Advertisrs on ‘californication’– 3 sept 2007

Advertisers on Channel 10’s ‘Californication’ – 3 Sept 2007
Collated by Salt Shakers

Politely ask the advertisers below to withdraw their ads from this harmful Channel 10 program which
demeans women, has very frequent foul language, and denigrates the Christian faith.

Melbourne advertisers - Monday 3 September
Arnotts Tim Tams
Feedback page: online form at Phone - Freecall 1800 24 24 92 (Australia)
To put your complaint in writing online, go to (OR The actual form is at )
Phone: The Telstra Switchboard is 1300 368 387
Benadryl cough medicine
Made by 'Johnson & Johnson'
Contact page: Email - fil in the online form atTol free phone number: Johnson & Johnson - 1800 029 979
Volkswagen Passat
The online contact form is at
Pitos Potato chips
Made by Unisnack:
Freecall: 1800 992 655
Contact details page:
Yellow Pages
Online contact form:
South Australia - Sunday 2 Sept
Names of companies supplied by Festival of Light

SUNDAY (10.10 pm) - re-run of first episode
Spotlight (5 ads);
Spotlight had a new store opening and a package for multiple ads. After FOL contacted them, they told Channel 10 they did not want their company advertising on Californication. Thank them on ! Pitos potato chips (2)
see Victoria
Cash Converters
Email: Phone: (08) 9221 9111
Email: Good news! They have asked Channel 10 not to use their ads during
Californication. Please thank them.
Phone: Cal 13 13 76
Contact page:
Ashley & Martin
Email: If this bounces, post to Level 21, 44 Market St, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: 08 8227 1577
Contact details page:
Kelloggs "Just Right"
Online form atPhone: 1800 000 474
Contact details page:
Health Partners (a Health fund)
Online form and contact details:Ph: 1300 113 113 - or 1800 182 322 outside Adelaide metropolitan area or interstate.
Online form atPhone: Customer Service Centre on Freecal 1800 811 611
Snickers chocolate bar is made by MasterFoods.
Online contact form: Phone: 1800 816 016
SA - MONDAY (9.30 pm):
For dentures - made by GlaxoSmithKline
Phone: (02) 9684 0888
Contact page:
Suzuki Swift
Phone: Freecal Suzuki Customer Care: 1800 777 088
Contact page:
Adelaide Airport
Telephone: +61 8 8308 9211
Email: Contact page:
Coopers Beer (2)
Email: Phone - (08) 8440 1800
Pitos (2)
See Victoria above
VolksWagen Passat
See Victoria above.
Uni SA
Alan Brideson, Director Marketing and Development Unit
General Uni SA phone: 08 8302 6611
Bank SA
see above
Ashley & Martin
see above
Windex window cleaner
made by S C Johnson & Son.
Online form:
Phone: Feedback cal 1800 801 869
The company website says "For over a century, the Johnson family has demanded only the best for families
everywhere and has demonstrated a strong commitment to making the world a better place."
WA - Monday 3 Sept
Polident - see above

Pitos - see above

Cash Converters
Email: WA - (08) 9221 9111
Duck Liquid Toilet Cleaner
Made by S C Johnson & Son. see SA list.
The Athlete's Foot
Phone: Toll free 1800 677 621
Volkswagen Passat
see Victoria list.
Ford Ranger
Ford contact - online form at
Phone: 13 3673
Glade Clean and Pure
S C Johnson & Son again.
ING Direct
Email -
New catalog coming soon
Phone: (08) 9242 6464 or 1800 199 599
Red Rooster
For new skin free gril s
WA Office:
Email: Ph: (08) 9240 9777
Toowoomba and other local areas – check the program and advertisers
Geoffrey Bul ock (Queensland Festival of Light) contacted a number of local and national companies advertising on Californication in Toowoomba.
Six businesses - WOW Sight & Sound, Mitre 10, GE Money, Aussie Home Loans, Bridgestone Tyres, NetAlert - said they would ask Channel 10 NOT to show their ads during the program. Several others said they would consider asking Channel 10 to pul their ads.


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