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Hunger Eaze™

NEW YORK (CBS) "Imagine not being hungry all day without feeling side effects typical of diet
pills, like a racing heart or queasy stomach.”
That is what Correspondent Lesley Stahl experiences when she takes just a few bites of the hoodia plant in the Kalahari Desert, for a report on 60 Minutes. " Only a few pieces of the Hoodia cactus would allow ancient hunters to travel great distances by decreasing their desire for food without any side effects.
Product Benefits

Hunger Eaze™
offers a powerful, effective and best of all, safe alternative to appetite suppression and
weight loss. Many are claiming the discovery of Hoodia Gordonii to be the greatest breakthrough in weight

Pure Hoodia Gordonii – 400 mg. (Be wary of other products including fillers or other ingredients which
may interfere with the properties of Hoodia.)
Hunger Eaze™ is hypo-Allergenic and vegetarian, containing no yeast, corn, soy, milk, salt, sugar, starch,
animal products, artificial colors or flavors. There are no stimulants of any kind in this product. Hoodia
Sizes / Physical Characteristics

Available in bottles of 90 capsules each. We only use .00. VCaps., capsules made from 100% plant
Directions for Use

Start by taking one to two capsules 1 to 2 hours before each regular meal.
If you are a person who “eats on the run”, try to establish the times of day when you tend to eat the largest meal. Take one to two capsules one to two hours prior. People who typically eat late at night, after the daily rush has concluded are more prone to excess weight gain. If you fall into this category, take Hunger
Eaze™ in the afternoon and again in early evening.
Today’s fast-paced living makes it difficult for people to establish healthy eating habits. Most people find that they eat the wrong types of food because by the time they do manage to eat, they are ravenous and will grab the first thing that looks “good”. Even if what they consume is somewhat healthy, they’re prone to eating too much, thereby exceeding daily caloric needs and risking steady, unwanted weight gain. Hunger
Eaze™ reduces feelings of intense hunger and calms the appetite, affording you more time and rationality,
to consider your eating choices and intake amount. Each person’s eating habits are different so the best advice is to find your pattern and use Hunger Eaze™
Common Questions
Question: Will I have complete loss of appetite?
Answer: You should experience a noticeable decrease in desire for food and more importantly, decreased

Question: Will I notice a difference the first day I use Hunger Eaze™?
Answer: Some users do. However, do not be disappointed if on the first day you consume Hoodia, you do
not notice a dramatic shift in your hunger response. Other users report that within only a few days of using Hunger Eaze™ regularly, they were eating less food, less often and were getting the dramatic response
they were seeking. Late night eaters noticed a highly diminished pre-occupation with food and the ability to
Question: How often should I use Hunger Eaze™?
Answer: Generally, two to three times a day. Some users require only one capsule 3 times a day, others
require two capsules at peak times. Some people find that once their body has become accustomed to Hoodia, it works faster after each dosage and that they are able to cut back the dosage after time and still experience effective appetite suppression.
Question: When I am hungry I lose my ability to concentrate. Will Hunger Eaze™ help me with this?
Answer: You will still experience the need to eat when taking this product. It is not designed to take away
a healthy need for food. Concentration levels diminish when the body requires real nourishment. However, lack of concentration should not be mistaken for “preoccupation” with food. Users have found that preoccupation with food and cravings greatly diminish with the use of Hunger Eaze™.

Other appetite suppressants I have tried always have information telling me I need to start on an
exercise plan. I have no time for this. If I did, I wouldn’t have a weight problem. Are you going to tell me I have to start exercising in order for Hunger Eaze™ to help me?
Answer: No. With regular use of this product will experience a decrease in appetite and desire for food and
as a result, you will lose weight. This is not to say that one should not exercise to improve muscle tone and cardiovascular health. Walking sessions of 20 minutes or more, at least three times a week, will certainly improve your weight loss endeavors and lead you down the road to improved physical health.
Question: Do I have to use Hunger Eaze™ forever?
Answer: Of course not. By using Hunger Eaze™ you will give yourself the mental and physical freedom
to retrain your body and replace bad eating habits with good ones. Hunger Eaze™ assists in helping you
reach this goal. Once you’ve achieved a healthy balance, it’s up to you whether you need to continue taking Hunger Eaze™. You may choose to keep some on hand for maintenance, or decide you no longer need the

To Maximize Your Good Health

Be sure as you are attempting to reduce your daily caloric intake that you are affording your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs to be nourished and to protect itself from sickness and disease. Drink plenty Complementary Products

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Works as well or better than intravenous chelation
Oxygen Solution™: Pure oxygen suspended in liquid form. Foreign bacteria are destroyed by
oxygen. Therefore many conditions including skin, are relieved or eradicated by using this product.
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carefully selected for balance of taste, aroma and supportive benefits. Enjoy hot or cold anytime.
VitaMind™: A Broad Spectrum Vitamin/Mineral/Herbal formula and dietary supplement rich in
compounds often missing in today's western diet.
Product Expiration

Stated on label.

Who Should Not Take the Product
This product’s dosage has been formulated for adults. It is not advised that pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers use appetite suppressants of any kind.
Undesirable Healing Effects

Interactions with Other Substances

There are no known interactions with this formulation. Disclaimer - Product information is not medical advice. If you have concerns or questions about a medical condition you are advised To order call 1-866-837-2246


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