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encourage risk-taking behaviour and sexual promiscuity. In this way it also exacerbates the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, as it Promotion of the morning-after pill is
entirely unethical.
After Pill

I wish to join SPUC
I wish to renew membership
What you need
to know
I enclose my subscription of £ ___________ Society for the Protection of Unborn Children Society for the Protection of Unborn Children SPUC, 5-6 St Matthew Street, London SW1P 2JT What is the
an abortion or not. Pregnancy tests cannot If the morning-after pill fails to prevent morning-after pill?
detect the embryo until after implantation. If pregnancy or cause an early abortion, there is a conception occurs followed by an early abortion, risk of an ectopic pregnancy developing (where The morning-after pill is intended for use up to the embryo will not be identifiable in the the embryo implants outside the womb). Where 72 hours after sex which may lead to pregnancy.
there is an ongoing pregnancy, 1 in 20 cases will The morning-after pill most commonly used in be ectopic. This is a life-threatening condition.
Where there is no ectopic pregnancy and the What is contained in
embryo continues to develop there is a risk of the morning-after
How does it work?
The morning-after pill can act as a contraceptive There have been no trials on the long-term The morning-after pill is a progestogen-only pill by stopping ovulation and therefore preventing that contains up to 50 times the daily dosage of fertilisation. It may also alter the motility of published trials on its effects on the fertility and progestogen found in the ordinary mini-pill.
sperm in the fallopian tube and prevent it from health of teenage girls. The morning-after pill is Progestogen is a synthetic copy of the natural being increasingly promoted, particularly to girls under the age of consent. The effects on The morning-after pill can also act as an early abortifacient. It attacks the womb’s lining, so The morning-after
despite the fact that the drug company behind it that if fertilisation has already taken place the pill: Ethical or not?
recommends that the morning-after pill is not newly-created embryo is unable to implant.
given to girls under 16 without the supervision Describing the morning-after pill as “emergency How can a woman
contraception” is misleading. Sometimes the morning-after pill will work as an abortifacient.
tell which effect the
In spite of the huge increase in the provision of drug has had?
Where fertilisation has already occurred the the morning-after pill since the early 1990s, morning-after pill will typically result in the loss there has been no comparable decrease in the She cannot tell. One of the difficulties a woman of human life, as the newly created embryo number of registered abortions or teenage faces after taking the morning-after pill is that cannot survive when he/she is prevented from pregnancies, despite the early abortions it she will probably never know whether it caused

Source: http://www.spucswales.co.uk/swansea/resources/Morning%20After%20Pill.pdf

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