Dr. Renate Stelzig-Schoeler Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy 1 Christian- Doppler-Clinic Salzburg Paracelsus Private Medical University Salzburg CURRICULUM VITAE
Citizenship: Austrian
Marital status: married to Dr. Manfred Stelzig


General qualification for university entrance („Matura“), Akademisches Gymnasium Vienna Graduation to Medical Doctor, University of Vienna, Austria. Exchange year in South Africa, Internship in the Tygerberg Hospital, Stel enbosch University Medical Clinic, Cape Town 1982 Department for Neurology, Landesnervenklinik Salzburg, Beginning of medical consultant training Changeover to the Psychiatric Hospital Department, Completion of medical consultant training, consequently, specialist registrar for Psychiatry and 1996 Department of Psychiatry 1, Christian-Doppler-Clinic (for- mer Landesnervenklinik), nomination to senior physician 2009 Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy1, University Clinic, the first appointed senior physician, executive board Univ. Prof. Christoph Stuppaeck, as wel as chief of the Social Psychiatry Centre (Day-hospital and Rehabilitation services)

Additional Qualifications

Registry as an under oath confirmed, certified and authorized forensic psychiatry expert for Neurology, with emphasis on psychiatry. Since then, conducting
div. consulting functions

 Social Psychiatry( in the context of the main seminar “Psychiatry”)
 Basics of Psychiatry and Trauma, University of Applied Sciences Salzburg GmbH,

 Aichhorn, W., Santeler, S., Stelzig-Schoeler, R., Kemmler, G., Steinmayr- Gensluckner, M., & Hinterhuber, H. (2008). Prävalenz psychiatrischer Erkrankun-gen bei wohnungslosen Jugendlichen. Neuropsychiatrie, 22, 180-188.  Aichhorn, W., Weiss, U., Marksteiner, J., Kemmler, G., Walch, T., Zernig, G., Stel- zig-Schoeler, R., Stuppaeck, C., & Geretsegger, C. (2005). Influence of age and gender on risperidone plasmaconcentrations. Journal of Psychopharmacology, 19(4), 395-401.  Geretsegger, C., Bitterlich, W., Stelzig-Schoeler, R., Stuppäck, C., Bondy, B., & Aichhorn., W. (2008). Paroxetine with Pindolol augmentation: A double-blind, randomized, placebo-control ed Study in depressed in-patients. European Neu-ropsychopharmokology, 18(2), 141-146.  Krautgartner, M., Unger, A., Friedrich, F., Stelzig-Schoeler, R., Rittmannsberger, H., Simhandl, W., Gril , W., Doby, D., & Wancata, J. (2005). Risiken für Depressivität bei den Angehörigen Schizophrenie-Kranker. Neurospychiatrie,19(3),148-154.  Stelzig-Schoeler, R., Hasselbring, L., Yazdi, K., Thun-Hohenstein, L., Stuppaeck, C., & Aichhorn, W. (2011). Häufigkeit und Risikofaktoren für psychische Auffäl igkei-ten bei Kindern psychiatrischer Patienten. Neuropsychiatrie, 25, 192-198.  Stelzig-Schoeler, R., Keglevic, M., & Haberfel ner, E. M. (2009). Psychiatrische Rehabilitation in Österreich. Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie, 5(1), 10-16  Unger, A., Krautgartner, M., Freidl, M., Stelzig-Schoeler, R., Rittmannsberger, H., Simhandl, C., Gril , W., Doby, D., & Wancata, J. (2005). Der Bedarf der Angehö-rigen Schizophrenie-Kranker. Neuropsychiatrie,19, 141-147.
 Development and planning of outpatient facilities for psychosocial health support and care, since 1998 and current.  Co-editor of a book concerning psychiatric-psychosocial health care in Salz-  Years of working experience in the Pro Mente association, until 2010  Since 2008 member of the Committee IV of the Human Rights Advisory Board
Salzburg, am 06,02.2ß13

Source: http://volksanwaltschaft.gv.at/downloads/7muor/CV%20Renate%20Stelzig-Schoeler%20EN.pdf

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