(Abstracts and Talks Not Included) 3/1/09 NAME Darrell Vincent Lewis, Jr., M.D. PRIMARY ACADEMIC APPOINTMENT Department of Pediatrics SECONDARY ACADEMIC APPOINTMENT Department of Neurobiology PRESENT ACADEMIC APPOINTMENT Professor DATE AND RANK OF FIRST ACADEMIC APPOINTMENT Assistant Professor, July 1978 MEDICAL Minnesota (#19201), July 2, 1970 LICENSURE North Carolina (#20309), August 8, 1978 SPECIALTY CERTIFICATION American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology- Neurology with special competence in Child Neurology (#348), January 1980; American Board of Qualification in Electroencephalography,Inc., December 1974 DATE OF BIRTH February 3, 1943, Minnesota Citizenship: USA EDUCATION High School: Mankato, Minnesota, 1961, Diploma College:University of Minnesota, B.A. 1965 SOCIETIES Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society, James University of Minnesota PROFESSIONAL July 1969-June 1971 Pediatric House Staff TRAINING & Member, Community and Harriet Lane ACADEMIC CAREER Services, Johns Hopkins Hospital, CONT. Baltimore, Maryland July Disease and Stroke, United States Public Health Services. July 1971-June 1975 Volunteer Pediatric Coordinator, Anacostia Community Health Center, 1358 W. Street, S.E. Washington, D.C. July 1975-June 1976 Fellow, Department of Pediatrics, Division of Pediatric Neurology, Center, Durham, NC July 1976-June 1978 Fellow, Department of Baltimore, Maryland July 1978 - March 1986 Assistant Professor Division University Medical Center, Durham, NC March 1986 - January 1998 Associate Professor Division of Pediatric Neurology, Duke University Medical Center September January 1983-June 1990 Medical director Electrophysiology Training Program, Duke University Medical Center July 1989 - June 1994 Assistant Professor Department of Neurobiology Duke University Medical Center August 1994 - Present Associate Professor Department of Neurobiology Duke University Medical Center April 1994 - 2002 Acting Chief Division of Pediatric Neurology Duke University Medical Center
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Member, Committee of Neurology Clinic Standards, North Carolina
Crippled Children's Program
Ad Hoc Member (1982,1992) Project Review B Committee, Neurological
Disorders Program, N.I.N.C.D.S.
Ad Hoc Member, Neurology Study Section A, National Institutes of
Health, February 1986 and 1988.
Member Neurobiology Steering Committee, Duke University Medical
Center, December 1985 - January 1986.
Member Neurobiology Search Committee, Duke University Medical
Center, May 1988 - March 1989.
Editorial Advisory Board, Jasper's Basic Mechanisms of the
Epilepsies, 1992 - 1997.
Member Neonatology Search Committee, Duke University Medical
Center, May 1992 - August 1992.
Member American Epilepsy Society Awards Committee, 1993 - 1995.
Member Hematology Oncology Search Committee, Duke University
Medical Center, August 1993 - January 1995.
Ad Hoc Member, Neurobiology 2 Study Section, National Institutes
of Health, 1993 - 1998.
Member, Neurological Sciences 2 Study Section, National Institutes
of Health, June 1994 - February 1998.
Special Services Advisory Committee, Duke University Medical
Center, December 1994 - December 1996.


American Epilepsy Society



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