Science Sold Out: Does HIV Really
Cause AIDS? by Rebecca Culshaw

There are many well-established scientific reasons that the HIV/AIDS hypothesis is highly doubtful. In Science Sold Out, Rebecca Culshaw describes her slow uncovering of these reasons over her years researching HIV for her work constructing mathematical models of its interaction with the immune system. It is rare that a researcher who has received funding to study HIV ever expresses any doubt in the paradigm, and an even rarer event still when she abandons the field altogether. This book focuses on the changing definition of AIDS and the flaws in all HIV testing. In a much broader sense, it explains how the current, government-based structure of scientific research has corrupted science as the search for truth. It offers not only scientific reasons for HIV/AIDS being untenable, but also sociological explanations as to how the theory was accepted by the media and the world so quickly. In particular, this book offers a scathing criticism of the outrageous discriminatory measures that have been leveled at HIV-positives from the inception. My Personal Review: Science has indeed sold out and this book outlines the horrifying events that have resulted. Is it any wonder, considering how corporatized our culture has become, that Science too would fal prey to the almighty bottom line. The brand of science used in support of HIV is highly specious and has far more in common with religious dogma than with real science, and Dr. Culshaw brilliantly and succinctly exposes that dogma, at every turn. The previous reviewer (Kate Volpe) is typical of the AIDS apologists frequently described in the book. Her review employs the cliched propaganda of the status quo in a pathetic attempt to malign Dr. Culshaws character, while carefully neglecting to deal the many salient issues that this book boldly addresses. Such underhanded tactics seem to be the norm when one defends HIV, for its also seems that the theory has proven to be quite devoid of tangible explanatory value. Furthermore, Ms. Volpes exaggerated incredulity is simply appalling, and I shudder to think of a future where there are no more people still buying these kind of books, for many more of these kinds of books - books that reveal unpopular truths - will be necessary if we are to have hope for the future, given the present state of things. Regardless, we need to restore rigor and objectivity to Science, and we can only do that by honestly assessing its present unsound condition. Removing the numerous conflicts of interests that are exemplar in HIV science is a good place to start. Of course, we could al go merrily along our way, mindlessly believing the pollyanna spewed forth by rubes like Ms. Volpe, but Ill think well all be better served if there is a public examination of the disputed facts used in support of HIV. Either way, Ill personally continue to require my f acts to be a product of the evidence, unfettered by preconceived expectations and most certainly not mere statements of faith based on a corrupt consensus. That said, lets compare Ms. Volpes notion of fact to Ms. Culshaws. Ms. Volpe writes: The facts are that HIV treatment is remarkably effective and has given people with HIV a new lease on life. The facts are that our focus now is getting these effective medications to the developing world, to the millions of children and adults who wil die otherwise. Contrast that fact-less tripe with the following quote from the book that we are presently reviewing: So healthy people stay healthy for a while and this is credited to the drugs--but there is no evidence to say that they would not have remained healthy even if they never took any medication at al . This is due to the fact that clinical trials of anti-HIV drugs rarely if ever use placebo controls, so there is no way to determine whether, for example, nevirapine is better than nothing.activists and researchers alike defend this fundamental y unscientific notion by saying that denying toxic drugs to HIV-positives is unethical. As this passage demonstrates, anyone who values reason over emotion will discover many insights by reading this book, and you will equally discover that no harm will come from that simple act, contrary to what HIV pundits would have you believe. In fact, your experience may be similar to my own, and you may find yourself shocked and furious to discover the low standards by which HIV=AIDS has been measured. Regardless, this brief excerpt from Dr. Culshaws book demonstrates that propaganda and fear -mongering are inferior to reason when evaluating the facts of any matter. In closing this review, it should be noted that the new leading c ause of death with HIV-positive AIDS patients is liver failure -- most likely due to the toxic medications that Ms. Volpe wants to ceremoniously deliver to the developing world. Of course, HIV defenders hide this fact by labeling all HIV-positive AIDS deaths as being from complications of AIDS. Wel , it is imperative to our collective health that we all better understand what those complications really entail, and you can certainly get a better understanding of that nebulous phrase by reading this very important book. For More 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price:

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