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Chris Smith
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The Illusion of the Solution It may be a strange statement to make, but when I set up my rehab centre, I built it on the premise that it had nothing to do with drugs and alcohol. Of course I could not tell clients or funders this – they would just object, but it remains true nevertheless. The practice of abstinence is living life without drugs and alcohol. A limitation of all systems looking at addiction therefore becomes the needs to continually refer to ‘the problem’ which itself is not the solution. Referral to abstinence is the solution so how do we learn how to turn from the problem to the solution? In part it helps to understand the nature of the problem but mostly we need to learn the nature of the solution. Below is a brief outline of the various models that have emerged to identify, explain and attempt to solve the ‘problem’. Models of Addiction There are 5 main recognised theories of addiction, they are:  medical model  psychodynamic model  social model  moral model  bio‐psycho‐social model The Problem of the Practitioner Each model focusses on a different set of assumptions and emphasises a particular approach to resolving the problem of addiction. Most practitioners begin with their pet theories often based on their own experience; they rarely look outside their given approach and so attempt to conform every client into a process that may not naturally apply or work. The same applies to most addicts – they begin with a view on life and seek to affirm this – even if it means using drugs and alcohol. It is important therefore for the practitioner to look closely at each model, understand how to work within it and to use the relative strengths and issues each presents to fit to the assessed needs of the client. Chris Smith
addiction specialist
Addiction is sign of 'bankrupt' It can offer a spiritual It is a progressive disease that goes through stages. The simplicity of the approach makes it good for The cause of addiction is due self-help groups to easily Chris Smith
addiction specialist
Blame may be placed on cultural or environmental factors rather Environmental effects lead to Prevention is a key factor – of creating safe environments It can lead to the promotion of and cultural influences play a It helps to identify at-risk individual in relation to his or It can address addiction All models are true, to greater It captures 'everything'. recovery It can be too complex a process require addressing the body, with a long initial period of employment, family issues, overload or appear too daunting. It promotes a team approach who have been through many treatment episodes or different systems rather than those early A developmental approach to It is delivered in an Chris Smith
addiction specialist
Addiction is used as a coping mechanism. mechanisms (past traumas/ relationships/ etc), instead of By treating underlying issues personal responsibility. relapse – the client moves on It is not a holistic model; it seeks Addiction is a manifestation of internal conflict – resolve Drug/alcohol abuse is seen as It may encourage clients to It is the concern of the practitioner to understand and use the appropriate models. The client’s role is to turn the attention to issues of abstinent living and absorb more fully into what it offers and reveals. The curiosity of the client to understand the effectiveness of any system in any other way than by its experience is at best a distraction and at worse leads to a person knowing a lot about something they cannot achieve. If the system or set if ideas we have run in our lives has brought with it the problem of addiction, first we must de-programme or unlearn our way of living. The introduction of key concepts of abstinence and how they can be practically applied and lived naturally dissolves the old structures and brings


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