Recruitment Event Ideas
Go to a college or professional sporting event.
Have some kind of eating contest (pies, burritos, etc.).
Hand out prepared fact sheets about AGR.
Go play putt-putt at a local course.
A night at the horse races/dog track.
Set up displays in the house depicting National Conventions, major chapter functions, socialservice, etc.
Set up officers and brothers in various locations to talk about how the chapter functions.
Involve alumni as guest speakers or as rush event hosts.
Prepare and make available a biographical sketch on all brothers.
Have a popular professor or coach speak to the group.
Feature a special meal such as shish kebabs, polecat stew, chile con carne with venison, etc.
Poker party -- break out the cards and set up different games. Use peanuts instead of moneyas barter. Offer prizes for those with the most peanuts at the end of the night.
Casino night -- rent some casino equipment from a rental business and dress up brothers towatch over the tables. Get some girls over to liven up the atmosphere.
Coffee shop with entertainment -- serve coffee, tea and "mocktails" with hors d'oeuvres. Havea folk or jazz band. Set tables up around your main room to look like a coffee shop.
Snow or sand sculpture party -- have a contest to see who can make the most creativesculpture. Depending on the locale, you can serve either hot chocolate or coffee with doughnutsor hot dogs, chips and pop.
Pumpkin carving -- set up teams of brothers and prospects. Provide pumpkins, set yourwatches and have a timed contest to see who has the best, worst, and wildest pumpkins.
Graffiti party -- cover the walls with paper and provide either magic markers or tempera paintand let guests write their favorite graffiti. Set up music and serve snacks and soft drinks.
Air band competition -- you can open this up to the entire campus in conjunction with yourrecruit party. All you need is a stage, a sound system and a group of judges.
Film festival -- show Three Stooges, Bugs Bunny, Monty Python or other college favorites. Serve popcorn, pretzels and soft drinks.
Steak and shake party -- grill some steaks with corn on the cob and bread. Invite over somewomen and after dinner, crank up the music and hit the dance floor.
Collegiate feud -- this is based on the TV show "Family Feud". Split up the brothers andprospects into teams and have your emcee ask questions relating to college life. Beforehand,poll dorms or sororities to find out what the answers will be.
Cajun night -- serve catfish, shrimp and crayfish. Have a Dixieland band as entertainment.
"Let Me Entertain You" -- have sororities, dorms and brothers from your chapter perform skitsand provide talent. Let the prospects be the judges. Serve hors d'oeuvres and soft drinks.
Roller or ice skating with sorority -- contact a rink to check out group prices and the possibilityof renting out the place for your group only. Serve hot chocolate and doughnuts back at thehouse.
Hay-ride and bonfire -- set up a hay-ride. Invite a sorority and take your prospects for a rideout to a field where a bonfire has been set up. A perfect fall event! Swimming pool party -- this can be held at a brother's or an alumnus' home or at a schoolcommunity pool. Food and beverages can be served.
32. Brother Redenbacher party -- offer a variety of popcorn flavors: cheddar, regular, Hiking -- this can be done with small groups. If you're near a state park or wooded areas,you're in luck! This sort of activity can be done at any time of the year.
Rent a bus for away games -- reserve a bus and take your prospects to an away basketball orfootball game.
Brunches -- for a change of pace, have an early weekend brunch. It's a great way to start a DJ parties -- hire a DJ and set up a good stereo system; invite over a sorority and have a party.
Serve soft drinks and snacks.
Hawaiian Luau -- decorate the house in a tropical motif. Roast a pig -- serve pineapple andcoconuts. Have a non-alcoholic punch.
Canoe expedition -- if there's a river nearby, this can be an excellent day event for a group ofbrothers and prospects. Golf outing -- make arrangements with a local golf course for group rates. Invite prospects andlocal alumni and hit the links! This can be fun for everyone -- even those that aren't expertgolfers.
Exchange suppers -- invite a sorority over for dinner along with your prospects or split up thegroup and send half to a sorority house and have the other half at your house.
Trivial Pursuit party -- this can be a fun small group event. All you need are a few TrivialPursuit boards and a group of prospects -- get set to test your knowledge! Around the world -- instead of a different drink in every room -- set up different fondue pots. Have each room serve soft drinks and hors d'oeuvres, and decorate to represent a country.
