24-Hour Urine Test, Collection Instructions _____________________________________________________________________________________________ The information your doctor receives from your test(s) is only as accurate as the collection procedure you follow. Therefore, it is important that you collect the urine in the following manner: 1. You must begin all 24-hour urine collections with an empty bladder. When you wake up the morning of the day the collection is to begin, empty your bladder, discard the urine and note the time. 2. Collect all urine throughout the day and night. Keep samples refrigerated at all
times unless otherwise specified.
3. The next morning wake up at the same time you did the day you began the collection, empty your bladder and add this to the urine you collected the day before. This completes the 24-hour urine collection. 4. Return specimen to a Weland Clinical Laboratories site as soon as possible after IMPORTANT: Before you stop taking any medications you must check with your
The following is a list of preparation requirements for tests requiring 24 hour urine collection: 5-HIAA –Patients should avoid for a 72-hour period prior to and during collection
the following foods and drugs or any compound containing these drugs;
avocados, bananas, eggplant, plantain, plums, tomatoes, pineapples, walnuts,
taking cough syrup containing guaifenesin, Tylenol, Empirin, Acetanilid, Glyceryl
Guaiacolate, Mephenesin, Methocarbamol, Reserpine, Chlorpromazine,
Promazine, Imipramine, Isoniazid, MAO Inhibitors, Methenamine, Methyldopa
and Phenothiazines.
17 Hydroxycorticosteriods – No special preparation required.
17 Ketosteriods - No special preparation required.
17 Ketogenic Steroids - No special preparation required.
Weland Clinical Laboratory | Instructions for Specimen Collection Catecholamines – Avoid patient stress. Many drugs (reserpine and alpha
methyldopam, levadopa, monoamine oxidase inhibitors and sympathomimetic
amines) may interfere and should be discontinued two weeks prior to specimen
collection. Nose drops, sinus and cough medicines, bronchodilators and appetite
– agonists, calcium channel blockers, converting enzyme blockers, and laetalol may interfere. Mandelamine® interferes, but thiazides do not. Caffeine products should be avoided before and during collection. The patient should not be subjected to hypoglycemia or exertion. Increased intracranial pressure and clonidine withdrawal can cause false-positive results. Citric Acid - No special preparation required.
Creatinine – No special preparation required.
Heavy Metals – Patients should avoid seafood and red wine 72 hours prior to
Oxalate – No special preparation required.
Metanephrines – No caffeine before or during collection. Monamine oxidase
inhibitors (Marplan, Nardil, Parnate) should be discontinued at least one (1) week
prior to beginning collection.
Vanillylmandelic Acid VMA – Patients should avoid for 72 hours prior to
collection salicylates, caffeine, phenothiazine and antihypertension agents. Also
coffee, tea, chocolate, fruit (especially bananas and any vanilla containing
Weland Clinical Laboratory | Instructions for Specimen Collection

Source: http://www.welandlaboratories.com/pdf/specimen/Weland_24_Hour_Urine_Collection.pdf


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