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Take Home Practice Exam Drugs and Society SOC 322 Spring 2012
Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.
1. Cannabis exhibits some of the characteristics of ____________.
2. Psychoactive substances associated with raves are known as _________.
3. Inhalants such as glue and paint thinner are categorized as ___________.
4. According to Shiffman and Balabanis, both tobacco and alcohol share a role as _______ drugs that precedes most subsequent use of marijuana and cocaine.
5. The __________ Amendment initiated national prohibition.
6. The amendment that enacted Prohibition was ratified in ________.
7. Arab traders brought opium to __________ for use in medicine.
8. Southern support for antidrug legislation in the early 1900s focused on the alleged abuse of cocaine by illegal Hispanic immigrants from throughout South and Central America 9. Congress used its taxing authority to control drugs because of ________________.
the states’ insistence that expensive efforts to control drugs were a federal responsibility the resulting ease of prosecuting violators Name: ________________________
____ 10. The U.S. Supreme Court allowed small doses of drugs for the relief of an addict in ___________.
United States v. Behrman (1922) Linder v. United States (1925) Webb v. United States (1919) United States v. Doremus (1919) ____ 11. Neurotransmitter levels are controlled by chemicals in the presynaptic terminal known as _________.
____ 12. Substances that stimulate receptor sites are known as __________.
____ 13. Psychoactive drugs are absorbed into the bloodstream and quickly carried to the _______ ____ 14. __________ appear as branches of a tree and receive messages from other neurons.
____ 15. __________ often carry a gene that makes them physically ill and flushed before they can consume an ____ 16. Most long-term alcoholics suffer from Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome, a deficiency in: ____ 17. Regular use of moderate daily amounts of alcohol ______________.
promotes psychological health and well-being can produce psychological and physical dependence ____ 18. Heroin depletes the neurotransmitter ___________________.
____ 19. Unlike other drugs of abuse, alcohol __________________.
is partially eliminated through the lungs and urine ____ 20. In the presynaptic terminals of normal people, monoamine oxidases (MAO) control the level of Name: ________________________
____ 21. Coca base is treated with __________ to synthesize cocaine hydrochloride.
____ 22. Between ________ kilograms of coca leaves are required to make one kilo of coca paste.
____ 23. When cocaine is inhaled, its effects peak in ______________.
____ 24. Crack is made by cooking cocaine in a mixture of __________ and water.
____ 25. Cocaine users can suffer from a sensation similar to that of bugs crawling under the skin, a phenomenon ____ 26. The sensory illusions produced by hallucinogens are often accompanied by ________.
severely depressive mood alterations that mimic severe mental illness ____ 27. Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) was synthesized in __________________.
____ 28. The term psychedelic was coined by __________________.
psychologist and psychedelic drug use advocate Timothy Leary in 1957 the British rock group The Beatles in 1965 American writer (Howl)-cum-beatnik Allen Ginsberg in 1956 ____ 29. The death of __________ in 2009 cast a spotlight on propofol, a widely used, short-acting intravenous sedative-hypnotic used in the induction and maintenance of anesthesia or sedation.
____ 30. Sociological theory __________________.
____ 31. The third stage of alcohol addiction involves __________ drinking.
Name: ________________________
____ 32. The first stage of alcohol addiction involves __________ drinking.
____ 33. The second stage of alcohol addiction involves __________ drinking.
____ 34. The third stage of cocaine addiction involves __________ use.
____ 35. The first stage of cocaine addiction involves __________ use.
____ 36. In general, cocaine abusers __________________.
do not appear to present any clearly discernible subculture present a loosely structured subcultural pattern delineated by socioeconomic status present a highly structured subcultural pattern delineated by socioeconomic status present a loosely structured subcultural pattern delineated by form of use (i.e., powder versus crack) ____ 37. The __________ response to anomie involves using illegitimate means to gain success.
____ 38. Freud posited that the __________ consists of what we are currently thinking.
____ 39. Which of the following is cited in the text as a noted behaviorist? ____ 40. When some aspect of animal or human behavior is followed by a certain type of consequence—a reward—the behavior is more likely to be repeated. The reward is called _________________.


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