Technical data sheet

Technical Data Sheet
A full bodied mayonnaise type emulsion for use in the eradication of wood-boring insects and the treatment
of fungal decay after curing dampness. The active ingredients are Permethrin and Organoboron Ester
(Borester 7).
All Permagard timber preservatives are approved for use under the HSE Control of Pesticides Regulations
1986 for use as directed.
All Bats are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. Before treating and structure used by
Bats, consult English nature, Scottish Natural Heritage or the Countryside Council for Wales.
For the pre-treatment and remedial treatment of timber where access is restricted or where treatment by
conventional fluid methods may not be adequate ie.
1. Timber which is particularly prone to decay ie wall plates, joists and
rafter ends, gutter boards, soffits, lintels etc.
2. Large cross section beams particularly in old buildings.
3. Timbers permanently in contact with the ground.
Apply Permatreat to the timber by using a caulking gun or by brush, trowel or gloved hand liberally covering
the surface. Injection into the timber can also be used and is particularly recommended when treating Death
Watch Beetle.

Check the structural integrity of the timbers to be treated and remove any severely infested timber. Ensure
that any new timber is treated with a suitable preservative. Ensure that cut ends of timber are also fully
In areas affected by fungal decay take all necessary actions to eliminate the source of dampness and to
promote drying out.
Thoroughly clean all timbers – vacuum cleaning preferred.
Permatreat Paste does not ‘dry’ out but continues to penetrate over a long period of time depending on the
rate of application and the absorption characteristics of the timber.
Can leave a slight deposit on the surface of the treated timber.
Not for use on timbers to be painted or glued.
Higher safety – Permethrin products have a very low mammalian toxicity and offer a higher degree of safety
during and after use than many other Wood Preservatives and are of low environmental impact.


15/35 litres of Permatreat is normally needed to treat 1 cubic metre of timber. The rate of application however will depend on the degree of
Packing 10

Drying Time
does not dry out but continues to penetrate over a long time in sealed containers away from excessive heat or frost. Stir if necessary

Harmful by skin contact and if swallowed. Irritating to eyes and skin
Ensure adequate ventilation when applying
Wear suitable protective clothing namely – synthetic rubber/pvc gloves and face protection when handling
Wash hands and exposed skin before meals and after work
When using do not eat, smoke or drink
Cover water storage tanks before application
Do not apply to surfaces on which food is prepared and cover all foodstuffs before application
Children and pets should be kept away from treated areas for 48 hours
Dangerous to fish. Do not contaminate ponds, waterways or ditches with chemical or used containers. Do
not use on beehives or beekeeping equipment. Avoid direct contact with plant life.
Keep in original container tightly closed in a safe place out of reach of children
Dispose of material and its container in a safe way
COSHH Regulations should be adhered to where applicable
HSE No 4075.


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Tel: 0117 938 1596 Fax: 0117 938 1584


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