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Why do we lose hair?
Hair loss affects most people and their emotional response will range from mild concern to traumatic
despair. Hair loss also has a time frame whereby it may be a temporary state (eg. from weight loss) or
permanent state (eg. male pattern hair loss).
Genetically patterned hair loss is also known as male and female pattern baldness. Male and female
pattern hair loss starts when the male hormone testosterone is converted by the 5-alpha-reductase
to dihydrotestosterone, which attaches to the hair follicle at a receptor site and causes the hair
to fall out.
Other factors specifically affecting hair loss in WOMEN are: Other factors specifically affecting hair loss in MEN are: What is excessive hair loss?
The average adult has 100,000 hair follicles on her scalp. The anagen phase is the growth phase where
hairs remain in the follicle an average of 2 to 7 years. During this phase the hair grows between 5mm to
10mm a month. Around 90% of the scalp hairs are in the anagen phase at any time.
The telogen or the resting phase, is the final stage that lasts between 2-3 months. Hairs in the telogen
phase shed, and hairs that shed in this phase may regrow about 6 months after they have been shed,
being replaced by new hair in the anagen phase.
Regular hair loss should be between 40-70 hairs a day. Excessive hair loss is over 100 hairs a day.
Persons with excessive hair loss notice that they are shedding hair when they wash their hair, brush
their hair and by the hair fall on their pillows after sleeping.
Consumers suffering from excessive hair loss can manage and reduce the hair loss by using the Anuva
complex treatments
, and the Anuva shampoos and conditioners.
Anuva Cosmeceutic Haircare Product Knowledge V3.0 How is Anuva different from Rogaine (minoxidil)?
Rogaine is permitted by the U.S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA) to make the medical claim that itgrows hair. Only a drug certified by the FDA is allowed to make a medical claim that it can treat thesymptoms of hair loss.
However, The FDA website instructs that Rogaine only works for 1 in 4 men in studies measured in
excess of 1 year. Rogaine acts as a vasodilator; when it is applied directly to the scalp it causes dilation
of the blood vessels and increased blood flow to the scalp. In addition, any hair regrowth that one sees
is vellus hair, which is a very fine and weak hair, more like a fuzz, with light color, that grows from the
follicle. Vellus hair cannot be colored or permed.
The Anuva complexes in contrast stimulate and work with live hair follicles in the following manner:
The scalp vitalizing complex works to reduce excessive hair loss and promote healthy hair growth. The
scalp vitalizing complex delivers plant sterols to the hair follicle and these sterols act to inhibit
(DHT) from attaching the hair follicle receptor sites which causes the hair to fall
out prematurely, thereby shortening the anagen phase (growth phase) of the hair follicle. Through
inhibiting the destructiveness of DHT, the scalp vitalizing complex works to extend anagen phase
and the visible result is less hair shedding. Consumers using scalp vitalizing complex will visibly
notice less shedding of hair, notice less hair in their brushes and less hair fal ing out when they wash
their hair
The hair nourishing complex works to promote a coarser hair shaft and faster hair growth. The hair
nourishing complex uses a probiotic dermal respiratory factor to increase blood flow and oxygen
, and the uptake of amino acids and minerals into the hair follicle. This product is like a vitamin
that feeds and promotes growth. The visible result is faster hair growth, the quality of the hair growth,
and a thickening of the hair at the root.
How is Anuva different from Propecia (finasteride)?
Propecia is sold in pill form and inhibits the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. It is an
approved drug by the FDA for men only; there is no evidence that the drug works on women. In
addition, the drug needs to be prescribed by a doctor, it has clinical side effects and is expensive.
In contrast, the scalp vitalizing complex is a safe, natural and non-irritating alternative that can be used
by both men and women. The scalp vitalizing complex acts to inhibit the dihydrotestosterone from
attaching to the hair follicle receptor site. This action is very different from Propecia that acts to stop
the actual conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone.
Anuva Cosmeceutic Haircare Product Knowledge V3.0 Are the Anuva complexes medical grade products?
Definitely. The Anuva complexes contain pharmacologic doses of naturally derived treatment
ingredients (potent plant extracts) which are delivered transdermal y to the scalp and the hair follicle.
The complexes must be manufactured in small batches in a sterile “clean room” where even the air is
by ionization prior to manufacture. To preserve product purity and strength the complexes
are packaged in a glass bottle. The bottle is further packaged in an outer carton to shield the complexes
from light until the consumer is ready to use them.
Once an Anuva complex is opened and exposed to air and light, the Anuva complex should be usedwithin 45 days; if not, air and light will degrade its power and efficacy.
Anuva Cosmeceutic Haircare Product Knowledge V3.0



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