ABORTION PILL recommendation of use Today you started a medical abortion at our clinic. This is a termination of pregnancy by means of a so-called abortion pill. After your consultation with the doctor or nurse, you took a mifepristone (Myfegine) tablet. This substance ensures that the pregnancy is unable to proceed growing (it is a so-called ‘anti-hormone’). It is not necessary to remain in the clinic afterwards. You’ll receive 4 misoprostol tablets for the continuation of your treatment at home.
Usually, you won’t notice any side effects after taking the misoprostol, however in some cases you may experience some nausea or an aggravation of any nausea you were already experiencing. Minor blood loss may occur as well as some abdominal pain. In very rare cases, a complete miscarriage may occur. Make sure to wear sanitary towels just in case. Please contact the clinic if you have to throw up within two hours after taking mifepristone.
Day 2, 3 or 4At least 24 hours (meaning the next day) and at the latest 72 hours after taking the mifepristone tablet in the clinic, you insert four misoprostol tablets into your vagina. Please insert it as deep into your vagina as possible, just like a tampon. You may experience abdominal cramps and blood loss afterwards. The blood loss can be severe, more than during your period and accompanied by clots.
The remainder of the tablets will dissolve in time, but you can also remove them after half a day has passed. If vaginal insertion is a problem, you can also place the tablets under your tongue or swallow them with some water, but if you do so, you may experience increased discomfort with regard to side effects.
Pain and side effectsIn case of pain or cramps, you can take paracetamol. If this doesn’t help, you may also try ibuprofen or naproxen. The abdominal pain may be accompanied by flatulence, nausea, diarrhea and feeling a bit feverish. These complaints are caused by a disruption of the normal bowel movements by the misoprostol.
Blood lossThe blood loss may commence after the first two tablets of misoprostol, but usually it commences after the second batch of tablets. The pregnancy leaves the body through this blood. In some cases you can identify it as a small vesicle or membrane with flakes. It’s not always visible and sometimes it travels with a blood clot.
Coagulated blood may look like tissue. Most women experience five days of significant blood loss, some experience just one day of blood loss, others two weeks. The amount of blood loss decreases over time. The color of this blood loss starts out as bright red, then turns dark brown or black and finally turns light brown. If you have any doubts with regard to the amount of your blood loss (more than several hours four to six sanitary towels per hour required) please contact the clinic.
We advice against being home alone during the first hours after you taken the medication.
After treatment, the cervix will remain open for some time. This is why, for a period of at least two weeks after the treatment, we recommend to refrain from:– having any intercourse – using tampons– swimming or bathing (showering is allowed) Follow-up check-upIt is wise to have yourself retested about three weeks after the treatment. During this test, it’s not just verified whether or not the treatment is complete, but you will also be informed about possible birth- control methods. In addition there is also the opportunity to discuss how you are processing the treatment. This follow-up check-up can be performed in the clinic, but if you wish, you may also visit your general practitioner or make an appointment for a follow-up check-up by phone.
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