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Datum: Januar 2005
Redakteur: Olaf Strubelt
Holding on to existing buildings but finding new
uses for them.
Schalksmühle / Germany. The volume of renovation work being
performed in existing buildings is almost one-and-a-half times the number of new buildings being built. In keeping with this trend, Kaiser offers a comprehensive product range specially for renovation work. The faltering population figures, the sufficient supply of accommoda- tion and the need to find new uses for existing buildings are the pri- mary causes behind the high number of existing buildings undergoing renovation. Many buildings would be considered old-fashioned by current technological standards so they can hardly be expected to meet the demands and requirements which will be placed on them in the future. Half of all existing buildings were built between 1949 and 1980, and less than 10% were built since 1990. Of the approx. 35 million apartments throughout Germany, around 30% are in need of Renovating existing buildings is of particular interest to small and me- Publisher:
dium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as a high degree of flexibility and technical know-how are required here. As modernisation and change cycles - especially in buildings used in industry - are becoming shorter and shorter, the products developed for use here must show the same level of flexibility. Particularly when it comes to long-term building and planning, product developers should give due considera- Editorial office:
tion to the changing requirements which a building will have to meet. Kaiser, Schalksmühle, a leading company in the electrical installation market, has developed products specifically for use in repair, renova- tion and modernisation and work and adapting buildings so they can be used for alternative purposes. These products and systems pri- marily treat the "Fire protection" and "Energy saving measures" ar- Print free of charge – specimen copy
KAISER offers two mounting housing systems for lights and loud- FlamoX® is a housing system which has the same fire protection class as suspended F 30 ceilings if a fire occurs. The intelligent hous- ings automatically close the entry openings if a fire occurs and are suitable for halogen and energy-saving lights and loudspeakers. The dimensions of the housings allow them to be easily adapted to other The FlamoX® housings are DIBt-certified (Z-19.15-1582 + Z-19.15- 1623) and were awarded with the "Renovation" innovation prize at the The ThermoX® housings are designed for halogen lights in insulated hollow ceilings. The housings prevent inflammable materials such as foils, insulation material or wood from touching the lights - which can have a temperature up to 250° C. Suitable for high and low voltages alike, the housings feature a built-in transformer chute and offer vari- able entry openings, as well as being airtight and naturally halogen- Both housing types can be easily installed in existing buildings - this makes them ideal for renovation work. Thanks to their steplessly vari- able entry openings, both FlamoX® and ThermoX® offer absolute planning freedom. A large number of lights and loudspeakers avail- able on the market can be found in these housings. A thick building shell is required in order to meet the primary energy consumption values required by the Energy Saving Regulation (EnEV). Kaiser offers a complete product range for the airtight electri- cal installation as well as for the flush-mounting and cavity wall. The airtight cavity wall system consists of various one-gang and con- nection boxes, a wide range of accessories and special tools so you can work quickly and safely. This type of installation is of particular interest if facing shells are used. Among the new products recently launched are airtight sleeves, which require only minimal manual work in order to securely seal cable entries in damp blocks. The ThermoX® mounting housing mentioned at the start deserves another mention here as it allows airtight installation of lights. Airtight one-gang junction boxes are also available for flush-mounting installation. Of particular interest here are the sealing inserts for exist- ing flush-mounting installations. These inserts can quite simply be inserted into existing boxes. It is therefore possible to achieve a very advantageous solution with minimal costs and manhours. Kaiser also offers these sealing inserts for cavity wall installation. Kaiser offers special equipment carriers and one-gang boxes for as- sembly and installation when insulating exterior walls. The universal and telescope equipment carriers offer a secure hold for a wide range of components despite heavy insulation (up to 360 mm). This makes it possible to mount lights, motion detectors, sockets, intercoms, cameras and much more without compromising the insulation effect. The ISO box set and ISO extension rings are particularly useful for switches and sockets as they allow existing boxes to be extended KAISER GmbH & Co. KG, Ramsloh 4, D-58579 Schalksmühle Tel.: +49(0)23 55 / 8 09-0, Fax: +49(0)23 55 / 8 09-21 E-Mail:, Internet: Captions:
protection for insulated cavity ceilings

" Airtight opening" of a Kaiser cavity Kaiser air-tight sleeve sticks to foils,


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