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For immediate release

For Immediate Release
The Red Door Gallery and Collective
"Insights of Life from the Shadows of Death"
- James P. Anderson (Artist on Death Row) Opening Reception August 7th 6-10pm
Curators: Yasmin Lambie-Simpson, Lisa Rasmussen and Lauren Odell Usher

What happens when one is confronted with violence and death? The Red Door Gallery and
Collective presents, Insights of Life from the Shadows of Death
an exhibition
focusing on the past, present and future of art for human rights and art against violence.
Join us as we bring the community together in one space in hopes of shedding light on
human rights issues and the cause and effect of violence on our streets, in our community
and around the world. There are several perspectives surrounding these issues and we
hope to cover as many of them as possible. What can art do for humanity? Has art helped
you heal? What are the new visual symbols of non-violence? Art is not only a powerful
healing tool for those who suffer from the ripples of violence and death, but can be used
pro-actively to spread visual imagery of a non-violent future.

The Main gallery will feature the work of San Quentin death row artist James P. Anderson. The
installation will show this one man’s journey and his widespread connections developed and
nurtured through his art and writings. The outer space gallery will feature a plethora of artists
responses to violence such as: Erhen Tool, art/activist and counter-cultural potter, Therese
trailer for her documentary, The Final Gift, in which the artist allows the viewer
into her intimate life as she and others cope with the murder of her brother, as well as the
charged work of Karen Gutfreund . Our community outreach gallery will feature the outcome of
a workshop led by Art is Moving [Lisa Rasmussen and Lauren Odell Usher] with the volunteers at
BAYWAR, [Bay Area Woman Against Rape] along with documentation and an interactive
installation of work done through The Gorgeous Mosaic Foundation whose goals are to: Get
guns out of the hands of kids, Get adults into the lives of kids, Get the kids into the life of
the community
Please join us in the dialogue as we witness the many artists who have contributed their
voices, their cries, and their rapture to and through ART.

Opening Reception August 7th 6-10pm
Show Dates: August 7 - 30, 2009
Performance August 7th at 8:00 p.m. with Sabereh Kashi. Kashi is a documentary filmmaker
and editor. She will share the beautiful and heartfelt songs of Iran.
The Red Door Gallery and Collective
416 26th Street
Oakland, CA
Between Telegraph and Broadway on 26th Street

HOURS for August: Saturday- Sunday 12pm-4pm OR by appointment
WEBSITE:EMAILPHONE: Lisa 415.377.4956


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