Mexican South of the Border party -- serve tacos and other Mexican food. Break out thecowboy hats and boots for this popular theme party.
Car show -- check with a local dealership to see if you can have a sports car display at yourhouse. Park the cars in your parking lot or driveway. Have in conjunction with a cookout.
New Year's Eve party -- this can be held any time of the year! Serve food and non-alcoholicchampagne. Put up paper on the walls and have guests write their resolutions. Hand outnoisemakers, etc.
Movie events -- get a popular film or Video player and cartridges. Most towns now have rentalstores. Show a film after dinner one evening. Serve soft drinks and munchies.
Guest speakers -- the possibilities are limitless here. Invite an outstanding alumnus, a memberof the faculty or administration, sports coach, politician, etc. to speak after dinner or during anevening reception. Try to find an upbeat topic that will hold the prospects' interest. Coffee, softdrinks, and light snacks can be served.
Dessert night -- set up a dessert table with cookies, cakes, pies, ice cream, etc. Serve coffee,tea and punch. Invite over a sorority or female dorm.
Build your own sundaes -- buy plenty of ice cream and let prospects choose their own toppingssuch as nuts, fudge, butterscotch, caramel, strawberries, etc.
Hypnotist or magician show -- either of these types of performances make for an enjoyableevening. Serve soft drinks and munchies.
Mud-wrestling tourney -- all you need for this is a backyard arena section with plenty of mud. Find some willing participants and a referee who isn't afraid of getting dirty.
Monday night football -- a favorite for the fall. All you need is a large TV, snacks and softdrinks. You might even set up a friendly football pool with prizes.
Go as group to school athletic events -- invite prospects over for dinner, then go as a group to aschool athletic event. Have a section blocked off or the group if possible and show your schoolspirit.
Hot tub party -- rent a portable hot tub, have music and refreshments. A great party any time.
Water slides -- this is a great mixer, especially during summer rush. See if the chapter can havethe park all to themselves.
Miniature golf -- set up a tournament, golf in 8 quads (2 members and 2 guests). Serve snacksand soft drinks or go for pizza afterwards.
Charades -- break up into teams and play charades. Serve snacks and soft drinks.
Fireside chat with the University President -- invite the President of the College/University to thehouse; serve coffee, tea or hot chocolate and snacks. This is a great opportunity to meet thePresident, hear what he has to say and ask questions.
Grand Prix race -- Take prospectives to a Go Cart Track for races. Follow this with abarbecue or cookout.
Goofy games -- you could combine the above with a whole series of games such as a sackrace, pyramid building, egg toss, etc.
Box lunch auction -- arrange with a sorority to provide picnic or box lunches for two. Prospects and brothers bid on boxes not knowing who made them. Buyers then share theirlunch with the girl who made it. An interesting way to help prospects make friends on campusand have a great picnic. Proceeds can go to charity.
Crazy ball -- sponsor a joint softball game with a sorority. Prior to the game, the womenestablish crazy rules; make the men run backwards, hit the ball with one hand, etc. Top off witha cookout.
Chicken fry -- excellent event for not only prospects but also alumni, parents, and faculty. An outside affair to include fried chicken in large cast-iron skillets and a bluegrass band.
Study buddy -- provide prospects with study kits that include snacks, fruit, aspirin, studysupplies, etc. Deliver kits to the prospects' rooms with note wishing them best of luck withtests, etc. and inviting them to a study break one night.
Food festivals -- chapter-sponsored booths offering samples of various ethnic foods such asegg rolls, tacos, pizza bread, Greek salad, etc. Local restaurants could be solicited for theirinvolvement and the event could even be campus-wide.
Major party -- everyone dress like the stereotype of their major.
Childhood days -- dress like you did when you were a kid and participate in games like racingtricycles, a jacks contest or "twister".
Croquet tournament -- set up your lawn for a big croquet game. Serve refreshments.
Intramural events -- pair up with some girls but have a coed game getting all the prospectsinvolved. Volleyball, softball, basketball, flag football are a few suggestions.
Room to room -- tour rooms of house each different to demonstrate the AGR experience(academic room, intramural room, social room, etc.
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