery-free face-lift the Greek way! This facial brings you triple action therapy with Greek essential oils and Mediterranean floral extracts. In the careful peeling/exfoliation, serum, and mask, we use powerful enzymes extracted from caviar, together with Korean ginseng from Asia, that offer deep hydration, lifting effects, and the decrease of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This facial is perfect for that deep-cleaning experience to detoxify and rejuvenate. This treatment offers you the chance to ‘clean house’ on your face, to cleanse and hydrate it based on your skin type, and to rejuvenate it with the minerals from our surrounding land and sea. This additional anti-wrinkle eye contour treatment with Aegean marine elements of collagen and elastin will smooth puffiness, dark circles, and greatly decrease the appearance of wrinkles in this This shorter treatment includes an exfoliation/peeling with an adequate mask custom chosen to your skin type. This also works as a perfect booster to add onto to most of our other body treat-ments like our custom, holistic massage.
FACE AND BODY TREATMENTSAROMA-VEDIC: GREECE MEETS INDIA This aromatherapeutic holistic body and face massage combines inspirations from ancient Greek and Indian beauty rituals. Essences of Lily, Ylang-Ylang, Ginger, Camellia and other exotic flowers combine to increase not only your relaxation but skin benefits. A facial treatment with custom- designed organic products of cotton flower extracts gives your face smoothness and radiance. The final touch of this beauty and wellness ritual is a facial mask of rose extracts, symbol of love and beauty, to restore the skin to a sense of balance. Discover the magic of the Orient with a treatment that blends authenticity with originality. The voile de Sultane treatment combines the components of the traditional worm of the Orient, with especially attractive treatments and seductive fragrances. Natural mineral argil from Marocco, the Rhassoul has offered its golden cleansing, soothing, toning and rejuvenating abilities to the body, face and hair for millions of years. The delicate scents of jasmine and rose essential oils, take you to a journey to the land of thousand nights.
Live the “golden” theme of the Cavo Tagoo Spa Experience with the benefits of the Golden Aura En- ergy Wrap, the Golden Face Treatment, and the Golden Bain Regeneration. HYDROTHERAPY TREATMENTSSolus Per Aqua: The origin of the name “SPA” comes from the acronym “solus per aqua,” mean- ing ‘increased health and vitality from the healing powers of the water.’ We emphasize a tradition- al S.P.A. approach in our attention to thermal baths and indigenous minerals from the Aegean sea .
This relaxing warm hydro massage bath with water enriched with Aegean seaweed extracts ben- efits the circulatory system and relieves your body of stress and fatigue, while detoxifying and Aromatherapeutic sea lavender crystals with restorative properties create a soothing and relaxing Enjoy a bath with our special signature Cavo Tagoo golden powder, local rose extracts, essence of indigenous wild flowers, local sagebrush and passion flowers. The beneficial ingredients of this magic cocktail detoxify your skin and offer you a deep sense of relaxation.
PACKAGED “JOURNEYS”At Cavo Tagoo Spa, we delight in offering you some of the best treatment combinations of our spa experience to create your own spa epic journey. With all of our packaged experiences, we invite you to reap the included benefits of the spa’s invigorating swimming pool, sauna and hammam This Cavo Tagoo signature journey begins with a quick but thorough conversation to determine your body and skin needs. The custom treatment that follows combines a gentle soak in a custom- ized bathing experience, followed by a full-body exfoliation with Greek herbs, finished with a full- body Cavo Tagoo Custom Massage. If you have time for only one spa treatment, this is it! These pampering treatments begin in the same room with a simultaneous scrub. Next, separate for either a bath or SPA cocoon, and then change. Finish together with a facial, ending in perfect bliss. Underlined treatments below are simultaneous treatments.
For One: Golden Scrub, Golden Bain Rejeneration, SPA Cocoon and Mini Facial. For the Other: Salt Glow Scrub*, SPA Cocoon, Aroma Bath and Mini Facial.
This Cavo Tagoo journey begins with a specialized experience in custom yoga and T’ai Chi fusion designed just for you and your lifestyle in the privacy of your bungalow: no previous experience necessary. You are then escorted to the Cavo Tagoo Spa for our “Tub, Scrub, and Rub” (see above). Finally, a specially-prepared Cavo Tagoo spa luncheon or dinner is served poolside, designed to replace potassium and electrolytes, increase metabolism, and leave you feeling balanced and re- This complete beauty treatment for the hands includes peeling, moisturizing mask, and manicure. Experience this luxurious treatment for the feet which includes exfoliating scrub, moisturizing WAX DEPILATIONWax depilation for Men and Women Recommendations for the pre and post care of any waxed area: for best waxing results, hair should be at least 1/4” inch in length. Please be sure your hair is long enough to wax before booking. You cannot wax if you are using Retin-A (currently or in the past 3 months), Accutane (currently or in the past 6 months) or other medications designed to increase skin exfoliation. If you are sunburned or recovering from a chemical or laser peel, waxing will not be an option for hair removal until you are healed. Please do not use a hot shower, steam room or Jacuzzi just prior to or directly after any WELLNESS CENTERCavo Tagoo is equipped with the best cardiovascular and strength training equipment and weights available. The gym is complimentary to all spa guests.
For Appointments please call 700 or the reception Please plan to arrive at least twenty minutes prior to your treatment time to register, de-stress, and enjoy our wet and dry areas. We also encourage you to conclude your services with a visit to our steam room, private showers and dressing area. Cavo Tagoo cannot accept responsibility for any loss of valuables left in the spa.
Please note that a late arrival will determine the length of your treatment as all services will end at scheduled times so the next guest is not delayed. The full treatment price will be charged.
Please, if you wish to re-schedule or cancel your appointment, please notify us at least four hours in advance. One half of the treatment price will be charged for cancellations within four hours. No-shows will be charged at All Cavo Tagoo Spa treatments do not include gratuities.
Our Cavo Tagoo Spa welcomes all guests of 12 years of age and older.
Silence, like all things at our spa, is golden. Please respect the tranquil environment of our sanctuary and refrain


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