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A. Day of Surgery:

Diet: Begin with liquids and light foods (jello, soup, etc) Progress to your normal diet if you are not nauseated.


Strong pain medication has been prescribed. Use as directed. Do not combine with alcohol. Be careful as you
walk, or climb stairs.
Pain medication may make you constipated.
Below are a few solutions to try in this order:
Decrease the amount of pain medication if you aren’t having pain. Drink prune juice and/or each dried prunes If the first 3 don’t work start with D and E if they do not work then go to F D. Take Colace – an over-the-counter stool softner Take Senokot – an over-the-counter laxative Take Miralax – another over-the-counter stronger laxative
If they don’t work call the office.
Ice: For the first 24 hours following surgery, use ice every couple of hours for 20-30 minutes except when you go
to bed. This will help reduce the swelling and minimize the pain.

Wear your sling as needed. It will be helpful to sleep propped up with pillows and with a pillow supporting
your elbow.
B. First and Second Post-Operative Day:

Medication: Continue to take pain medication as needed every 4-6 hours. Take Naprosyn every 12 hrs.
Ice: Continue to ice your shoulder 20 minutes at a time or use the Polar Care machine.
Bandage: Leave the bandage on your operative shoulder. Keep dry. The bandage may be slightly bloody or wet
from the portals. This is normal.
Sling: DO NOT wear the sling if tolerable. You may use the sling sparingly for comfort.
Exercises: Physical Therapy should start on the first or second post-operative day. Also, daily home range of
motion exercises should be implemented as instructed by the physical therapist.
C. Third Post-Operative Day Until Return Visit:
Medication: Continue to take pain medication as needed every 4-6 hours. Take Naprosyn every 12 hrs.
Ice: Continue as before.
Bandage: You may remove surgical bandage on 72 hours after surgery. Leave steri-strips (paper tapes) in
position if present. Place a band-aid over the wounds and change daily. DO NOT put any ointments or bacitracin
on incisions. You can shower after removing dressing if wounds are dry. Cover wounds with plastic wrap and
secure with tape when showering. If wounds get wet, gently pat the area dry. DO NOT soak your shoulder in
water or go swimming in a pool or the ocean.
Exercises: Continue physical therapy including home exercises.
Appointment: You should make a follow-up appointment for approx 7-10 days from surgery. Please call the
office the following business day after surgery.
Shoulder Response to Surgery: Your shoulder will be swollen. It may take a week or longer for all of this to go
away. It is also common to notice bruising around the shoulder and upper arm as the swelling resolves. If
excessive bleeding occurs, please notify my office.
Driving: You may not drive while taking pain medication. In addition, if it is your right arm that had surgery, you
will not be able to drive for approximately 6 weeks after surgery
Problems: If you have any problems or questions, please call my office.

Michael Angeline, MD


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